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    D^3 Free Exploration!


    I've only signed up for the 10th, I don't know about the other days
  2. After action report made by Edward Newcastle on the behest of Lyra Dawnbringer. Mission statement: recovery of an important individual to the Ullmarch government, and to recover military ordnance in the form of an 18 pounder cannon from a company that was with said individual. All other objectives are irreverent to the completion of the mission statement. The company members of the sharp tusk tiger company comprising of Lyra Dawnbringer, Lena Ashbringer, Edward Newcastle, Amber Hurst, and recruiter Rodrigo set off from Ullmarch south along the road heading south east toward Caer Minos and continuing further south toward the objective. Along the way the company came into contract with a detachment of centaurs that were about to engage in combat with a faction of kobolds being lead by a red dragons (presumably younger ones given their size). The Sergent being apart of the group that facilitated a diplomacy with the centaurs agreed to assist them in their skirmish against the dragon kin at the dawn. The kobolds decided to attack in the night when they would have the advantage along with their dragon overlords and bloody carnage ensued. The centaurs employed subpar tactics by engaging in direct combat with the kobolds rather than using their superior mobility to out maneuver them. The dragons broke up and attacked both parties separately. We manged to take down one of the beasts before it could cause any real damage with it's breath attack, we were not as fortunate with the other. The dragon breather a cone of fire and death that devastated a number of centaur that had not made efforts to scatter themselves. Having felled the first beast my fellow company men and I made efforts to eliminate the remaining beast and it's kobold forces in a bid for our mutual survival. Part of our company went to assist the centaurs that were engaged with the kobolds line of defense around their sorcerers. Seeing the incoming threat upon them they unleashed their magics on the group with varying success as we made way to cut down their numbers. Sergent Dawnbringer maintained her focus on the beast with her ranged weapon while the majority of us engaged in close combat with the kobolds. The conflict ended nearly as quickly as it started with a all the kobold and dragons dead, a great number of centaurs burned and our company still standing. After retrieving spoils from the battle we continued into the jungle toward our objective. As we entered into the jungle visibility was considerably reduced. the thick foliage and leaves made visual observation of our surroundings difficult, and the ambient noises of the jungle had a few of us on edge. After some time of traversing through the underbrush we eventually came upon our first objective, the V.I.P, who was seemly abandoned by his company of men. He began to hysterically make demands of our company to finish his mission in spite of his obvious predicament. This continued to the point that the V.I.P needed to be restrained for the safety of himself and others, as he brandished a weapon on our company. He was rendered incapacitated and secured while we continued to find our second objective of retrieving the military ordnance. Along the way we were intercepted by a band of goblins who have seemed to become adept in the taming and riding of spiders. The engagement was taken care of swiftly and effectively by our company and we continued on our way to find the cannon. Eventually we found the cannon and managed to commandeer it from the men who deserted the V.I.P. We also learned that they were looking to join up with the Xepoltanians who have been sighted in the jungle on a previous mission. It is my personal belief that a larger plot is afoot in the jungles south of our boarder and that it needs to be taken care of swiftly.
  3. Greed10

    cultural exchange

    To the members of the Sharp Tusk Tiger Company, on a recent patrol near the boarded of Ullmarch we came across a band of giant kin who have expressed interest in having bagpipes. As our deployment is varied and unknown to us before a mission I ask that any patrol scheduled to be in the immediate area should deliver the parcel to the giants. This may seem like an insignificant gesture, but the deeper meaning of giants wanting to learn how to play our musical interments is hopefully a sign of integration of our two peoples.
  4. Greed10

    Persuit of Greater Health

    Edward nods as he takes in this new information and looks to Rogok saying "thank you for your time and help, I can't pay such a large sum outright, but if you would be willing to accept payment installments, I'll get you the money in time". He lets that hang in the air for a moment as he contemplates how he's going to get the funds necessary to make this deal happen. He pushes those thoughts aside as he remembers himself and tells Rogok "if you can start working on it when you get the chance I'll make sure to come back with the first installment as soon as possible."
  5. Greed10

    Persuit of Greater Health

    Edward inclines his head a bit at the sight of the orc, "forgive my intrusion, I was looking for you to possibly aid me to find a means to combat my frailty." He takes a moment to look at his gauntlet hands for a moment before continuing. "I know that I am considered hearty in comparison to some, but I know that I am not reaching my true potential as of yet, as such I've come to you to see if there is some magical means that I might reinforce myself, so that I may be a shield to my comrades in the coming days." He looks somewhat hollow as he says the word 'comrades', as if the meaning of the word doesn't quite ring true to him yet, but he seems admit on defending others at the very least.
  6. Greed10

    Persuit of Greater Health

    Edward, being a man prone to being prepared and unwilling to take chances with things looks to his fellow members of the company for means to cover is short comings. With this in mind he heads for an orc druid named Rogok, a more seasoned member of the company who may have what he needs to give him the edge in future encounters. It took some time to finally track down the elusive orc but Edward knew the return for his efforts would be paid in full. He began knocking on the door to the druids lodgings whilst calling out "Rogok? Rogok The Radical? Are you home?!"
  7. Greed10

    The Goblin Language

    Seeing the posting for goblin lessons, Edward also looks to join in on learning the goblin language. The added bonus to possible gain some insight and learn the mind set of his fellow company members was also too good of an opportunity to pass up.
  8. Greed10

    Cao's Free Exploration

    I'll be there
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    D^3 Free Exploration Event


    I will attend
  10. Greed10

    A surprise visitor

    As Raz makes his way into the building, nodding off all the random solutes that are being flung at him by the rank and file members of the Sharp Tusk Tiger company, he pauses for a moment when he notices unusual gentlemen in the common room talking to Piet. As he looks over him a small level of dread and intrigued wash over him as he comes to recognize this individual as Halleron, made corporeal. This turn of events has Raz frozen and delighted with fear and wonder as being who could easily kill them all is simply sitting around tapping his fingers. As he manages to find his nerve and center again, Raz approaches Piet from behind, placing a hand on his friends shoulders he whispers "we need to keep everyone else out of here while we talk with him, that is if we want to keep them alive". At this point Raz takes a step forward and dropping to one knee says "it is an honor to see you again my king".
  11. Greed10

    Turning a new leaf

    With the recent revival of his friend August, Raz finds the concept of brewing and mixing potions and remedies to be a prudent practice. As such he goes forth to locate a master in the city of Ulmmarch and soon comes across a small halfling man named Thomas, who is quite adept at the craft, and is willing to teach Raz. He stresses that this art is a time consuming tedious one that requires a level of dedication and skill that is not for the faint of heart. Having conquer many similar challenges in his life, Raz eagerly accepts the trials that lay before him.
  12. Greed10

    A home for a Wanderer

    Raz looks up at his friend a gives him a soft nod, letting all the new information he just gained about Sehrasa stew in his mind. There were so many things he still wanted to ask him about his life, and so much more he wanted to tell him. But for now he took some small level of comfort that his friend wasn't leaving right away. Following Sehrasa's example Raz also got up and proceeded to pat out the small wrinkles that had begun to form on his clothes. "In any case my friend I shall be needing a drink, can't quite decide between tea or brandy in regards to settling my mind". He claps his hands on the shoulders of Sehrasa briefly looking at this friend saying "I know you have you own life to get back to my friend, but please do me a favor" at this point Raz is looking his friend directly in the eyes "don't just rush out of here like that, I may not be wanting you to leave, and that may be contrary to your wishes, but at least give me the chance to send you off proper". And with that Raz gives his friend one last hug before leaving him in the drawing room, which is more like a library now, while he searches for tea, or possibly brandy.
  13. Greed10

    of Silk and Silver

    Raz and Angelique both accept the drinks graciously from the server in front of them, Angelique becoming somewhat giddy with the flattery being bestowed upon her Raz. Her fiance on the other hand was internally quite cross by how forward this man was toward his fiancee. While he understood the social context of the 'gesture' that was made before him, Raz was a selfish creature that detested anyone touching that which he held dear without permission. It took a certain measure of self control to maintain his composure and simply sample the beverage that was handed to him with a simple, "thank you, the tailot business can be discussed later, but in the mean time I'll certainly enjoy this" taking a small sip from his glass before continuing. "I'm look forward to meeting our host I've heard many things about him and I'd like to separate fact from fiction". Taking a moment to look over the man in front of him and the nearest footman Raz could tell that he was the head servant. With that in mind he turns to Angelique and whispers "I'll be with you shortly to mingle with the other gusts, I'd like to have a word with Sehrasa first if you don't mind". When Angelique hears this she frowns for a moment thinking to herself 'what could he possibly want from his now of all time'. But she quickly pushes those thoughts to the side and gives Raz a little peck on the before replying in a similarly quite but seductive manner "you better find a way to make this up to me darling". And wth that begins heading in the direction of the other guests, leaving her fiance a little flush in the face in her wake. With a forced cough he composes himself and turns to the servant and asks him where he could find Sehrasa.
  14. Greed10

    of Silk and Silver

    The carriage ride to Daumantas's estate seemed like an eternity to Raz, as he sat next to Angelique he began nervously spun his ring around his finger. Seeing her fiance in distress Angelique take his hands into hers, gives a light kiss to the back of his hand and says "it's going to be okay darling, you've stared into the face of a full grown dragon and didn't blink, this should be a cake walk by comparison". While Raz nodded in understanding kissing her hand back in kind whisper "what would I do without you" to Angelique, internally he thought to himself that a room full of nobles was far more hazards. At least when you're fighting a dragon, you know where you're going to be potentially attacked from. The snide underhanded nature of high society was still something he had yet to master, though he was learning a great deal from examples made by Piet. As the the carriage came to a slow, it became quite clear that they were nearing their destination, as Raz looked out the window he noticed a small train of carriages slowly dropping off their passengers. The people who exited seemed like your typical sort of nobility, stuffy and full of themselves, it really made Raz wonder why in the world Angelique wanted to be involved with such snobs. But he promised he would try to make a good impression for her, given how she had been more than accommodating to hectic nature of Raz's work. As a result he had been subjugated to hours of shopping and tailoring in order for them to have the 'perfect' outfits for this engagement. All of this just to appease his fiance in her efforts to integrate themselves into the echelons of high society. Needless to say he would not have endured that for just anyone. As they made their way into the estate, they were quickly greeted by a valet.
  15. Greed10

    A home for a Wanderer

    Raz slowly nods as his friend tells him all of this, as the pieces of the puzzle begin to snap together and make far more sense then they had previously. He was glad that Sehrasa had found someone to cherish, but it also made it plainly clear why his friend was in such turmoil. The thought of having a loved one anywhere near that hellhole known as the Lurching Pines had become was enough to make a man sick. It astounded Raz that his friend hadn't simply abandoned his duties to try and start a one man crusade to save Ross. Though thinking back to that public outcry of his in the barracks, it was clear that he had a move level head and approach to the situation. " That certainly is quite a burden to bear on your own Sehrasa" as Raz begins going into he pockets clearly looking for something, then says a short curse in primordial when it becomes clear that it's not on his person. Turning to his friend he begins saying "it's times like this that make me want to enjoy a bit of Toby to settle myself." he chuckles a little at this "but I keep forgetting I kicked the habit ten years ago when I got kicked out of the monastery" His somewhat jovial nature not belying the magnitude of his previous statement.