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  1. And no notice was given to the bottle of liqour
  2. Merry Christmas ya buttholes
  3. I haven't received it yet, I guess sending it from the US takes a while :(
  4. He was wholly incompetent, but as far as I can tell from what I've read and heard, he wasn't bloodthirsty or evil like for example Caligula. He was just seemingly not interested in the job, he just wanted to play gladiator. He was roughly like Nero, but Nero being an even worse emperor in my book.
  5. You could in some ways compare Tiberius' reputation to Commodus'. Even though Commodus was a bad emperor, he probably wasn't quite as bad as the roman patricians make him out to be. Tiberius' tyrannical and paranoid behavior at the end of his reign tarred his reputation forever. Also, he was succeeded by Caligula, who before he was emperor, was wildly popular. Btw, do contest your list Cniper, I think Marcus Aurelius gets too much hype. He diverged from the previous emperors' tendency to appoint heirs and left it to a wholly incompetent ruler because he was his son. Irresponsible, and uncharacteristically stupid in my book. Btw, Cniper, have you pre-ordered Mike Duncan's book?
  6. Wait, is there not even an honourable mention of Claudius? :C This guy was seen as so insignifigant, unimportant and weak during Tiberius and Caligulas reign he was the sole, grown, male heir apparent to the praetorians when Caligula was executed. And then he actually did a pretty good job. All hail Claudius
  7. I believe it was episode two in this season that focused heavily on Mike. Minimal dialogue, so well written and produced that its my favorite episode. Absolutely fantastic writing. I do agree with Abdels ~two year old post. This show is magnificent and at least in my top three of best shows right now.
  8. Do that! It's worth the watch.
  9. So far there are 4 episodes released. Anyone else seen it? I thoroughly enjoy it. It reminds me of the facination I felt when I started watching The Man in the High Castle or Game of Thrones.
  10. Eh, I don't know. They don't strike me as forumers. The game they play is CS, so the incentive isn't really there either.
  11. I dont know how many beers youve tried, but they mostly vary in taste. I think someone misunderstood looking into the future for a military salute, which is why some are attempting that
  12. Middle left: DerkaDerka/Ole Bjørnar Zium Me Leland Palmer TBFK MASKULINTING Front left: Rossi Internetterforsker/Ken Eivindianos Front: Mathias/kyllinghest The nicknames change quite a lot, but I think you've played with a few of them.
  13. Me and all the buttholes I play CS with. I don't know why we're posing like that
  14. Bild is the first ma- Errr... Lady. First lady.
  15. [quote name='VanDenDale']Guys it's fine Just pick @Satans_Arme and everybody can escape on his Norwegian party boat.[/QUOTE] Only girls allowed :C
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