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  1. Rowen

    D&D Drama Video, Comment Below

    How do you come to this conclusion?
  2. Rowen

    D&D Drama Video, Comment Below

    Then I gotta ask, do you really think he's as cretinous as you've been saying? You talk about him like he's just some malicious character whose sole purpose is to ruin diplo, do you really think that's the case?
  3. Rowen

    D&D Drama Video, Comment Below

    Hey Abdel, when was the last time you talked with Bane?
  4. Rowen

    The Goblin Language

    Trisian's looking for a Goblin teacher? I haven't touched up with him in a long time. I've felt awkward around him ever since... Sehrasa hangs his head, remembering his blunder at the beginning of his career. Shaking the thought away, he writes up a letter to Trisian saying that he's willing to teach him the goblin tongue and times that he can find Sehrasa in the town library. He leaves board and finds a courier to deliver the letter.
  5. Rowen

    Cao's Free Exploration

    I'll be there.
  6. Rowen

    A home for a Wanderer

    "Good on you, friend. The smoke carries an unpleasant scent if you ask me." He pauses for a moment, putting his thoughts to words. "The burden weighing on my mind has been heavy indeed. Though witnessing the others willingness to assist when I stirred up a tizzy in the barracks was reassuring, for certain. And not only them, but you, and the rest of the fellowship. I know that I can depend and all of you should the occasion arise." Sehrasa pushes off the wall and stands back up, inspecting Raz's plan for his personal work space. "Despite my rejection of this room, would you mind if I held onto this document?"
  7. Rowen

    of Silk and Silver

    Sehrasa waited for Cedric to finish his chastisement and wander off to approach the footman. Speaking in a tone hushed enough to not carry in the room, he tells him, "That man is always uptight when reviewing the preparations." He then inspects the cutlery in question. "Ah, the spoons are in the wrong order, an understandable mistake." Sehrasa then turns to the footman and shows a pleasant smile. "Don't hold his critique too close. It was hyperbolized however accurate. Keep this order in mind for the future." With the footman relatively calmed down, Sehrasa waits for the guests to arrive by observing the veritable feast he'd assisted to create.
  8. Rowen

    of Silk and Silver

    "You know me well Daumantas." He says with a smile. "I'll swiftly change and be in the hall as soon as I can!" Sehrasa speedily makes his way to the corner room designated by the Doctor. The bag holding his clothes were there as promised. Though before he could cross to pick it up, the view form the window caught his eye. An old jacaranda loomed over the pond, its lavender flowers reflecting on the tranquil water disturbed only by the few swans that lazily drift on its surface. He'd lost many an hour to this sight. The realization that he's short on time soon set in and Sehrasa pulled himself away from the window and pulled out his disrobed his casual cooking wear for his more refined formal attire. Though 'refined' it was what he wore on most occasions. Once he donned all garbs, Sehrasa went to the grand hall where the dinner party would shortly commence.
  9. Rowen

    A home for a Wanderer

    Sehrasa lets out a sigh in response to Raz's confirmations. "You're right, as you oft are." Following his friends lead, he moves against the wall and seats himself next to Raz. "Though I am still sorry for making you speak about something you've hid for so long. It'd only be fair if I shared a secret of mine as well. It involves what you said earlier, how I've been distant yet passionate." He pauses for a moment and looks straight forward, recalling events transpired. "A year and a half ago, around when my employment with the company was in its infancy, I went on a mission to assist Lurching Pines with aggressive greenskins. The barony sent two rodeleros to assist us in the transportation of a caravan. One of them was a man named Ross Évariste. I can't explain it fully but... something about him, the way he held himself, the way he spoke, the way he culled greenskins." Upon the recollection of the past, Sehrasa starts smiling. "It was all so appealing. Later on in the mission, a hag cast a lightning bolt and it struck the two of us. We both fled into one of the wagons for safety started talking as we were almost dead. Hehe, not the best time for a conversation but I treasure it. When we eventually made it to Lurching Pines, him and I shared a drink. From then on, the two of us have become more..." His cheeks flush into a darker grey. "...intimate. You may have noticed that in the time before you had this estate, I'd be gone for long periods of time. I was in fact there, with him. But now..." Sehrasa's gaze falls once more. "Well, I don't need to expand on the situation in the barony."
  10. Rowen

    A home for a Wanderer

    While Raz tells his story, Sehrasa looks down at the ground. He couldn't look his friend in the eyes. "That's enough." He choked out. "I didn't think..." His words are forced, it's clear he's holding something back. "I couldn't have imagined your past was so grim. My thoughtless talk made you reminisce such agony." Sehrasa clenches his fists, his knuckles cracking form the force of his grip. "My past has no such toil." He starts and sounds cross, gesturing aggressively. "A starry-eyed child becomes interested in archaeology and travels to the local library where he's then taught by the librarian to use magic. After many years, he travels abroad to follow his passion where he finds nothing to show for it!" He stops, breathing harder after practically yelling. A deep breath later, he's almost back to his normal calm. "I'm sorry Raz, that's twice I've gone off in front of you. You don't deserve this type of treatment" And as he finishes, his sight falls to the floor once again, ashamed.
  11. Rowen

    A home for a Wanderer

    Sehrasa's eyes quickly jumped up from the document. He'd never heard Raz speak so timid or intimate. The tenderness and vulnerability in his request caught Sehrasa completely off guard. "I..." was all he could muster while looking away, unable to look his friend in the eyes. He hadn't thought on the companionship the two them had forged. Now reflecting on his actions, leaving so instantaneously was wholly unfair. He'd throw himself at almost any perilous endeavors if Raz was by his side. But still, Sehrasa had his own agenda. "I'm sorry. I clearly wasn't thinking straight. I'll continue living here... but..." He swallows his pride and looks directly at Raz. "I can't live here forever. While I have no direct home of my own as of now, I've... plans in the near future." Blood fills his cheeks as he thinks on his words. He lets out an arduous breath and recomposes himself. "As for any questions you may have, please ask them. You said it may not seem fair if you couldn't answer, but you needn't worry on it. There are many things I've unjustly hid from you. And after you ask yours, I can ask a few of you. If either of us don't want to answer, we won't. Our lives are complicated and the truth can sometimes be more painful than a lie." Sehrasa's gaze loses focus as he becomes lost in thought.
  12. Rowen

    A home for a Wanderer

    Sehrasa exhales sharply when released from his friends clasp. "Gah, it may have been good work but I could have expedited it. I was constantly distracted by my own personal affairs. Margaret has likely reached wits ends with my habits as well." He pauses for a moment to think of all the times the maid practically threw food at him and cleaned around him very aggressively to make sure he knew his presence was in the way. His expression then turns from a soft contentment of nostalgia to a grim, straight face. "Either way, I've finished the task you've given to me all those months ago." Sehrasa continues, walking past Raz and toward the door. "I fear I've overstayed my welcome in your estate. I've already gone through the liberty of packing all the belongings I'd left in various places." Upon reaching the door, he turns back to his friend and slightly bows his head. "Thank you for taking me in for these many months."
  13. Rowen

    The Tongue of Demons

    "Ah yes, apologies Master. I've just received a letter from a... friend in a different barony and wanted to give him a quick reply." Sehrasa folded the letter and returned it back into the envelope before putting it into his bag. As he moved to return to his studies, he hesitated, and spun once again to face his mentor. "Master Telemon, could I bother you to go through some of the dialects of Abyssal with me? The books can only help so much."
  14. Rowen

    A home for a Wanderer

    "Gaahh!" While Sehrasa knew that Raz could get rather touchy when showing affection, this caught him completely by surprise. Given the quickness of this, Raz had clasped Sehrasa's arms to his side when tightly embracing him. He attempted to mimic his friends playfulness through the tight embrace. "Hehe. Raz, while I'm glad you appreciate my contributions, I'd also appreciate the ability to breathe easily. I'm not wearing my gauntlets of strength."
  15. Rowen

    of Silk and Silver

    Walking through the streets of Ulmmarch was always unpleasant. The clatter of all the citizens going on their way, especially during the bustle of the afternoon, shattered any chance of decent thought. Not only was the sound enough to pierce his mind, it's plain dangerous not to be fully aware. Many a pickpocket had made an attempt for his coin purse and many a time they ended up being wrapped in a magical web. Though recently, no attempts have been made. Whether his reputation had spread to the low lives or the city guard had began hammering down. Either way, Sehrasa would much prefer being in a quiet, dank cavern. However, this was not where evening would take him. Sehrasa made his way through the courtyard of Daumantas' Estate, giving a small nod to gardeners that looked his way. The building always captured his attention. The grand hall held such amazing details it was breathtaking. A chandelier draped over it all with crystals that shone beautifully. A footman approached Sehrasa and he gave the man his bag containing his party wear. Continuing through the estate, he made his way to the kitchen where he found the doctor speaking to Cédric whom he's met only in passing.