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  1. Admiral Lurch

    A surprise visitor

    He makes a playful dismissive gesture. "No need to worry Mr. Kahime, I'm here simply to check on your company, maybe find conversation or offer... services." he tilts his head quizzically. " I still need to find certain components for my ritual as well, perhaps another task to give the company." He leans back deeper into the chair. Taking a large ledger from inside his robe, as well as a metal pen. "I've been so long without any living company, and my people are all about tasks to expedite the rebuilding of my home, once it is cleaned that is." the nib of the pen taps against the decorated ceramic. "As well as perhaps a conversationg with this... Margrave? of yours, I suppose certain things should be discussed."
  2. Admiral Lurch

    A surprise visitor

    Amid the normal to and fro bustle of the Sharptusk HQ, an unfamiliar figure sits in the common room, reclining. They wear an ornate robe decorated with designs of Aurian design, pale grey silk, and wearing an elaborate and beautiful ceramic mask. They tap their finger distractedly, as though waiting for something.
  3. Admiral Lurch

    Returning with magic sword

    The broker seems taken aback by the strange greenskin and their self haggling show. "well," she manages, "I typically charge about 50 crowns to identify magical items, but I can tell straight away that that is a terrible weapon." she makes sure not to touch it, pointing out the runes etched into the blade. "curses of spite and ruin, this was made to ensure no one prospers. I would warn you that anyone trying to wield the blade may come under it's influence or be harmed by it."
  4. Admiral Lurch

    The Tongue of Demons

    Telemon slips his glasses away into his robe. "I suppose it would be prudent, I wasn't planning on getting sleep anytime soon anyway." Before long reclining chairs and tea are moved into position.
  5. Admiral Lurch

    The Tongue of Demons

    the door creaks quietly as Telemon enters the study, a large tome held underneath his arm, glasses perched distractedly on his nose. "mm? what did I say about distracting yourself with mental messages while you were studying?" His fatherly tone only somewhat reproachful as he placed the tome upon a lectern
  6. Admiral Lurch

    A letter from the Embassy

    We have received requests for the services of your company from each of the enclaves, as you have proven your worth. Due to the time sensitive nature of the contracts your company will only receive the charter for one of them. - Seline Vandire, Embassador to Ulmarch In the shadow of Mighty wings: It has come to our attention that a adult dragon has begun assaulting caravans south of our borders. We have not been able to pin the beast down and believe that its lair is somewhere to the southeast of Ulmarch. We offer grand payment for the cessation of the Dragon's activities against our caravans, as we cannot act so close to another national border. - High Marshal Morgyn Grandis Black Sails: Our shipping routes into both the Tervisian Republics as well as Xepollia are being preyed upon by some upstart Pirate Lord. They have evaded capture from our fleet, so we believe that a smaller, experienced team may be able to deal with the brigand. Handsome payment to be negotiated. May the tides favor you - Admiral Soibhan Wavebreaker Horde of Thunder: We have not often dealt with your company, nor your nation, but we have need of experienced mercenaries. A Large warband from Kinsfall has been operating in our territory. Typically it would be a simple task to deal with them, however after their retreat into the mountains they have grown far more bold, and intelligent. We request that you drive these raiders from our land in any way that you see fit. - Archon Lokken, Sage of Illedros
  7. Admiral Lurch

    A Hallows visit

    A ghostly voice echoes through the halls of the homes of Piet and Raz. "I have work yet undone my friends, and I speak to you now while the veil is thin. I do not have much more time before the methods to bring me back are out of reach. I, August will remain in your debt if you accomplish this." A eerie wind and silence accompanies the end of the visitation
  8. Admiral Lurch

    Contract: Gnoll Ritual - COMPLETE!

    This has gone on long enough -Bradwin
  9. Admiral Lurch

    Contract: The Missing Souls COMPLETED!

    It is of grave importance that this gets resolved immediately -Bradwin Purpura
  10. Admiral Lurch

    The Tongue of Demons

    Telemon takes a few moments to finish a note, and then turns his head slowly, lowering his reading glasses. "An interesting conflict of attitudes. I see you are troubled." He looks pensive, his eyes swirling pools of amber. "Very well, I suppose it couldn't hurt." He looks over to one of the walls. " Start with Master Cedric's primer on summoning, it has the basics of grammar and the basis for learning, we can move from there once you have a simple grasp." He returns his glasses to his face and returns his attention to his notes, the scratch of pen resuming
  11. Admiral Lurch

    Van Graf Arms

    Various parts and tools litter the bench, multiple barrels and cylinder assemblies tossed about.
  12. Admiral Lurch

    The Tongue of Demons

    Telemon's study resides within the Embassy, as his student you have access to it. It is somewhat cramped, smaller than one would would expect for one of the Magus' station. Tables made from dark wood housing glass and metal instruments, some for the purpose of alchemy, others that can not be immediately identified. Each available inch of wall is occupied by shelves of books, treatises on magical theory and mechanics, history books, philosophy, some so old that they are warded cases to prevent further wear from time. Telemon himself is seated in a chair by a fireplace, writing in a tome hovering before him.
  13. Admiral Lurch

    Van Graf Arms

    Rhiannon shakes loose her sooty hair while removing her goggles. She nods and smiles, her current project in a stat of partial completion. "well I wasn't expecting visitors. Piet this one may be no good, I cant find a good composition without using the more expensive or heavy metals."
  14. Admiral Lurch

    A Plea From Sehrasa

    Hair tousled from sleep, Bradwin peeks his head from around a corner, eyes bloodshot. "Alright, what is going on?"
  15. Admiral Lurch

    Message for lyra dawnbringer

    It's a folded paper that lists a simple address in the docks of Ulmarch