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    Seeking new hero ideas/hero remake ideas

    I'd like to throw Lord Godfrey's goggles into the ring (as a contender for a fourth Gilnean hero). He's canonically a Mage while alive (so says the Wiki), but in his Forsaken boss form, he's a kind of magical gunslinger / summoner hybrid. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Vincent_Godfrey http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Lord_Godfrey_(tactics) He could be a kind of agility magic hero, in the vein of Priestess of the Moon from Vanilla. His WoW abilities are Cursed Bullets, Pistol Barrage, Summon Ghouls and Mortal Wound. Here's my vision for a COTH iteration of him: + Cursed Bullets are more or less the same - a DOT in the vein of Gul'dan's Doom (perhaps with a different side effect and damage values to differentiate them?) This could be buffed to be an ultimate if you want to make him a strange mix of Teron and Brann. + Pistol Barrage - a few possibilities here. It could be an AOE to shoot rapidly (mechanically similar to Zul'jin's Berserk, or perhaps to Sylvanas' Volley). Or it could be an AOE, in the vein of Multi-barrelled Pistol or Scatter Shot. Or it could be something completely novel. Could potentially be an ultimate if it's an AOE, making him a bit like Dentarg or Gavinrad. + Shrapnel - a slow to cripple an enemy hero in pursuit of him. Low damage. Counterpart to his WoW iteration's Mortal Wound. The fourth slot is open to many possibilities (obviously Ghouls won't make sense for this iteration of Godfrey): + Call the Cavalry - a cavalry charge à la Magni's Sacrifice ultimate. The viability of this would depend on whether he is a dedicated shooter, or a support shooter of sorts. + Blindside - Godfrey shoots a Horde hero with a flare, inflicting heavy damage and marking them as a target. Blindside lowers the enemy hero's armour. Each subsequent shot on the same target increases the reduction by -1. A more debilitating version of Zul'jin's Carve. This ability is inspired by his betrayal (and slaying of) Sylvanas. This ability would be an ultimate. An initial reduction of 4/8/12, with a maximum stack limit of -7 armour (LVL 1 ultimate), -11 armour (LVL 2) and -15 armour (LVL 3). All values are placeholders; this post is mostly an offer of concepts and ideas.