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  1. X152Leader

    D^3 Free Exploration Event


    I'll go
  2. X152Leader

    Contract: Gnoll Ritual - COMPLETE!

    "Gnolls ought to be easy enough." -Lena Ashbringer
  3. X152Leader

    Contract: The Missing Souls COMPLETED!

    "This must be resolved as soon as possible". -Lena Ashbringer
  4. X152Leader

    Contract: A Chieftain's Prerogative COMPLETED!

    An interesting message, should be fun.
  5. X152Leader

    This is the Thirsty boy rp section

    "Hmm, at least I don't miss with my foot and hit a dying man. Oh my bad, you did not miss you did that on purpose. I ought to test my new experimental acid on you for that. Anyways to answer your question Bertrand, it depends on which one you are asking about but, most are alchemical solutions I came up with while studying in Illedros." Altix then reaches in to his satchel and pulls out a vial with purple liquid in it. "This one I made to combust when it small pieces of glass enter the solution." The vial fissiles out a few seconds after Altix explains it to Betrand. Then Altix pulls out a bright yellow vial and says. "And this is the one you spoke of this one while not as, explosive as the other one is far more effect against objects like" Altix reaches over and grabs a large rock. "like this rock watch how it dissolves the rock quickly." Altix goes to open the vial but it fissiles out like the other one before he can pour it out. "Oops looks like my bag reclaimed it before I was done hehe." Altix then grabs another vial out of his bag and pours it on the rock. Afterward the acid and vial fissile out. "Now for my favorite one." Altix reaches into his satchel one last time and pulls out a vial with a familiar bubbling brown liquid. "This one I made to get around town a little faster and to go through my research papers a little faster. But for you all you need to know is that you will move a fair bit faster." Altix sits the vial on the ground and about 40 seconds later it too fissiles out. "Now, any other questions or can I get back to reproducing the Goggles of Night we found?"
  6. X152Leader

    A Plea From Sehrasa

    Elparin looks around at who else is here and sees Piet behind him. "Oh sorry did not realize I was blocking your view. So what is going on here."
  7. X152Leader

    A Plea From Sehrasa

    Elparin walks into HQ and sees Sehrasa and Lyra arguing in the halls and thinks 'What could Lyra have done this time' but quietly watches to get a better idea of what is happening.
  8. X152Leader

    Hunter's Moon

    Interesting, I'm always willing to help other people in need sign me up. -Cade Ostgood
  9. X152Leader

    A chat with Raz

    Elparin tenses up when Raz picks up his knife before saying "Thank you Raz, I owe you big time for this." After saying that Elparin stops to look at the talisman Raz is making "So what kind of talisman are you making there."
  10. X152Leader

    A chat with Raz

    Elparin stops for a sec after Raz brushes off his concern over the gashes. "Well then I guess your not concerned about the cuts, but anyway. I received a invite from someone, he seemed interested in what I have done and were I could go with my powers. He said to meet him at the Blue Oyster in Vogelland. I thought you might be willing to go with me, and I'm still a tad concerned about going to Vogelland alone after our last incursion there."
  11. X152Leader

    A chat with Raz

    Elparin looks a tad shocked by Raz's response to him simply saying hello. "Well I was coming to check on you, you took a hell of a beating during that last fight. Wanted to see how those cuts are healing up, and I have a unrelated question" Elparin looks at the knife with a concerned look being slightly concerned that he might stab him.
  12. X152Leader

    A chat with Raz

    On the return trip from rescuing Captain Ellwind and his crew you see the familiar face of Elparin playing on his fiddle to keep crew morale up. After his wraps up his performance Elparin starts to walk around the ship, saying hello to the quartermaster and the ferryman. While walking around Elparin finally finds Raz. "Greetings, what are you up to there Raz?"
  13. X152Leader

    A letter to Elparin and Loquatus

    Elparin is out telling people about Cheers and thinking about how Ernie threw him out the other day when he receives the "Message" "Oh, what is this?" He takes the wrapper and reads the message. "Hmm, I can't tell if this is a joke or not, It seems like something I would do as a prank. In any case I might as well make preparations." Elparin puts the wrapper in his bag of holding and looks to the Courier. "Thank you sir."
  14. X152Leader

    Van Graf Arms

    Elparin reaches out his hand and shakes Piet's hand. "Pleasure doing business with you. I eagerly await such a masterpiece." After shaking Piet's hand he pulls out 1500gp from his bag of holding. "I'll see you this weekend." Elparin would start to turn around to start leave before saying in a quieted voice. "Oh and if you have any tasks for our other agreement be sure to let me know." As Elparin leaves the store he slows down to look at the beautiful examples in display cases one last time.
  15. X152Leader

    Van Graf Arms

    Elparin upon hearing the price stops to think for a second "I would be more than willing to wait for such an exquisite piece. Now, about the payment." Elparin would reach under his cloak of protection and pull out a bag of holding. He spends a minute digging around in it moving stuff around before saying. "I can put 1500 gp down right now and pay the rest once it is finished and ready."