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  1. Pretty sure guy only applies to men, but that may have something to do with where I was raised. Women were always referred to as "gals."
  2. [ATTACH=full]7427[/ATTACH] Actually that particular member joined because CNiper posted a link to the site after we won a hots game.
  3. Gawain

    Picture of You

    so your beautiful exterior image is... Fergus? P bad image tbh fam
  4. Gawain

    Picture of You

    Fergus is featured more than once, I'm featured once, and everyone else is irrelevant.
  5. Gawain

    Picture of You

    Im glad fergus's drunken shitposts got featured
  6. "The meaning behind the meme" he says. The meaning is that mass said he hadn't played on chiv day, and fergus said that YOU had written he had. Should be on the stream, but I cant be fuck't to go find it. Ill find it later, burden of proof yadda yadda.
  7. It was 3 hours of the three of them not knowing how to make a stream work. The only interesting part is when I joined in the middle of chivalry and murdered mass
  8. It should be noted that this event didnt need to happen because fergus attended more days than mass did. Diplo admins just really like a good fight.
  9. @Ser_Fergus I will also be your humble training assistant for chivalry. WE DUEL LIKE MEN.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYTT0x-Sw08 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFCf25oo1tk WTF are these @Lord Massington?
  11. [ATTACH=full]7129[/ATTACH] Can you put another hat on my hat?
  12. [ATTACH=full]7120[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]7121[/ATTACH] This is the greatest thread in the history of great threads. Have my children.
  13. I ready somewhere that goblins ARE orcs, just a different breed. Like how the uruk-hai are orcs but stronger, goblins are orcs but weaker. Like breeds of dogs or something. Also, I read that orcs were evil mutated elves, not humans. Did I miss something? Lastly, weren't the orcs like, designed to be fighty and mean? Stands to reason after Suaron died they'd just go on raiding small villages and raping townsfolk like shit-tier vikings.
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