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    D^3 Free Exploration Event


    ill come but will be dictated by time
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    Hoist The Sails - TBC

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    Hoist The Sails - TBC

    A new ship has been made - The Putin Caravel class made for trading on the seas - modestly armed Operating area within the Kiwi bay trading goods of all (legal) kinds into Ulmmarch Anax Oriflamme, Skaldrudamerhon, Syrilio Montenegro
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    Skaldrudamerhon Smithy

    The Inferno Forge opens for business repairing armors with expertise and stone cutting requests taken each week.
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    Picture of You

    Picture of me when I was in sixth form and I cut my own hair.
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    The Random Picture

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    IamtheWalrus' Stellaris Session 2:00pm EST


    Depending on how many people it should be small to medium size map so that it doesn't take 80 years to find everyone and will add more intrigue (even though its against me) as well as reducing it to a long drawn out game over weeks and should be done in 1-2 sessions if people don't constantly drop.
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    IamtheWalrus' Stellaris Session 2:00pm EST


  9. We don't take it for granted, this is capitalist consumerism over a span of decades that has taken affect, China along with many other East Asian countries with high population are currently able to have slave wage workers, as their middle class develops, quite rapidly in China they wont be able to keep these low wage workers anymore as shown with every other developed economy that has followed the same path. As the purchasing power of the regular Han Citizen grows they wont be able to devalue their currency as much and low skill, mass produced items will go to other countries with a low wage pay and high population i.e. Bangladesh or African countries that China is heavily investing in. I've already said that the UK does't have a strong manufacturing base as we developed into a the tertiary sector??? Have you even bothered to look up statistics (services) 79.6% of UK GDP in 2016 total was 2.619 trillion dollars that equates too 2.084724 trillion which would make that the 6th largest GDP in the world so I very much doubt that equates to a small service economy unless Italy, Brazil, Canada, Korea, Russia Australia, Spain are just small countries. Again you fail to look at the broader picture and lack the optimism of this countries forefathers generations past. Our resource is no longer mass produced goods but knowledge and high tech industries of the future, back up by a robust and large financial center with world class learning institutions. Although the new generation that are coming through are weties the amount that will able to fill scientific/complex engineering roles is expanding each year that the government in competently realized and investing in. Zero bases of being at "max tech level" when global discoveries and technology are increase at a ever increasing rate since 1900, Britain is special we have a long and refined history that has spanned hundreds of years. The US is special with its overpowered military and with it leader of the West in Hard Power vs the UK's Soft Power (being a part of the Commonwealth makes Britain special) . India has a large population base of very poor and wealthy citizens (that brings its only problems) with many natural resources that makes it unique from other countries that will effect its future development, see where i'm going. "The British Empire's days are over." couple decades late bud. " respectable voice of dignity amidst a larger coalition" Napoleonic wars, WW1, WW2, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Eastern Europe deterrence, Oman, NATO, UN, The European Convention On Human Rights, 1 out of 6 countries meting the 0,7% of GNI in foreign aid. "pinning their hopes on one over another." When you threaten the people of this country we will dig our heels in, treat us like children and the more stubborn we will become, dictate to us what we can and can't do, who we can and can't take in and those that we can do business with and the common people will resent you.
  10. Stop burning your furniture and smoking it. A business man is the last person you want to be taking advice from, same people who said we should have adopted the Euro. The only single advice you should take from anyone is that they don't know how its going to workout, millions of different factors that directly or indirectly affect each other will pop of the day we leave. ONLY after a few months once the dust has settled can you listen to "experts" opinions on what the future will be. Brexit is damaging to the service sector yet its still growing and working at "capacity" meaning there is room for growth although investments have slowed referring back to the first point some people will take this as an opportunity and others will stay away looking for a less risk investment. Again not sure why I bother but the service industry doesn't get a majority of its income through EU tourisits. The service sector is made up of service activities in retail, hotels, restaurants, transport, storage, IT, finance, insurance, real estate, administration and support services, professional, scientific and technical services, education, health, social work, arts, entertainment, recreation, public administration, defence etc. https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/economicoutputandproductivity/output/articles/fivefactsabouttheukservicesector/2016-09-29 The UK is a global country always has been, out of that list hotels will take a loss, retail has been on the up overall but not on the high street has they transition to online platforms, transport is will still be rammed, storage I don't know, IT will stay the same, finance wont be severely affected as backstops are already in place if another 2008 happens, insurance slight decrease with less people coming in, real estate in this country needs to go down and already is especially in London and the rest are heavy domestic - entertainment still has a heavy home grown support i.e. music festivals being sold out in 7 min. How can there be a lack of a Shengen Zone when the UK isn't part of it? Retail does have the capacity because they are a large business??? Small business also sell locally like every other business on the planet of that size??? If said business need to pay transportation of goods that will not put pressure on the business, only when the buyer in said EU country decides too not purchase that product at a slightly increased price will it affect them which would be the EU commissions fault at putting in said tax. EU commissions fault at putting in said tax. How can you "I can pretty much gurantee you that in first year post brexit everything in britain will become 20% more expensive and also salaries will be cut" I don't even, this is quiet bad even for you. Dating back from 1751, 267 years inflation about 20% has only occurred in 1757,1800,1917,1918 and 1975 the highest being 36.50% in 1800 so good luck with that 20%. GDP growth since 2008 has only receded then and 2009 with growth being at a stable level, in the past 8 years GDP growth would need to be in the margin of 16-24% 2-3% a year, as it stands at 15.9 just short of 0.1% healthy growth.
  11. Just done boxing so i'm tired as fuck. Economy is anyone's guess, to many factors to know how it will go but for those who don't believe it will good and ever happen I give you Trump. Economic benefits is 60/40 in favor of us examples I can think of is the fishing industry which has been shattered (story about French fishermen attack UK boats not long ago) by regulations or becoming a mini tax haven which we said we wouldn't but if we get a no deal well fuck em XD Agree with 3rd point, same when I got ridiculed after the Brexit vote when we dipped a lot vs the dollar now were at the same level again after about a yearish. 4th point, i'm pretty sure Italian tomato growers were part of stopping the Canada deal not just Eastern Europe. I know distance matters but I don't think in this day and age it means much anymore (except fuel) example China being everywhere literally "made in China" can't escape. Along with shipping/physical trade to clarify, its more of a huge EU problem to us than it is to them we make up 16% the largest share of EU exports (second is Merica 15%) If they want to make physical goods hard for us to sell the money lost for them will be beyond belief 27 counties trade vs 1 however consumerism should prevail as we still want to buy and they want to sell. https://fullfact.org/europe/where-does-eu-export/ Our economy at the moment is ( I hope they don't fuck it up) like the beginning of the industrial revolution " physical industry doesn't make the majority of our GDP" but more in online services or information which isn't a physical product, my hometown is starting to turn square KM of farmland into a tech hub near GCHQ. For physical products I hope the EU doesn't give us their satellite system (which we invested in) as it will force the government to make their own which they said they would and give us an extra starting base for space tech that doesn't require mass produced goods that we no longer have the capacity to build.
  12. Feanor you only relating to manufacturing in your post which has been in a general decline in the UK for decades as more low skill items have been outsourced to other countries i.e. made in China. What we have left is heavy manufacturing i.e. cars or high tech - space parts that is less general market furthermore physical industry doesn't make the majority of our GDP which comes from the services sector i.e. banking. Any "sanctions" for the EU punishing us or making trade hard which has been to physical objects will result in the EU losing a huge amount more than we would, look at German car sales to the UK alone 22.7 Billion euros and they have a lot of lobbying power on Angela Merkel normally, let alone her weakened influence at the moment. 80% of the UK’s car production is exported, of which 54% goes to EU member states. In 2017, the United Kingdom produced 1.75 million motor vehicles, exporting 800,000 of these within the European Union. The other way around, the EU countries represent 82% of the UK’s motor vehicle import volume, worth €38 billion. The 27 other EU member states (EU27) produced 19.69 million motor vehicles in 2017 and exported 2.3 million (11.7%) of these to the United Kingdom. https://www.acea.be/statistics/article/motor-vehicle-trade-between-the-uk-and-main-eu-partners Union wont break over this not even note worthy, we have been through much worse. Recession wont happen either :reference the Brexit vote and I was laughed at in discord chat for what I thought, and didn't buy into the doom and gloom, then we won, then it was your country is going to lose so much after the vote and I said it was a knee jerk reaction few months later back at pre-brexit levels with some sectors actually improving after the vote - home construction and sales (high street) partly due to hot weather and World Cup. Unlike a great percentage of my generation I actually look back at history and see how we lost out in the long run joining the EU as we were unable to make ties with the commonwealth as they grew (i.e. India ) (developing 3rd world also) of which we have a common language/history/respect. Dealing with them is more akin to your friends where by you will do them a favor even though it disadvantages you but they will repay that same kindness, on the flip side looking at the EU May has made concession after concession yet they will give her no leverage the commission wants a no deal to intimidate the other member states but that isn't working reference Poland and Hungary.
  13. StormTrooper

    Contract: The Missing Souls COMPLETED!

  14. The first of three days back to back fighting in the Ulknor Arena sponsored by the Golden Goat Tavern The arena is an open air event filled with the lowest of society boozing and gambling their money away or worse yet being pick pocketed in the sea of bodies clashing together, some say by a limping old man called Gary. Above the squalor below sit the more wealthy merchants and aristocrats on wooden balcony's occasionally throwing a few gold coins between fights to watch the peasants scramble for the shineys. The first fight of the night is a Skald vs Akdurgan a Goliath and at first seems like a complete write off before that match had even begun with few people betting on the dwarf to win let alone last a round. Fighting is evenly contested in the first two rounds but my strength wains and I become slower, sloppier and the giant hands of the Goliath start landing their blows on my stocky frame and I am defeated. John Derwin had dreams as a child, watching orcs in their barbaric rage rip each other to pieces for dominance in the ring, wishing he could do that to the human teens who pick on him for his small stature and weird face. Now at the age of 22 his first bout was to begin, the bell tolls and then pow right in the kisser he is knocked out in one punch his dreams shattered like his nose falling to the ground in despair. Relishing on my complete victory my household tradition was to drink until the early morning, unknown to me the next opponent would prove too much as I entered the ring. Only known by his unique combat style Chintok a mix of monk traditions and highland berserker rage the flurry of blows came hard and fast and any hits were shrugged off in his trance like state. With ferocious attacks and any damaged I inflicted hardly slowed him down I was overwhelmed quickly and hit the mat in one minute flat. Mid week fighting had begun and a fight to remember was enshrined that night as these two men would battle it out with every ounce of fiber over two rounds. The human Earl was of a stocky build around 6,1" and bets were flying as both men were known to appreciate the value of a more offensive match. Steam bellowed from both contenders after a quick warm up, the bell dinged and with complete disregard for defense both combatants grab each other by the shoulder in one hand and the other was used for volley after volley of punches followed by a sharp knee to the head by me just before the end of the first round. Straight out of their corners both men rush again interlocking but the human who was looking worse for ware did not have the upper hand, perhaps my Dwarven beard gave me some divine protection from the ancestors, 40 seconds into the second round he threw in the towel his face bloody and bruised and both eyes swelling to the size of small apples. End week fighting was a strange day in the arena. For the first time in 3 years which made many empty pockets and a few rich people along the betting booths, the result was a blood fest slug match to the final bell, with both fighters cheered on as each competitor gave no ground throughout the match making a name for themselves within the ring. As a show of good will each man was given a keg of ale of the Golden Goats finest.
  15. faking casual il find ya and il poop on your door step