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  1. I actually started doing the slav squat for 5-10 minutes a day at home after hurting my hip twice from squats and treadmill. It doesn't change much, but it helps people who have tendency to go full potato when they're unmotivated do some recovery. Have a foreigner Americanski spy explain our mating ritual:
  2. >be me >be a lurking feg for over a year >haven't checked sport and fitness in months >Check forums and see "In Pursuit of Sport & Fitness" still hasn't had any activity since I last went online Hope nobody got diabetes while I was away.
  3. I miss being an edgy 18 year old.
    1. Sender10


      But I guess being an edgy 20 year old is fine.
  4. @nodle From reading that, I consider her a woman with some really psychopathic traits, honestly. When you want to start "a collection" of other humans, you're basically looking down at their value as fellow humans. That's all the feedback I can give on this topic, virgin out.
  6. Egg was Aegon V Targaryen, as I recall. I read all the ASOIF books but I don't know anything about the Song of Blood and Cheese though. I was disappointed when they decided not to add a Lady Stoneheart in the show. I get the feeling most of the stories in this show won't have a proper ending, or even an interesting one.
  7. This is why we need an "Edgy" rating. The new gen of diploers desperately needs it. He tried to achieve Slav edginess but since he didn't charge into a tank, he barely achieved the edginess of an angsty American teen.
  8. Sender10

    Top cucks

    [quote name='Gracia']@Blackout is also cu k[/QUOTE] I found my desire for immortality and that is waiting for the day when you'll finally make me laugh.
  9. I didn't like seeing this kind of Wolverine. It's the first X-men movie I've ever paid to see and I regret it. The action was really awesome though. @SteakOnSpear , you should've seen it in a Romanian IMAX cinema. Everything was too loud and they forgot to turn off the lights, a guy in the back had to tell them to turn them off.
  10. First time doing it too. I'm more Left-wing than CNiper and ABDel. Wow
  11. Can't we practice our rights to ignore the mentally disabled and hate them in peace?
  12. Despite your Alzheimer's I still love youm Diplo.
  13. http://i.imgur.com/kDc7gpU.jpg Sorry mate.
    1. Feanor


      Are you under the impression that Americans get to choose their own government?
    2. Sender10


      I was apologizing that you have such people sharing nationality with you.
  14. How did the American media make me pro-Russian....
    1. 60ep


      I guess you'll have to start watching russian media then to become pro-american
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