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  1. What's up with auto-hosting feature currently? 1.29 broke everything?
  2. Volrath, Lordsebas, fellas, give me a tip: what is average scale of units in AWLR? I guess it's smaller than 1.0. This is done because of map size wasn't enough to fit structures and stuff, so everything is made smaller?
  3. I believe that open source is really good thing for community. I see only one problem here - when somebody changes something, but still pretends it's original official version. About AI. Of course player is 10x times more fun than AI. But leavers always was curse of AW. And between idle unresponsible faction, and faction that actually does something for its survival (even at newbie level), I choose AI. And there will be so many more factions, and it sometimes gonna be hard to find 24 players, so AI becoming even more vital. Also, fellas, do you think, Azeroth Wars II development process deserves its own forum subsection on Diplo? I wish to start a lot of polls about some decisions, that should be made in early stages of development.
  4. Wow, so we basically came to same ideas in faction management. What about AI? Anyway, I believe, Azeroth Wars II will not be any sort of clone of existing modifications. Guys, you may post here any features you didn't encounter in AW-like games, but really want them to be.
  5. Hi guys. Once again, I return. Now, when there is no doubt that Blizzard gonna release Remastered Warcraft III within a year, there is time for me to give a rebirth to 12-year old idea. You all know about main concepts of AW-like maps. What will be distinctive features of Azeroth Wars II, so that it does not become a clone of past itself? * More factions than players (yes, more than 24). * Players are able to choose their faction at game start. * Player 1 has moderator status, able to switch some mechanics, and solve conflicts between players * When faction loses, player in control of it is able choose another remaining faction, and continue game. * AI. Computer controllable factions, that can act either defensively (spend CP gold to reinforce) or even aggressively (eventually send troops to capture adjacent CPs). * No squashing of factions. Some factions are born naturally stronger than others, thats it. * No turns mechanics. Gold income is continuous. * About of 1/4 map area for dedicated zones. * Should become less RISK-like. Captured control point income drops drastically, and regains over time. Unit production costs more time. * Upkeep. Now when there is 1000 food limit, each 10 food spent decrease income by 1% * Transfer of units between mutual allies * Defensive styles of play available - constructible walls, gates * Like, 5x more scripted events * Completely open source * (This is actually really hard to achieve) Game should be easy for newbies to start playing. Hardcore players still get significant advantage by knowing every inch of game. I started to work yesterday. Wiki on Gamepedia will be delivered soon, in order to store information about game mechanics and other related stuff.
  6. Meanwhile Smoldering Armada, and its leader Archdondi, seeks way to invade Arezoth, and pee in its World Lake - Notpeesill.
  7. This is main issue. Kickstarter, or using open source RTS engines (like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_Engine) is potentially OK. But! If we ll ever try to become completely stand-alone, we have to leave Warcraft Universe behind, because Blizz ll never let us use it independently. Can we create our own Universe? ^^
  8. <slowpoke> My opinion is, you, Rebels, have to act diplomatically. As i see, there are up to ~30% who denies Rhemar - one can't simply start revolution in such numbers. Continue to post problems you found: bugs, disbalances, and other things ruining fun. But it doesn't include suggestions a-la "Give yellow steam tanks amphibious upgrade": editor should react adequately on problems, but suggestions don't work this way. You can't be angry on editor because he refuses to implement amazing new things you asked. Also, don't forget Rhemar adopted map full of bugs, so it's still in phase of repairing of what have been done before him. Wait a little, at least until 2015 ends, before judging his deeds. It would be nice to have concrete list of game issues. It will have more use, than this thread. After having issues discussed and approved by significant part of community, i have no doubt, Rhemar will put it in his task list. </slowpoke>
  9. Wow, that escalated quickly! How i(?) was involved in this map? (inb4: i get raped)
  10. Exactly this i planned if water movement would be too hard to implement. Old AW already had delayed portals in Deeprun Tram. But it doesn't solve problem of amphibious units like Naga.
  11. Tonight i found cheap workaround for water, couple of triggers enough. We count (unpathable) zero cliff levels as water (also adding proper extra tile); trigger builds complex water region map (by adding size-given micro-regions to global region) at map initialization. Second trigger catches event when UNIT that matches some condition, leaves water region, then this unit is target of some actions. In simplified test i just kill every Battlecruiser that dares to leave water :) "Unit enters\leaves region" event triggering is highly optimized, so it should work flawlessly with thousands of units. (Map made using PTR HotS editor) upd: last time i unfortunately uploaded broken version of map. This one works fine.
  12. We can not depend on Warcraft 4 - it may never be at all. Whole blizz "Warcraft" department seems to work 24 hours per day to release next WoW expansion every 2 year: mmo is still more profitable than unpopular nowdays RTS..
  13. All these problems are resolvable, but scaling is hardest one. I believe we still can get a niche in Arcade too.
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