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  1. yep they are. and about the tooltip oh yes that may explain
  2. Well yes I did get that elemental mastery early on and I think it is the best mastery for yellow in 1.89b but those fire elementals just can't get those mouth of fire out and I think it is a big bug since elemental mastery of yellow says it greatly increases the dmg and range of breath of fire of those fire elementals.
  3. 1 big bug and 1 small bugs in 1.89b for yellow: 1. Fire elementals can't breath the fire (that is terrible in DPS for yellow) 2. Gnoremerean barracks units get trapped
  4. Onyx you were really good and honestly I guess I should have been more active when Mopei is dealing with Naelsean later on. I was just sleepy and tired at that point, you are a fine ally ;)
  5. and since teal is buffed so greatly that no casual dg can ever hold for 10 minutes
  6. Why TheVinylRaider, I am not bananabranden lol
  7. hi mate I am bananabranden the guy you played with as yellow yesterday, I would like to add you on Skype and put you in the Group :)
  8. I become a dawrf since a traffic accident
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