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  1. I totally agree with what @M3rkabo said. I too personally browse 90% of the time from phone. It is more conveniant since no matter where I am, I can access it and it is easier.
  2. I will say this. Do not, under any circumstances, ruins dwarves. The only map where I only and only play dwarves and I love it.
  3. I'm so glad and happy to see this map getting some love. This is one old precious jewel. Cheers to you @EagleMan!
  4. dbK

    Ask Diplo

    Plans on the future and passions? Am a man of deep thoughts
  5. I am confident Star Citizen will be a game changer
  6. dbK

    How did you find Diplo?

    Garena. Back when I started to play RTS maps and after some time, when i got to be atleast a decent player in every map and wanted to get more into the community, I came here. Cuz there were a lot of people who were talking about Diplo. Because Dark Ages of Warcraft. And back then I loved DAoW. And I came (like 3 years ago i think. I'm shit with times), on the old forum. Back when Pona was an Inquisitor huehuehue.
  7. Now with your comment I think it wasn't entirely our fault we have been seen like this.
  8. The UoS vs BotR kinda stopped a while ago.
  9. Change your title ffs. And maybe people's gonna listen to you.
  10. Well I wanted to vote only Romania and posted that and then I remembered I don't like Romania (except the environment and nature) and voted for Scandinavia
  11. As far as I know Baltics and Balkans ain't countries mate
  12. Not everything is destined to follow the matrix. I guess time will tell the truth.
  13. Hello there. Well, I guess you saw me a little popping out here and there. Just want to say that Hawk is right. There is only a small amount of trolls in UoS, and they are with us because that's not everything with them. Some do it because, let's be honest, Warcraft 3 is not what it used to be, and this "trolling" keeps them alive. We also had some really bad people around but they have been dealt with. There are great people with us aswell and with great minds. It's that many preffer to talk and show themselves while in a game or something. Give us another chance, and hopefully you'll see our brighter side.
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