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  1. I totally agree with what @M3rkabo said. I too personally browse 90% of the time from phone. It is more conveniant since no matter where I am, I can access it and it is easier.
  2. I will say this. Do not, under any circumstances, ruins dwarves. The only map where I only and only play dwarves and I love it.
  3. I'm so glad and happy to see this map getting some love. This is one old precious jewel. Cheers to you @EagleMan!
  4. dbK

    Ask Diplo

    Plans on the future and passions? Am a man of deep thoughts
  5. I am confident Star Citizen will be a game changer
  6. dbK

    How did you find Diplo?

    Garena. Back when I started to play RTS maps and after some time, when i got to be atleast a decent player in every map and wanted to get more into the community, I came here. Cuz there were a lot of people who were talking about Diplo. Because Dark Ages of Warcraft. And back then I loved DAoW. And I came (like 3 years ago i think. I'm shit with times), on the old forum. Back when Pona was an Inquisitor huehuehue.
  7. Now with your comment I think it wasn't entirely our fault we have been seen like this.
  8. The UoS vs BotR kinda stopped a while ago.
  9. Change your title ffs. And maybe people's gonna listen to you.
  10. Well I wanted to vote only Romania and posted that and then I remembered I don't like Romania (except the environment and nature) and voted for Scandinavia
  11. As far as I know Baltics and Balkans ain't countries mate
  12. Not everything is destined to follow the matrix. I guess time will tell the truth.
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