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  1. One thing I would like to add is the changes of the current faction names are being considered. Both I and Linkin think the Ebonhearth Council could use a better name, same with the Ebonplague.
  2. Don't forget to visit my threat about the future of the development of Azeroth: AWR!
  3. It is, we promise! We are going to test doing a method Link wanted to try out. Easy as 1, 2, 3 is going 3 small patches before the large one. Not only will it remove the 2 month wait time for you guys but also making the wait for the big patch much smaller since some of the ideas that was planned for the big one could be implemented partly in one of the smaller patches. Like it was done with naval battles. We are going to release 3 patches before we release Azeroth: AWR 1.0.30 this will include hero remakes, unit balancing and updated systems. One example for this is that one of these patches are going to include changes to the unit upgrade system, so overall there will be more content for the players delivered at the same pace as before. But these upgrades will be weaker than before(and slightly cheaper), so in the end, fully upgraded units will be just as strong as they are now. The reason behind this is to balance the gap between similarly skilled players who had different amount of luck, which will bring in little bit more "justice" in the game, it's more fair that way.
  4. Things good to know! COMPLETE: (D) means that it's done. Rework Ebonhearth Council Sidenote: it was decided that the name would be Ebonhearth Council. The Ebonhearth Council will be reworked for the version 1.0.20: some of the units will be changed in minor way and moved around, there will also be extensions/additions to the evolving mechanic. Some of the buffs of the evolving mechanics will be changed to allow the addition of a new unit type. An archer type will take the place of the acolyte and the acolyte will be placed together with the other mage unit. These changes will make it more easy to streamline this faction and will open up other play styles while keeping the same old good feeling. Add roleplay text As always, LinkinBlade tries to make the perfect mix of text that both delivers the actual information and roleplay to feel comfortable. Fix the alliance "leaving bug" (D) You will now gain control over the alliance players that has left the game, this was implemented before but seems to have accidently been removed. Add three capturable objects to each world zone You can find information here. Reduce the spawning points (D) The total amount of spawning points have been reduced between 1/3 - 1/2 to increase the amount of time for players reaching each other. Making it a bit easier for new players to survive early rushes. It also increases the amount of area you can expand your capital city in. HEROES REWORK: Frenzied Berserker (D) His innate ability Symbols of Fury has increased effects. His passive has been slightly changed to have instead 33% chance to activate instead of 100%. His ultimate has been changed completly, here's the tooltip; The Frenzied Berserker hurls his axe with all his fury at the target and dash towards it with unmatched speed, dealing massive damage and stuns it. The Juggernaut (D) His AoE abilities have smaller range and AoE but have greater damage and smaller cooldowns. The Holy Champion (D) The holy champion has now gained some traits of an assassin as he have lost some of his AoE power and traded it for single target damage, his cooldowns and such has been recalculated. He has lost his innate ability Final Wish and gained Ardent Defense instead, which reduces the damage taken from Light Damage and magic at the cost of movement speed. His ultimate Onslaught is now less of stats boost and is a bit funnier to use. It no longer provides armor and gives less damage now than before. Still grants full magic immunity but replaces the Searing Chain ability with Templar's Verdict which deals bonus damage to the first target hit based upon their spent mana. Ebonknight (D) The Ebonknight has been entirely reworked, more will be explained in the future, but for now we can say that he has been turned into a support rather than a damage dealer. MISC: Add the hero skill autopick script (D) When you pick a hero all his starting skills will be picked for him since you're supposed to do that yourself anyway. We made it a bit easier. Uppdate the information tab (D) Rework the colourization of information (D) Add the faction chooser (D) Now you can pick your own faction, YAAAAAY! You'll now start with a small amount of warriors as well.
  5. This time it won't take that long until the next patch will be released. LinkinBlade predicts the patch will be out next friday, but it's not a promise. Some of the features will be down below. One of the features is the animated environment such as animated flowers, bushes and lily pads. Balancing especially the terms of auras. Some of the auras has only been tweaked slightly but some have been significantly nurfed. An example is the firey-spirit aura, which has lost almost 25% of its power. The font is gone. It apparently had compatibility problems with other languages. We won't deny a certain community to play our map, entschuldigung Jungen! (Sorry guys) News Articles 8. About Version 1.0.00 1-7. A Collection of News Voting Threads 1. Which terrain is the ugliest? 2. Lore 3. Release date! 4. Pick Race or Random? Terrain Showcase 1. Ironforge
  6. Here are the things added as a reward for your patience. The Great Grey Wolf's skill set is as follows: Innate Predator Each skill that reaches level 5 (2 for ultimate) increases the Great Grey Wolfs health by 200 and her total size. Q: Deadly Bite The Great Grey Wolf bites the target, dealing high damage, the target will also get the debuff "Bleed!" which takes medium damage overtime and reduces their movement speed by 20%. Range: Melee Duration: 6 seconds Cooldown: 12 seconds W: Dread Howl The Great Grey Wolf takes an intimidating stance and lets out a howl so great that it paralyzes the nearby enemies with fear. Area of Effect: 300/350/400/450/500 yards Duration: 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds Cooldown: 20 seconds E: Nerves of Steel The Great Grey Wolfs nerves has been torn over and over in battle and bothers her less now, increasing her armor by 4/8/12/15/18 R: Titanic Maul/Devour Target above 20% HP: The Great Grey Wolf mauls the target with all his strength dealing massive damage and stuns the target for 2 seconds. Target at/below 20% HP: The Great Grey Wolf devours the target instantly killing it and gains half the targets maximum health. Range: Melee Cooldown: 120 seconds Another extra was that Linkin did was to fix the Hero Glow issue, now all Heroes have hero glows. In the future this will be expanded upon and all units with hero glow will be removed. One way or another. Some changes made to the Blood Weaver Hero, making it a bit easier to play him. Old textures removed or replaced, the world is now much darker, in the future there will be a vote if the playerbase wants a dark, balanced or light toned world. Dying is more punished now, Soul of a Hero is no longer a item and now a permanent stats buff. When a Hero is slain(No matter what cause) it will drop a Fragment of Power which can be picked up by another which will gain 1+ in all stats. The killed Hero will also lose 2 in every stats. This is speculated to increase the amount of Hero aiming and purchasing of Potions.
  7. LinkinBlade has finally been bold enough to say a date which he will release the map. 08-08 will be the date of release. From what I have seen everything promised except Dalaran(Don-svetlio's fault) is done, so I believe myself that he will be adding extra stuff. You want to play with LinkinBlade and possibly me? Comment below if you can join a game on 08-08 and we talk about reserving a spot.
  8. Linkin told me a lot, don't remember everything though =)
  9. Sorry Parco, I know that "#" shouldn't be there, it was just an accident. :/ Haha, well Linkin asked me to write the release info, so I did :)
  10. Aah, Carassus, heard of you :D heelloo on you :D
  11. We know that the release date was set to July 25 but there were some complications. Here's the new release information though. LinkinBlade told me that the map is almost finished, so it will be released soon. I don't know a date right now but Linkin will most surely tell you when it's done, he will also upload the map here when it's finished! I don't know much more, but LinkinBlade will give you more information later.
  12. thanks for the recommendation, I've heard that before though ^^ Thanks I think you're alone in that thought. But I don't care about if you don't think I'm welcome here, everyone else seems to think I'm welcome here ;)
  13. I bet your ego is bigger than everything ;)
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