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  1. Discord is how you avoid going outside into that mess This is not different from wc3 chat
  2. Feanor even boomers can handle this technology, come rejoin civilization
  3. I told people Abdel had no spirit for banter, just personal attacks and emotional reactions... In the early 2000s. He had to destroy the community decades later before anyone took me seriously, but it’s nice to see so many waking up. Don’t strain your fingers on the 10 point reply attacking my character.
  4. I'd rather make it to the lifeboats
  5. Bors' thread is the most active on Diplo Does that make Bors the most valued member yet?
  7. Just put a tax on it or something geez
  8. Is the one being mentioned whenever news reports start with "Florida man"
  9. I don't personally think it's "entitled" behavior to expect the same treatment everyone else expects, even if that treatment is technically against the rules. This is Starbucks we're talking about. People meet and hang out at Starbucks all the time, usually without paying for something beforehand. And as has been said, Starbucks actively promotes this. This isn't a debate over whether they should, as a private business, be ABLE to do this. It's a debate over the motives for departing from their cultivated image. Starbucks baristas across the globe don't give a fuck if you hang out. It just so happens this one was anal retentive. For what reason, nobody knows for sure, but it's very clear these two guys weren't causing a problem. They didn't even raise their voices, and their "refusal to leave", by many accounts, was nothing more than asking why they were told to leave. Surprise and mild indignation don't constitute a public disturbance. Ultimately it does come down to the private business, and Starbucks has apologized to the two men, so that tells us something about how they intended to operate in the first place. The only actual racism I'm seeing here is in the responses, with the number of people jumping to conclusions about how black dudes must have been tearing up the place and threatening people, buncha dirty animals, etc. I don't think the event itself was fueled by serious bias. But I don't think the two dudes were wrong to be taken aback.
  10. If anything, I think it explains it. For the most part religion doesn't start in the heart of civilization, it starts on the fringes amidst desperation or unusual pressures against survival. Like the deserts of the Abrahamic religions. Or among slave underclasses. Or in response to natural disasters. Or as a result of tribal warfare. The particulars vary, but all of them turn out similar in survival-support nature to the stranded island metaphor. Now take the island away. Take all the pressures away that originally inspired the coping mechanism of religion, but leave the mechanism intact, with no point of reference to say that Wilson isn't real. What do you get? The slow decline of genuine belief, but the beginning of a cultural tradition. Most people raised within a religion aren't particularly religious, except as socially required. As generations advance, less and less people seriously believe Wilson or God or the Divine Panda are real. The original pressures that prompted the belief are gone. They just maintain the traditions built around it, like going to church/temple/whatever or celebrating the holidays or saying the catchphrases ("Oh my God!" "God damnit." "Sweet Jesus!"). They become a healthy, if vestigial part of our cultural habits, and yes, the general perception of religion is focused on that these days. It's just still based on a lie we once told ourselves to keep our shit together. The more educated and developed we become, the less we need that lie. The more desperate and isolated we are, the more we relapse into believing it. But it never stops being a lie.
  11. Will doom the Terran Empire with his radical reforms.
  12. Is our best choice to send through the time machine, back to old Britannia to jumpstart the British Empire a thousand years early.
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