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  1. I love to ask religious people this question, if god can do anything than can he make a bowl of potato salad to large for him to eat? as for me on religion I'm atheist, I prefer to just not make a fuss about it unless people ask or something I personally don't see a point in starting a fight where there didn't need to be... unless there a jerk but that's a different story
  2. Just made this today after watching sexual lobster :P
  3. xEgg0x

    Diplo please

    Hey I never said I hated the penguin was just wondering where it came from is all
  4. xEgg0x

    Diplo please

    why id this penguin on the bottom right screen now o-o
  5. nice engrish and yes I know its from the claptrap dlc in borderlands
  6. kinda reminds me of Minac
  7. Oh hello other new person I joined a couple weeks ago nice to see some one new here's a free chicken
  8. To many boats not enough trains
  9. xEgg0x

    Net Neutrality

    “This could have several impacts internationally,” said Jennifer Yeh, a policy counsel at Free Press, a Washington-based public interest group which advocates for an open Internet. “Content companies overseas who are trying to reach U..S Internet users may not be able to, if an ISP decides to block them.” "If innovators or startups here are disincentivized to create new services or applications, that may affect users abroad by limiting supply of new content and innovations," said Yeh. "Or, we could see those same innovators and investment dollars move for better opportunities elsewhere." it will affect the rest of the world if you bothered to read about it for 15 mins you would realize how big of a deal this actually is and how bad it will be if it actually gets passed it will affect you and you wont like it you just say that due to the fact you are uninformed so dont just sit back and say you don't care don't let something like this happen
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