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  1. It seems Bernie has stolen a lot of support from Warren in Iowa over the past week. Can anyone explain the drastic change?
  2. The more Hillary talked, the less people liked her. Biden has taken note.
  3. So much for the tolerant left!
  4. Depends on who the Democratic nominee is. I think overall Biden has the worst chances of the top 4; Bernie has the best.
  5. It's inevitable under capitalism with levels of regulation as low as they are, but not in general. If trends continue, very soon it will no longer be fair to call it capitalism. Rather we'll call it oligarchy.
  6. Yes. Would you not consider it a bad thing if twice as many people in your country suddenly became grossly overweight? You worry about the health of those that are close to you, and you will find it harder to find a partner if you're not attracted to overweight people. I thankfully haven't been personally affected by Christian fundamentalists as much as people I'm close to have. I know plenty of gay people who were rejected by their communities due to religion and had to suffer through that.
  7. He's the kind of person who would do it, but I doubt the DNC will let him get the nomination even if he wins over primary voters. They'd probably rather go with Biden who's the weakest of the top 3 candidates. I have a feeling corporate democrats would rather Trump win than Bernie.
  8. Bernie Sanders. Although any Democratic president will probably ultimately be obstructed by the Senate, no matter how good their intentions.
  9. Living in the United States 1. Too many people here are fat as fuck 2. Christian fundamentalists are still a massive presence and voting bloc 3. If you don't live in the city, you need a car to get anywhere, and cities are still woefully wanting for more public transportation
  10. Is it really not known who first asked that question? That's so sad...
  11. Derdan

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    A real katana can cut through the frontal armor of a Panzerkampfwagen V Panther.
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