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  1. UNITED STATES mental illness is not treated, managed, nor recognized leads to: gun violence homeless billionaires
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    Not a single candidate has offered a concrete solution on how they will mend the schism. Not only this but what about a plan for progress? The diplomunion age is climb day by day; how will you attract new bloods? How will you fund us DiploGuard's pensions and healthcare? What actions will you take in foreign relations? And candidates... when will you show us your tax returns?
  3. https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/9254/blizzard-has-removed-blitzchung-from-grandmasters-and-banned-him-from-competing-in-hearthstone-following-his-on-stream-hong-kong-protest "Last Sunday, Hong Kong Hearthstone player Ng "blitzchung" Wai Chung caused quite the stir. As reported by Inven Global, Blitzchung appeared on the official Hearthstone Taiwan stream after his Grandmasters match wearing a gas mask, before shouting "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age!" in protest against China's actions in the region..."
  4. aren't you missing the tipped-albeit-slightly fedora?
  5. 2006-ish BNet learned basics of Serbia WW1 - RTW from some dude name "SGT.KNUCKLES", months later found WW1 - ISH, saw Diplomunion from WW1 intro years later, didn't join for years til' 2014 cause reminisce.
  6. War is one way to rally a nation for re-election. But so is diplomatic success and economic stability. It all depends on how Trump will play his cards in the coming months... how well is he at damage control and what parties are behind the curtains..
  7. Spreading freedom and democracy serves American interests, but it also serves the world order's interests. Imagine another population free to elect their leader(s), to buy and consume what they want, to have the opportunity of life, liberty, and happiness. As long as those leaders are pro-American, buy products American, and opportunity with American business ventures. Obviously, the U.S wouldn't want them to serve someone else? That doesn't make it ethical, but who is? Can you imagine any power in history or present whom are ethical? Don't try the moral high ground when there are far worse actions by all parties. That doesn't make what America is doing as right, but it serves our interests and that is what matters. Whether America has power or not, our leaders will always act in our self- interests.
  8. Major trade partners? Well, it won't matter much until those are the top of the food chain have their pocket books substantially affected. No reason to shake up more controversy; they will probably let time settle things per usual If it doesn't die down, I expect more tariffs from both conflicts (Though in the U.S - China case, there has been suspect of conflict resolve just in time for Trump reelection)
  9. Color: Yellow Difficulty: Novice - Adept - Master Entry: July 1914 Initial contested fronts: 2, one North of capital Belgrade, one Western border mountain pass Starting troop positions: Belgrade infantry regiments, 2 machine gunners, 1 medic, 4 mortars, and 2 howitzers. regiments spread across southern Serbia 2 howitzers at western mountain pass regiments within trenches at Albania coast, western mountain pass, and North of Belgrade. General campaign: With all Belgrade regiments trench North of Belgrade. With all southern regiments trench western mountain pass. Concentration of howitzer use is recommended, to gain an advantage and stall for additional time; spread of use is also possible though requires split attention across two fronts. A successful campaign is to delay the Austrian(Gray) and Hungarians(Light blue) until June 1916, whereupon you will gain many regiments for free. Italy will enter May 1915, relieving some pressure from the Austrians. Specific offensives: North - facing a weaker Hungary player, concentration of howitzer fire can push/stall which will buffer for quite some time as the region is vast and generally light blue is one of the weaker Central factions. The western mountain pass can be comparatively more easily defended with fewer trenches. Concentration of fire power will also limit Austrian advance. Upon Italy entry, it is likely Austria will not be able to continue her continued aggression and must focus northward instead. West - facing a weaker Austrian player, concentration of howitzer fire can threaten Sarajevo and 1 Austrian infantry barracks. It is more difficult to push out in this direction, but if successful can put Austria at a great disadvantage when Italy joins the war. Hungary can be stalled with massive trenching and regiment bait and switch. Special considerations: Serbia is given Portugal in March 1916, Romania and Northern Greece in August 1916, and Southern Greece in July 1917. Bulgaria enters the war against the Allies in October 1915 with a massive army. Be wary of this date and set up defenses accordingly if need be.
  10. I did a little testing on the editor. It's because you have two layers: One for water and one for land, and your "water" layer is on top of your "land" layer. Both layers can have land or water, it's just on different planes. One solution is to use only one layer ( how, I don't know. Might need to restart the whole section of terrain lul) The second solution might be to raise the ground on the lower layer to go over the top layer. Good luck
  11. Assuming 6v6... Americas Canada given to Teal - keep Canada's factories and howitzers. (Represent British colonial industry, need for a strong navy, length of bringing total power to bear) Lower the income from each British town/city. (Balances western front while keeping Canada vital to the war effort) USA given to Blue - (Supplement French troops as is historical during American entry) I agree with keeping USA a major trade power, but only trade with major powers, including Centrals. Probably at most need 5 trade ports: teal, blue, brown, DG, and red. Trade should also be kept during neutral USA, and of course during entry stop trading with the Centrals. keep USA barracks. (Western Europe is getting a buff with American entry, make them work for it. Macro play is part of the game) Ottoman 1. Ankara capital is a good thing, and move towns/cities to the coast and central Turkey. Keep Arabia/Syria sparse. (Reflect historically and promote defensibility) 2. Widening Caucasus border is fine, add trenches. 3. Damascus (farther from the front) 4. One barracks in Ankara, one in Damascus, one in Baghdad. 5. keep coastline, stop adding mountains where there are none. Instead, increase transport cost and lower carrying capacity. Make landings costly and difficult to pull off. This will mirror the logistics and manpower actually needed for an effective landing. Since income is moved to Turkey proper, the landings that do occur in Syria will not matter as much. Landings to Turkey will be more easily defensible since Ankara is the new capital. Orange players will have to weigh between troops on landings or pushing Palestine/Iraq. 6. see 1. - Upon Bulgaria entry, give Constantinople and surroundings to Green. (Buffs otto chances after two years of orange aggression) Commonwealth 1. Kuwait will be an interesting addition, and supplements the loss income from the Americas for orange. Kuwait/Iraq border trenched is necessary. One barracks in Egypt, one in Kuwait. 2. keep Arab revolt, but only give cavalry. # depending on your balance of the Middle East.
  12. don't do a blanket trigger on converting
  13. RIP opportunity for noobs ;)
  14. shouldn't make "capitals" all equal, as Moscow and St Peters are arguably vastly more important, for a peoples' revolution... I propose losing Moscow/St Peters automatically triggers a revolution, or upon timer death where Russia does not control at least Moscow, St Peters, and one other "capital"(ie. Warsaw/Kiev/etc.).
  15. recording wins/losses → prevent cheating in reporting scores → integrate into the ISH game system itself → Eagleman you're up to the plate
  16. Not putting me in first place makes this list laughable rip RTW I agree
  17. make fortified trenches only available in the Western front
  18. wow, i feel like a newfag if they're that old
  19. make merchant trading less profitable → ??? → profit
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