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  1. shouldn't make "capitals" all equal, as Moscow and St Peters are arguably vastly more important, for a peoples' revolution... I propose losing Moscow/St Peters automatically triggers a revolution, or upon timer death where Russia does not control at least Moscow, St Peters, and one other "capital"(ie. Warsaw/Kiev/etc.).
  2. make fortified trenches only available in the Western front
  3. wow, i feel like a newfag if they're that old
  4. with the recent release of Wc3 PTR, there will be a massive influx of new and old players... NOW is the time to recruit users to Diplomunion. go forth, my minions.
  5. remove town portal scroll to allied buildings split red, one Anubarak-nerub and the other cult in Lordaeron. Too many players doom drop when the Plague should be the primary "story" trolls vs elves sound good. Less elf involvement in Lordaeron against the Plague bring back orcs raiding the Eastern Kingdoms ;) make Tauren their own faction in Kalimdor, or maybe even add Centaurs and Naga separate from Druids
  6. Garithos did nothing wrong
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