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  1. wow, i feel like a newfag if they're that old
  2. with the recent release of Wc3 PTR, there will be a massive influx of new and old players... NOW is the time to recruit users to Diplomunion. go forth, my minions.
  3. Garithos did nothing wrong
  4. Cheating is fine. The word itself is seen in a negative light. It should called something else entirely: courting. Trying different people to find a better match for yourself is a good thing. Likewise, everyone else will be doing the same. There is no break in trust, as everyone else expected you to "cheat". Now, unless there is explicit warning in the development of the relationship at the beginning, the negatives of cheating only exists in the social construct as the society perceives it.
  5. i'm a liberal and i find it may not be so simple as a conflict of the right to religion. Indeed, it is very nuanced as there may be more than just what is presented. the separation of church and state is desired, but at what point does doing so infringes upon the rights of others? Religion should not have full rein to simply ignore the laws which every one else follows, yet religion should also not be the reason for discrimination (not that discrimination of any kind is kindly regarded).
  6. [quote name='Ordo']I tried reading that sentence multiple times before giving up. Aren't you native english speaker? Are you in contest with @Lord Massington for the most illiterate native english speaking person on Diplo? Are you his fake acc?[/QUOTE] maybe the problem isn't Massington or me, it's you :)
  7. western Europe die from without, eastern Europe die from within. we have both in America
  8. it is time no longer shall we wait in the shadows! Catalonia calls and we shall reply! Light the beacons!
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