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  1. mabye you stole a summon with that high upgrades?
  2. Purple chaplains got only one spell. so there is a real good reason why it didt work :/
  3. Naga tower Tidel Guardian dont use the human upgrades. Kael have a lower priority then most units like elites and magus. Naga Dragon turtle uses the wrong attack type on buildings. I think you should be able to train both workers types in both "town halls" as naga. Or you could make naga lumber camps able to make upgrades like a black smith. The Naga intro text hint at blood elfs having cheap units. This would be the case if you could build elven swordmen but you can't.
  4. The only way this would NOT happend was if naga was a starting faction.
  5. There is no time counter and the rain just ends and no archi so yes indeed. in last version the legion mastery didt work and i didt get the sec chance so wanted to see if it was fixd but no i can't :/
  6. some times the unit lag is caused by worker units pilling up some where trying to reach some where they can't. Like blues workers try to drop lumber at down in NA while they are in NR and are stuck at the shores of NR. The movement queue will get spammed with move commands all the time and get overloaded and start lag but in reality the engine can't keep up. In short you need to stop the unit caused the overloaded and all will be fine.
  7. If you love something you should let it go.
  8. mabye this guy should get hes own litte subsection insted of been in the lr board? Whiterunner you can should ask for one :cool:
  9. Shit happens bro, not everything is meant to be.
  10. Replace the champions skin with the garithos skin as it is a under used knight skin.
  11. Made up lore allow trolls to follow orcs into chaos/fel.
  12. The Flesh form should be weaker then the Lich from, as to encourage red to get the hero and let green be part of the game.
  13. That may be the chase but it should have the range of hes autoattack atleast.
  14. Why do we even have to lose poor old anton ? :3
  15. Hoping blizzard will make a patch is not a valid Solution.
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