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  1. No I don't, and I'd be disappointed at the number. Blizzard killed my original Spankfurt account in 2011-2012 sometime as I didn't log in for a year. It was when sc2 came out and they made you digitally install wc3 through your battle.net account. Back then I was smoking a lot of weed with Honksaru and not in a state to do much of anything or figure anything out. My OG Spank account was closing in on the 750 NE win Avatar and probably already had well over 100 days
  2. I remember The-King telling me back in 2009/2010 that he had over 100 days logged in wc3. I think at this point Jimmy has over 1000
  3. Old guard implies you don't take a 7 year hiatus, G
  4. How could we forget wc3 remastered !
  5. I'd be curious to see how much time you've sunk into this project Eagle. If you need any help with marketing, or moreso just want someone to put in the gruntwork and get word around / build excitement I'd be happy to start that. Once you're ready for the initial games to see how things are going to be received we can have a large'ish community of people ready to Lostw again
  6. You can really tell it's a Garden. Can we get a feel for how the pathing will be, as in showing the size of the units inside the cities / castles ?
  7. That Westeros terrain looks really good, but I think something that most map makers have run into is that for gameplay sake they have had to enlarge iron islands to a size bigger than they are in the Canon, and perhaps the Vale as well. To effectively have fights that aren't a headache inducing clusterfuck they may have to be opened up and enlarged a bit so that the pathing doesn't just block up worse than Bors' intestines on a Sunday morning
  9. Warhammer games ; Vermintide 2 Warhammer total war's Mordheim (Not well known or played much but great game)
  10. When the playerbase expands again with Reforged, all kinds of new directions may be possible, but the size and scope and absolute girth of AWLR means that adding something huge like a new race will have massive consequences and potentially break the game balance-wise. Also, as Flor pointed out, the game requires 12 players who all moderately know what they're doing to some extent and can be a challenge to fill at some times There are , however, a huge amount of maps within wc3's history which have depicted and been set in every kind of scenario and setting imaginable within the Warcraft universe and timeline. I'm sure if you'd like something more troll focused, it's out there (though not as good and in-depth as LR )
  11. Umbra is the hero I never knew we had . Really regret not being active while you have been over the past two years - I was at sea for most of 2017
  12. What style of map would it be? Spawn based with hero squads or build based ? There's a really good LOTR map out right now that is build based but has typical lotr hero squads like from bfme
  13. Offering a forum platform and the many other services we can offer here to them and the map makers who are with them. We're also encouraging activity there for organizing and playing wc3 with the already large and well organized community they have. We wanted to achieve this partnership before reforged in anticipation of the large influx of activity pouring back into the game and to be more prepared for it in every way
  14. Your stuff looks great, Umbra. I took a little break from the community and from wc3 for a couple years so it's great coming back and seeing lots of love and work still being put into projects like this. Keep up the good work man
  15. Why are you playing StarCraft 2 over wc3?
  16. Thanks for the feedback Eagle. We have a lot of people who would play regularly and are looking forward to the game. I've spoken to some of the old faces and people like Railen and Fluff would gladly come back to play this with the community
  17. When do you think a testable version may be ready ? Bolvar and I were also curious if there's any older version of the map still playable or if they were all permanently borked
  18. Phoneposting so I can't get too elaborate but yeah I agree with you. I think the Leaver trap is even more significant in LoTR maps like BFME and in Roberts Rebellion, where even a 10% change in your attitude or application usually results in a series of mistakes or mishandling heroes / units that cause a dominoes effect and end up killing any advantage you have
  19. Come out and have a blast free tabletop simulator giveaway at the end
  20. Send Eagleman the Patreon funds so he doesn't have to wageslave
  21. Switching would port your character over , no need to re-grind, but I'm with you on the initial statements
  22. Hope people follow through and write something, regardless
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