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  1. Spankfurt

    Picture of You

    Do you wax your fucking chest
  2. Eagle, is the map ready for some real gaming ? The people at Old Guard want to know if we can have a semi official game of it
  3. The heavies to the front this early on? It will be a bloody massacre , Bors will have to be snuggled out of his castle within the week
  4. Bors your Salty-kong militia will be no match for the full force of Gotennia's military might
  5. Spankfurt

    Public Square

    With Abdel's blessing, I will scrub this chat free from anyone not currently running for office and continue to do so. I believe this should be a forum for the candidates to address one another without distraction
  6. Spankfurt

    Public Square

    Are we approaching the meme singularity ?
  7. Spankfurt

    Public Square

    The Walrus and Feanor spat brings up some good material for our official Questions to the Candidates
  8. Spankfurt

    Public Square

    Whenever I go hard on the beets I think I'm hemmorraging afterwards but it's only because they dye your stool
  9. For me, it's got to be the Panzer
  10. How will each candidate address the "Jimmy" question?
  11. Spankfurt

    Life Lessons

    2013 Diplo was the beginning of the fall 2008-2010 Diplo was the Golden age
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