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  1. Lasse giving me downvotes for disagreeing
  2. I think Trump destroys Bernie in debates. I can't see any of the current crop taking on Trump and everything in his arsenal and coming out ontop
  3. What's the time commitment like
  4. You bet your ass there is. It would be cool if you joined us
  5. Bors how could you /f r bors-de-gannes /f m does anyone miss when Bors was fun
  6. Oh shit lads he's going full senile
  7. Can I have "Diplo schism 2018-2019" with a memorial cenotaph of all the lives lost during the conflict listed on the mug?
  8. How do I have considerably less to lose and not care about the community as much Fuck you t'sao cao I hope Bors raids your liquor stash tonight
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