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  1. Spankfurt

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    Yep. Wc3diplo.org - now THAT was a forum ! https://blockexplorer.com/news/crypto-meme-30-year-old-boomer-who-trades-crypto/[/IMG] Sorry guys I suck at putting images up while phoneposting at work. Seems I'm now the boomer
  2. Hey now he's just the messenger ! The paperboy can't be expected to be literate, let alone read every Sunday issue
  3. Spankfurt

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    How do you re-add Signatures ?
  4. Spankfurt

    Ask Diplo

    CNipers got some great idea's which are going to really going to boost our activity and make us attractive to other gamers Hes been telling me about this new thing called Discord
  5. Spankfurt

    Ask Diplo

    Jim when do you go to Cuba with big Rafa
  6. Spankfurt

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    Being told to tone down your deeply problematic and offensive language for the more sensible and more enlightened generations gracing our presence
  7. Spankfurt

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    Check them out yourself Bors. It's looking pretty active and popular. Not surprising the way things have been going
  8. Spankfurt

    Ask Diplo

    Feanor, we're living so deep in clown world that you're now Visk
  9. Spankfurt

    Ask Diplo

    Hey Maz, might wanna get your moderating cart, I just fucked up the aft girls head
  10. Spankfurt

    Ask Diplo

    Nothing Jimmy ever does or did is frivolous Remember the night of the long weave
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