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  1. Phoneposting so I can't get too elaborate but yeah I agree with you. I think the Leaver trap is even more significant in LoTR maps like BFME and in Roberts Rebellion, where even a 10% change in your attitude or application usually results in a series of mistakes or mishandling heroes / units that cause a dominoes effect and end up killing any advantage you have
  2. Come out and have a blast free tabletop simulator giveaway at the end
  3. Send Eagleman the Patreon funds so he doesn't have to wageslave
  4. Switching would port your character over , no need to re-grind, but I'm with you on the initial statements
  5. Hope people follow through and write something, regardless
  6. Spankfurt

  7. I swear French Canadians compulsively lie on their census there are like 30 + million of them at least
  8. Also, they all speak English more or less even if Portugese/Spanish is their native tongue I feel better purging foreign language vermin anyway
  9. Feanor, any kind of column run by you in the Praet would be a great thing . I hope to see it next issue
  10. The more articles, the better Bors when you're communicating with them, give them a solid idea of what to write
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