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  1. ghostofpast

    The war of Worlds

    New Version 1.3 Alpha 32 ☼ Huge optimization : vJASS conversion, trigger merging, faster groups loops. ☼ Unused worlds have their units and ressources deleted for better performance. ☼ Interface improvements ☼ Few new units, to compensate some strategy issues. ☼ Units are warped 4 by 4. ► Ultimate units still disabled, but some mechanics are prepared for future updates. ► Reboot still disabled The last version is on ENT.
  2. ghostofpast

    [EE Like] Age of Humanity

    So, here we go some more updates. Nothing very stable yet, but i'm looking forward to provide a good one. [Recent] ☼ Triggered boars and Elephants which aren't attacked for 20s returns to their initial position and become neutral - until you attack them again (so newbs rushing boars won't rage quit because of an unstoppable boar). ☼ Number of deer divided by 4 (so faster init and a bit less lag). ☼ HP and gold provided by meat is multiplied by 4 (to counterbalance the reduced number of deer). ☼ Boars and Elephants drops less meat (to counterbalance the higher value of meat) ☼ Deleted initializing units (so faster init). ☼ Doubled the HP and ressources given by Gold, Iron aand stone ores (the gather rate is still the same). ☼ Gold, Iron and Stone ores have ((24/100) x number of player)% of HP. ☼ Nerfed the DPS of Tanks to make them not too effective against Anti-tank. ☼ Few new icons. ☼ Few terrain edits. I made these economical upgrades to reduce lag and balance ressources in function of the lobby size. Small games would be a bit faster and nervous, though bigger ones tend to be more cozy. [Not very Recent] ☼ Pop cap is 400 - (12 x number of players) + 12. From 400 (at 2) to 124 (at 24) ☼ 10th age fully updated and almost completely fixed. ☼ Gold income is displayed in the tchat. ☼ Riflemen and other light gunpowder projectiles does impact sounds on wood, metal and flesh. ☼ 24 players (with indeed 24 spawns). [Planed next] ► Gold income displayed in the scoreboard (in private). ► Model edits to add new sounds (gunfire for gunpowder units like arquebusers, musketeers, tanks, cannons, ships ...)
  3. Yop, i'm back with a new minor projet ! It's a reboot of all Aoe and EE(empire earth) in a warcraft 3 map I tried to do simple mechanics but very complete and dynamic. Each ages you can choose different bonuses that give also tech-tree improvements, so 2 players in late game can have completely different units ! For now there are only 9 ages (From -50 000 BC to 2000 AD) but i plan to go to the future age at the end. There are a strict minimum of different unit type (infantry, spear lines, cavalry etc...) with clear efficiences and drawbacks. The map is translated and ready to play with 12 players. The map : https://www.epicwar.com/maps/271408/ The Age tree (old) : Enjoy !
  4. Don't look at there --------> FAIL
  5. ghostofpast

    The war of Worlds

    [uPDATE] The showcase is far way better up to date. Old : i'm open to all suggestion (without add heroes or goldmines, i'll never add that, i don't like to make a "War3" like)