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    Been slowly trying to lose weight since January and finally seeing results (Jan, Feb and most of March featured close to no changes) Today: About 2 to 3 weeks ago: Noticeable changes: pretty much no 2nd chin, chinline more visible, less fat on the cheeks and shoulders, less fat on the face, hairline isn't pulled back as much due to stretching
  2. @Abdel I'll take the triggered one.
  3. 1 acre of food for bart (CHECK the granary ;o)
    1. Talinn


      Food report?
  4. Merk did mention that he'll be able to respond like in a few days as he's on the road atm. I remember that from Discord.
  5. Found someone who has no clue what they're on about.
  6. Still hasn't visited me while being just across a tiny sea. Preposterous.
  7. How exactly were the extra funds spent? Is there any way to access that data to see whether the schools used that money wisely?
  8. I don't know whether Beethoven is left, right or centre but I do love me some of this.
  9. Krotos.exe has stopped responding. Would you like to send a bug report to Derpsoft Interactive?
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