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  1. Dont worry :D as long as i will be designing this map, there wont be anythink conected to the Pandas :D
  2. Nice and helpfull Ordo... thx. Anyway... these screens are old. I have already changed many stuff there and it looks much better now.
  3. Possibly but it was just a base not the 3rd biggest city in Lordaeron.
  4. Do you remembe rthe mission from Warcraft 3 when you encounter Kel'thuzad? Jaina said that it was important city because of the grain or somethink like that. And it had walls.
  5. I love waterfall next to the Hearthglen, that area look much better then before. Andorhall look like a village not a city (quite big city in Warcraft 3). The walls could be added there and possibly some city buildings. Scholomance look better. Both, inner and outer. Dalaran dungeons looks better then before but i would change some walls. The used ones does not fit it. (blue ones)
  6. The Headlands can be used for GIlneas harbor... the Keel can take much of that area and the rest can basicaly be Blackwald and Emberstone. EDIT: And the city of course.
  7. This can be fixed by increasing size of Silverpine to the west. Gilnea can be also bigger.
  8. I know. I didnt play something before.
  9. I played this version today and i crashed. I was teal and sieging Stormwind. My ally was very good too he was close to Ironforge. I dont know hat it caused but... just for you to know.
  10. Well i dont want to give up concept of 1v1v1 fight in Lordaeron. Rissen were nice idea because they are in Lordaeron Night elves does not need new ally... they can ally worgen and it would be 3 man alliance which i want to avoid. Its like give Gilneas oportunity to ally Stormwind... it would make more sense then Proudmoore but 3 man alliance.
  11. It sounds like a horrible idea but when i think about it its not that illogical. But no... I would love to see somethink different then Scourge but the Rissen are small faction not comparable to Gilneas for example and Blood elves are already in game.
  12. Hello everyone, there were a lot of problems with WotE development but i can proudly tell you that they were all solved and the WotE is going to return. It wont be WotE as you knew it but we changed a lot of stuff in map, redesigned whole factions, changed events... and much more. For anyone who want to follow us, the main page is curently on Brigandshaven. http://www.brigandshaven.net/forums/azeroth-wars-cataclysm.163/
  13. Interesting :D we are just making next generation version of WotE :D But that coruption is caused most likely by triggers.
  14. Yes its very offtopic (sry for that) but the LotSW tower system is bad if you want to keep somethink protected and focus somewhere else. Yes you can build few powerfull towers but you have to check your bases, capitals, everythink all the time because its not protected at all. I remember a game where i played Dark Green and Pink landed and basicaly overun Stormwind city while i was fighting Teal. I think that towers are supposed to give you few seconds, some time for reaction and this is not possible when you cant have them. And somethink which is not offtopic: I love this idea. It gives more diversity to factions and will make battles more interesting. Good job man. I am preparing comeback with WotE and I will try to make somethink similar there.
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