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  1. Krackles was a Gamerisle inhabitant I believe.
  2. "Admins of Deserted Internet Site Jailed for Harbouring Paedophile."
  3. Ice

    Fuck u cunts

    As a Jew, German doesn't agree with me.
  4. I'm not related to you and I really didn't think you should see this thread.
  5. Ice

    Fuck u cunts

    No idea what that is, but it sounds like an Indian's nightmare. Some might even say it is the wurst.
  6. I met a decrepit rooster once, he was cuck-a-doodle-do. Did I do it right?
  7. Ice

    Fuck u cunts

    Every thread and we somehow get back to Russia. Maybe Putin really is pulling all the strings... I wonder what he'd call a kebab.
  8. Ice

    Fuck u cunts

    Unfortunately yes, what gave it away?
  9. 36% of the region speaks a different language.
  10. Cuz ya' bein fooked by English wankers. Don't make me video Ewan McGregor at you.
  11. Ice

    your useless superpower

    Yeah funny answers and all, but this shite is why I have no fucking idea what's going on.
  12. Ice

    Fuck u cunts

    You know food in the UK is bad when people say Kebabs n u think of a night out. Load up on predrinks n turn up at the club n bang out moves n sum mouthbreather comes n chats you n u leave for a kebab. That kebab givs ya some pride for ur country n ur bestie Eilidh tells ya the club down tae road has banging tunes oan n ya dinnae know. Later ya find a bush n wonder if ya should kill yasel when tae kebab betrays you n ur mate cannae stop fuckin laughin.
  13. Ice

    your useless superpower

    Wait I missed this, why doesn't Pona have Heresy anymore?
  14. Ice

    your useless superpower

    Hi five! Top 100 EU for Muradin. Although nowhere near as high as #9.
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