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  1. Give entering powers 1 minute buffer time; that is, an entering nation like Ottoman/Egypt/Italy/etc should be allowed control 1 minute before officially joining the war. This will allow player strategy flexibility and prevent rushes.
  2. ChocolaTea

    WW1 ISH Changelog and Download

    Why does WG not win or even go even against GB + France..? Entente should be the side waiting for a stronger mid-late game, since they are also the ones receiving greater international trade income and additional allies.
  3. ChocolaTea

    ISH Suggestions Moving Forward

    make Dreads unbuildable; slugfest but with calculated use also you can make each dread unique (hp/mp/abilities/move speed/etc.) make 6v6 the main way people play the game.. 7v7 should just be a testing ground, a mod. Less frequently updated, but also possible for people to begin playing and experimenting on
  4. ChocolaTea

    ISH Suggestions Moving Forward

    I don't know how you can justify Bulgaria immediately after when you insinuated for less 1v1 gameplay.. though Bulgaria's responsibility shifts throughout the course of the game, its prime focus has and always will be in the Mediterranean. The thought currently is that Bulgaria can fulfill the Wildcard function without being shunted into an naval centered position. This is also true for Purple as French Colonial Africa. Though this is indeed true, I believe the Pink slot can provide the necessary contributions elsewhere. For instance, as Armenia. The Caucasus is a potential battleground. They can also more directly provide the aid that Ottoman proper so desires. If such emphasis is place unto the Arabian peninsular event, then equal emphasis must be provided for the Centrals to counter such threat. This also provides the needed pressure against a domineering Russia as you would suggest if they were instead left to 1v1 Eastern Germany.
  5. ChocolaTea

    Meme Idea for Purple starting situation

    If you do make Balkans 2v2 w/ Albania, Durres should be made a coastal city (which it is IRL) by removing the mountains. Alternatively, you can make Tirana the capital but still remove the mountains France should not be given a second chance in Africa.. If France loses so easily, you need to think about the balance of the players NERF AFRICA PLEASE STOP MAKING TRADE/NAVY SO IMPORTANT
  6. ChocolaTea

    The Christmas Truce

    I thought this was pretty well-made and thought I'd share it with my WW1 enthusiasts.. Happy gaming everyone.. and have a wonderful holiday season
  7. imo all this can be easily solved if you give trenches a decreasing mana pool which can only be supplied by nearby cities/towns.. also increase cost so that they are less spammy; this frees up the eastern front for more mobile warfare while also preventing trench rushes.. and give factories tiers ie Large/Middle/Small factory stages so that industry can be more easily distributed say for instance of Serbia; losing one factory will not be that big of a deal. Of course, different tiers will have different potential for production...
  8. ChocolaTea

    WW1 ISH Changelog and Download

  9. ChocolaTea

    WW1 ISH Changelog and Download

    shouldn't make "capitals" all equal, as Moscow and St Peters are arguably vastly more important, for a peoples' revolution... I propose losing Moscow/St Peters automatically triggers a revolution, or upon timer death where Russia does not control at least Moscow, St Peters, and one other "capital"(ie. Warsaw/Kiev/etc.).
  10. ChocolaTea

    WW1 ISH Changelog and Download

    make fortified trenches only available in the Western front
  11. ChocolaTea

    WW1 ISH Changelog and Download

    2 Russia slots
  12. ChocolaTea

    WW1 ISH Changelog and Download

  13. How did I get Confirmed Alcoholic and A Friend to Burden... I never posted there...