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  1. 5pBdFql - Imgur.mp4 5NGvn30.mp4 5pq1ue2.mp4 5qDxls5.mp4 2UemVBa.mp4 2vBubmS - Imgur.mp4 2VIcq9r.mp4 3 - mVrhKOF.mp4
  2. http://sdreborn.weebly.com/ Here you go.
  3. Bane! Break out your only war books, we got a keeper!
  4. There are ads? Also I can't even get wc3 to work on this computer. Witcher 3 at max settings? Sure. GTA5 max settings? Double sure. 10+ year old game? Nope.
  5. Diplo campaign? What are you on about?
    1. Inferous


      I thought you or Bane could GM something seeing as we have people on the discord, I think you mentioned you wouldn't mind running a game a couple of months ago.
    2. TheLastSpartan


      Sure thing boss. Just need to some players and a time. Probably a late night time.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/TctFKsF.jpg
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