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  1. poll tests have always eventually been reeled back because they are viewed as either unfair or, which would definitely happen in an economics related test, skewed too much towards one economic belief system. While blademage and I may both have entirely different economic viewpoints, I think we would both respect the right of the other to vote as we saw fit. If the voting age were to be lowered I believe you have to either do it all the way or not at all. Those tests in themselves would be seen as belittling. That all said, I don't believe the voting age should be lowered. I did when I was 16 because I considered myself, and was, significantly more well informed than most my age. However, I still wasn't really prepared, and many people in that age range are going to be subject to heavy influence from parents and peer groups, even more so than with university students. There will always be exceptions and certain teenagers who have constructive things to add to the global discourse, but a line has to made somewhere. As to free Marijuana, what? I'm placing the burden on you here to make a case for it before I bother writing one against it.
  2. Yes and none of the above. Why? Outside of being in the reserve I do work on central air/heating systems for my step dad's company and substitute teach when I have the time.
  3. Damn, I'd hate to be in the marines
  4. Well I'm not sure if I can ever love you again.. Unless you meant GoTE, in which case you just have access to another board you can feel free to tear through. You can find it below the gaming boards.
  5. Didn't even know there was a pending request, just took care of it though.
  6. To afraid to say something in public bro?
  7. Bumping multi-year old threads without any real intent of re-starting a conversation...the White Zone was never even a conversation in the first place Notice I haven't warned you other times when you actually contribute something to the thread. But in most cases, yes its just archived eye candy and you're better off starting a new thread.
  8. "Sarcasm right? i don't want to seem like im giving you specific attention so ill refrain from insulting you for this, ugly." Your personal problems with me aside, I have to ask you not to spam everything I post in or I'm going to have to ban you. This is your official warning.
  10. Also, I pictured you as being someone who wouldn't like something like Esperanto..I love the designs (particularly 3a), it's a bold move to visually attach the IDP to it though. I like it.
  11. So I proposed a general question on facebook as to who would be interested in a new political party. Surprisingly high response rate from every range of political ideology. If that's a reflection on the general population we have a market here my friend.
  12. I like 1a better, but I'm just partial to the color green in general. The blue just seems overbearing in the 2nd
  13. Probably, maybe we'll catch one eventually. And twitter usually gives a quick burst and fades out. Most of the click come from #tags, which after a few seconds (or minutes for an uncommon one like #esperanto) are cycled out and no one sees them any more. bit.ly says the link was clicked 18 times...one was me, so in theory 17 new people saw the thread at some point.
  14. It's interesting seeing how many people follow my twitter link to the Esperanto thread.. it's disappointing seeing none of those people decide to post in it
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