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  1. The derp gate inside the dungeons for orange became bugged every since Rhemar changed it to an actual gates instead of a destructible one I think I told you this like 3 years ago too. When you click on the book area from outside of the gate you don't go through the gate, you have to click right under the gate to go through it the pathing is fucked.
  2. Its so shameful of Blizzard that they didn't even fix screenshots in the game being saved as .tga in 2018. They want to introduce this 24 players horseshit without even fixing basic screenshotting in the game.
  3. If that's the case might as well expand the naga area and add some more CPs there, which will help the naga economy as well. The area also feels pretty empty and feels a bit like the barrens since its so big so a lot of things cab be added, and there is a pathing problem that when you click on Outloand some units end up going to the left side instead of going through the portal. There is also a pathing problem going to the Dalaran dungeons when you click on it just around the Violet Citadel gate, units end up going south instead of through the portal, and also at the gate which leads to the book when you click on the book area the units just doodles outside of the gate and doesn't go through.
  4. Illidan's permanent immolation damages your own buildings. Also some things for Naga: - would be nice if he has an option to add 2 more elites in the mastery for limited creatures - the ice bolt is shit its like firebolt on a regular caster but since its for an elite so should be stronger - the outland portal shouldn't be open forever - And there should be a mastery that buff naga elites too in the mastery that buffs units HP and stuff
  5. Illidan's permanent immolation damages your own buildings. East but don't fuck it up again with more multiples accounts on the enemy side for free wins.
  6. There is good news and there is bad news, the good news is that LR is now being hosted on the autohost bot ENT22 thanks to community support and Anders for providing the CK key. The bad news is that this bot is creating massive lag and kicking people with a 2 digit ping at random intervals. If you experience technical problems while playing on the autohost bot post them here: https://entgaming.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=128131
  7. Depends who is hosting it and its true that there is a version of 2.05 in the testing phase. Its also true that there are lamers faking test versions and hacking stuff. I guess you can follow the latest news about the map or play games on our discord: https://discord.gg/FKHNM6
  8. - Doom guards from Varimathras don't scale with upgrades from red. - The armour buff from stormwind knight outriders have to be clicked 12 times to activate them all in a group, would be nice if one click activates all 12.
  9. Sleep on Varimathras only have 3 levels and the arcane teleporter doesn't die for red even when TFT dies (creates lulsy forsaken abuse going back to NR). The legion portal died when I summoned on that derp island in the circle after red took Gilnease.
  10. Does that mean that the one without the brackets is the hacked one...? Damn, but the 4th one with potion of immorality abuse was so broken though, and it was fun lol.
  11. Alright so which one is the hacked version, the one with or without the brackets?
  12. It seems that you are right and I was mistaken, I would give you an informative rating if the site wasn't broken in terms of the ratings but I suppose that would have to wait until its fixed. In the meantime I guess I will post another problem that (I think) nobody has reported before. Also the description for the OP spell says 200-300 (for level one) when you learn it for all levels, but I found out that at least for levels 1 and 2 its doing the minimum amount from that range and hitting everything of that equal damage in the given AOE so the description is wrong, it shouldn't be a range just the actual value because it is consistently hitting for the minimum value (minus the 50% magic resistant ogre creep of course). Next time I play a game as orange I suppose I will stay a while after the game is done to test the spell at higher levels on 3 and 4 since I'm too lazy to kill creeps around the map for like 30 mins to do it. Pretty interested to see if level 4 actually hits everything for 500 in that AOE. Also this:
  13. It s bit disturbing to find out that nobody reported how Amara's unit priority is lower than the elites.
  14. Doesn't that effect how you spam outriders as well.
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