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  1. I'm reserving damn blue, deal with it.
  2. Nope, we Polish people like to rape other countries in terms of economy and culture, like other did in past for us.
  3. Nope, i will leave it for you.
  4. Well, actually i don't mind in real cause it is nice shit to laugh. Thanks, I guess...
  5. I already lost hope that someone will say something other than things like this:
  6. No, i'm pretty sure you are the one who is confused, it's not like i gonna stay in Poland longer than i need, reasuming with that information i know i will not be a russian vassal. Don't try to confuse me with saying that i'm confused when you are the one who is confused here.
  7. I'd rather be part of Germany, sorry.
  8. Is microphone working? 1, 2, 3, micro test... Okay, so i registered here cause i just got into one of clans that is playing Azzy Wars and i think that's all? Fine, i'll write something about myself, so i'm Mikołaj, dude that is learning ways of mechatronics in Poland, yeah Poland, country of holes in roads ya know. Ah yes, maybe you already noticed but i'm that noob Etar from Europe Server (just sayin' if someone didn't). Also some more things about me... i like books, mostly fantasy i'm kinda of a nerd so sorry no great stories from my life ah also i like games i said about it eariel? I'm really into RPG and Strategy and also card trading games (real ones, they are fine in video games but i like to sit with friends and play Magic The Gather, Duel Masters or Game of Thrones). I guees that's all? I hope it is enough for you. P.S. Sorry for weird english, our english in Poland is kinda... well... whole education sux in this country.
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