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  1. He tried so hard. But in the end it didnt even matter.
  2. TheKaldorei

    Top cucks

    ordo is not a cuck you naga
  3. Or change the elites to something else
  4. Just to say: It has nothing to do with my wife. It's another thing. I will stay on the forums but I won't be playing WC3 The Fight for Warcraft 3 will be finished by 60ep, when its finished I'll come back briefly to play test it.
  5. Tis been a lovely time playing Warcraft III, I just had something personal happen to me and I can't bear it. I'm quiting. I wish you all best of luck in your lives I will be playing Overwatch and such but only as an anti-depressent. Love you all, April.
  6. srry fam maiev needs to go to orange since elf+elf=elf??? and brown needs to have all of northrend under his control too!!!
  7. Not really Dark Portal opened by Medivh and the Shadow Council Khadgar closes it Kazzak the Supreme opens it Garrosh connects the worlds of Draenor and Azeroth. Pretty easy to comprehend Now go back to ontopic hoes
  8. kaldorei best race thekaldorei
  9. Guys I swear this isn't me in disguise. I mean come on she uses twitch memes, streams Overwatch... Huh. Hi friend, nice to see other girls on Diplo.
  10. <puts volrath to gunpoint> ur gonna give me the map punk now punk i am the true editor of night elves
  11. Let me do it boss I cant trust people with my Night Elves : (((((((((( RIGHT WHEN I GET AN EDITOR WHO LISTENS LET ME DO THIS BOSS
  12. I've already said, make the appreciation and worship of the Ancients more prominent in the druid playstyle. Agamaggan Should get some type of Quilbeast/Quilboar two ideas come to mind. Quilbeasts [Q] Envenomed Spears [Renamed to Envenomed Tusks?] [W] Charge [E] Spiked Carapace [Renamed to Tough Hide] OR Quilboar Geomancer [Q] Heal [Renamed to Gift of Agamaggan] [W] Stone Form (Gargoyle) [E] Earth Shield [Dalaran Geomancer Spell] Aessina Wisps should be a prominent thing for the druids as Aessina was their patron in a sense, make a special caster for damage-type wisps. Wisp of Aessina [Q] Detonate [W] Dispel (Autocast) [E] Spirit Link Ashamane Make the panthers of the night elven society a type of assassin unit for brown. Nightsaber [Q] Stormbolt (No Stun) [Renamed to Lunge] [W] Self-Bloodlust [Renamed to Enrage] [E] Evasion [T] Stealth Aviana The patron mother of all harpies. Make these creatures a limited type unit for brown (6 Limit probably) Harpy Windmaiden [Q] Regrow Tree [Renamed Gift of Aviana] [W] Phase Shift [Renamed Nest] [E] Ressurection (Max 1 Unit) [Renamed Return to the Skies!] Cenarius The dryads and keeper of the groves shouldn't be elites I agree, make them regular units made out of the Barrow Den (Max 6 for Keepers) Keeper of the Grove [REVISED] [Q] Natures Fury [W] Entangling Roots [E] Summon Treant (Max 4) [T] Elune's Grace or Barkskin Dryads [Q] Impale [W] Abolish Magic [E] Stormbolt (No Stun) [Renamed Lunge] Goldrinn The worgen of Gilneas are an interesting subject, perhaps make if Malfurion travels to Tal'Doren then they unlock a elite replacing unit "Worgen Darkscythe" or something like that. Worgen Darkscythe (Placeholder) [Q] Windwalk [Renamed to Prowl] [W] Shockwave [Renamed Pounce] [E] Self-Bloodlust [Renamed Fury of the Pack] [R] Avatar (Liek Dwarf Elites) [Renamed to Pack Form] Malorne The White stag should deserve -SOMETHING- in AWLR, perhaps as a hero if Cenarius reaches level 10 or level 15 rewardng him with revivable Cenarius or the hero himself. Malorne, the White Stag (IF HERO ROUTE IS CHOSEN) [Q] Stormbolt [Renamed Glazed Antlers] [W] Rejuvination [Renamed Light of Elune] [E] Endurance Aura [Renamed Stag's Swiftness] [R] Grom's Ult [Renamed Prancing] [T] Elune's Grace Omen Should be a repeatable killable boss in Moonglade replacing the Horn Guardian (Horn Guardians would be a tower building guarding Moonglade like in Genesis) that drops "Amulet of Elune" that gives health regen and attack speed. Tortolla Amphibious units are a struggle to balance, though this would be a great thing to implement for brown making a diverse and interesting playstyle for him. These turtles children of Tortolla would be able to swim in the seas and fight on land becoming "scout form" in the seas (Cannot attack but becoming invis) and then once on land would become "attack form" (Can attack, removed invis) Child of Tortolla SCOUT FORM [Q] Stealth [Renamed Deep Sea Swim] [W] Reveal Small Area [Renamed Echolocation] [E] Hardened Skin [Renamed Ancient Shell] [R] Swap Form ATTACK FORM [Q] Howl of Terror [Renamed Bestial Roar] [W] War Stomp [Renamed Tail Swing] [E] Hardened Skin [Renamed Ancient Shell] [R] Swap Form Ursoc and Ursol The bear guardians should enchance the Druid of the Claw once level 12 Malfurion reaches Grizzlemaw, giving them enchanced stats and attack speed and unlocking a new passive ability "Frenzy" (Critical Strike) and perhaps gives Brown some furblog units in Felwood. Queen Azshara (ILLIDARI ONLY) The queen of the naga is a majestic one, and if Illidan (at level 15, corrupted) approches her at the Maelstrom will reward him with Lady Vashj and Naj'entus and enabling his Naga Sirens to cast "Tornado" (Weaker). Elune (SENTINELS ONLY) The goddess of the night elves, the moon and creator of the moonkin enchances the Kal'doreis abilities in the night, giving them access to the Moonwells and Moonkin as allies. Giving LB "Moonkin" and Tyrande access to "Redemption" (Ressurection) Moonkin (MAX 12) [Q] Flamestrike [Renamed Starfall] [W] Rejuvination [Renamed Elune's Gift] [E] Summon ___ (Summons a Runestone that heals allies periodically) [Renamed Runestone] Xavius, Satyr Lord (BURNING LEGION ONLY) The Satyrs of Felwood bow to one master, Xavius. After leaving the Emerald Nightmare the lord of the Satyrs reemerges to aid his master in the fight against the Kal'dorei (REQUIRES TICHONDRIUS TO APPROCH THE SATYR TREE[invulnerable and Neutral] AT LEVEL 12) Xavius [Q] Entangling Roots [Renamed to Crushing Dreams] [W] Flamestrike [Renamed to Nightmare] [E] Brilliance Aura [Renamed to "Once Highborne"] [R] Tranquility [Renamed to Gift of Sargeras] [T] Teleport to the Emerald Trees (Teleports him to either Feralas, Crystalsong Forest, Ashenvale, Hinterlands or Duskwood)
  13. High Elven Magus fit lorewise (If anything rename them to Magisters) and are needed for Green to be a 'viable' solo faction or to defend against Doomdrops. Krotos if you really want Magus removed make your own AW map.
  14. Northrend - When Cenarius reaches Grizzlemaw your Furblogs gain an increased in attack damage and gain "Ursoc's Fury" which gives them a minor critical strike. South EK - When Malfurion reaches the Great Tree in Duskwood something happens - When Cenarius reaches The Sunken Temple gain the Erankius demi-hero. North EK - When Malfurion reaches Tal'doren in Gilneas you gain Druids of the Pack - When Silvermoon falls Cenarius either becomes revivable or gain the Brightwing hero. - When Malfurion each Great Tree something happens. just make wild god specific upgrades reeeeeeeeeeee i posted it on the dave LR suggestion thread
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