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  1. He tried so hard. But in the end it didnt even matter.
  2. You cannot research any other path once researching Zaela's Horde. Shadowforge can be tped to by Yellows former allies, thus allowing them to kill you. I.e go dark iron plot -> they tp to a building that is given to you -> you unally them -> they still tp to you and can kill you
  3. TheKaldorei

    Top cucks

    ordo is not a cuck you naga
  4. Sgt Doomhammer = Random Abathur, Kerrigan, Zerg = Random Murky = Murky in lore was just born at year 32 ADP, Unrealistic but technically Lore Correct. Lunara = Lore Correct Cho'Gall = Lore Correct N'Zoth = Incorrect, Dark Horde had no contact with this Old God.
  5. Woah there mister I browse Diplomunion and find this fuck feast and I see you drop my name and yet you cant even spell it properly. Rude. Go hide in your little corner of retardation Sukramo because your map always will and always has been a shit map; Your incompentency of balancing factions, copy-pasting heroes, events, and abilities from Heroes of the Storm is laughable and something you should remove due to "hahah im sukramo i have 1000 year long grudges like a child! I also like stealing blizzards shit from heroes and starcraft xddd". Its bad editing. Second, leave Hannibal alone he has never said shit to you after he left disrespecting you, like many others in this thread have said. Grow up, grow a spine. Stay to your own forum and dont mention Hannibal. Other editors exist, pointing out the bad things saying its all their fault is childish and honestly you were the LEAD EDITOR you should of checked what Hannibal did before releasing it.
  6. actually you left then i pushed and won eksdee
  7. Or change the elites to something else
  8. Lazy uninispired copy paste job like most of your "work".
  9. THE KAL'DOREI [THE KALDOREI] [Requires: Illidari Activated] [Costs: 400g 400w] With Illidan Stormrage moving to Outland his brother Malfurion has led the night elves to the Eastern Kingdoms in search of Illidan and to put a stop to his brother. [WARNING: You will lose all of your former faction related heroes (Dalaran or Worgen path)] [EVENTS] TBA [THE HEROES] [HERO:MALFURION STORMRAGE] [TYPE:SUPPORT] [DAMAGE:MAGICAL] [iCON LINK: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/malfurion-icon.291111/ ] [T] Innervate [Ability Type:Supportive] [25 Mana] [Cooldown:8 Seconds] Restore 125 mana over 6 seconds to a friendly unit or hero. [Q] Regrowth [Ability Type:Healing] [57 Mana (+20 per level)] [Cooldown:4 Seconds (+4 per level)] Restore 320 (+5.23% per level) to a target friendly unit or hero over a 8 seconds. [W] Moonburn [Ability Type: Disruptive] [Damage Type:Magical] [68 Mana (+45 per level)] [Cooldown:6 Seconds (+3 per level)] Deal 130 (+2.45% per level) in a small radius, all enemies caught in the radius deal reduced physical damage and have reduced armor for the next 3 seconds (+1.3% per level) [E] Entangling Roots [Ability Type:Crowd Control] [Damage Type: Physical] [100 Mana (+50 per level)] [Cooldown:10 seconds (+5 per level)] In a medium radius Malfurion calls upon the Wild Gods uprooting some of the trees roots in the surrounding area, trapping enemy heroes and units caught in it. Roots deal 200 damage (+4.56% per level) and lasts 5 seconds. (+5% per level) [R] Tranquility [Ability Type:Healing] [250 Mana (+50 per level)] [Cooldown: 1 minute (+45 per level)] Malfurion channels the power of Aviana, restoring 1250 health (+59% per level) over 20 seconds (+15% per level). [HERO:TYRANDE WHISPERWIND] [TYPE:UTILITY] [DAMAGE: PHYSICAL] [iCON LINK:https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/tyrande.292714/] [T] Call Pet [Ability Type:Spellbook] [Choices of Beast: Ashalah (DPS), Owl (Scout)] [20 Mana] [Cooldown:15 Seconds] Summon one of Tyrandes many beasts that accompny her on her travels and battles. [Q] Hunters Mark [Ability Type:Reduction] [20 Mana (+15 per level)] [Cooldown:7 seconds (+2 per level)] Tyrande selects a target enemy hero, reducing their armor for 3 seconds (+2 per level). The enemy hero takes 25% more damage (+5% per level) [W] Multi-Shot [Ability Type:Basic Attack] [5 Mana per Second (+1 per level)] Tyrande as a skilled Sentinel General has the potential to shoot three arrows in one bow, dealing 45 damage (+5% per level) per shot the shot deals splash damage. [E] Shadowstalk [Ability Type: Aura] [bonus: Stealth and Health Regeneration] Tyrande is the High Priestess of Elune and any friendly units around Tyrande gain stealth after 2 seconds (+8% per level) of not engaging in combat and while in stealth regenerate 7% (+7 per level) health per second while in stealth. Engaging in combat removes Stealth. [R] Starfall [Damage Type:Magical] [Ability Type:AOE Damage] [150 Mana (+50 per level)] [Cooldown:100 seconds (+50 per level)] Tyrande calls upon Elune, letting out the goddess' wrath upon the enemies dealing 100 damage (+45% per level). Lasts 20 seconds (+18% per level) [THE NEW UNITS] [uNIT: DRUID OF THE CLAW] [uNIT TYPE:TANK] [Attack Damage: Physical] [Health/Mana:500/250] FINISHING SOON
  10. Known bad hosts and players to watch out for (Click on the links for reason - note, that the opinions are user-based, thus they might or might not be trustworthy. Always bear this in mind.) Noob4Hire - reported by Kaldorei, though some might say otherwise Lightninghawk - also reported a second time, though there are calls to his defense sandite777 Hugore Satan - actually written in Red on BNet apparently TheSoftDrink - user name might be similiar Echo Jaden1 Karos64 Nikkah Buzanandfriends though he states otherwise Mr. Moon *SunstriderKael B0jan _BOSS_ also known as LukaTheSupreme Elfdroid (not the complete name, as the user can't remember it fully) Adephel (name might be similiar) Aatrox.Darkin80 (without the '.') Emilio - he himself states otherwise though while others do disagree with his statements loczek.pl Legendary butared_toast Gastro Reuben futanari_hentai Titiantree according to himself and Biggrouse these four are however not guilty. Ausius kamikaze45, kicked a CP-Sniper Yiazmat Rey-Dragon according to multiple persons [=RB=]Neltharion Kel'Thuzad Lobotron11 Sieg vahe326 Razuvious SauronTheGreat / DarknessWay / NakedBeast MarciusCZ Arthas (Gameranger) Zafiro-freeze though others disagree Yogg-Saron (Gameranger) Post comments about bad hosts and players and they will get added to the list. Along with TheKaldorei, the moderation takes freedom to continiue the list further. [spoiler=Original List by TheKaldorei (before 08-13-2015)] Nood4Hire - Kicked me for trying a new race rather than my usuals(Pink,Gray,LB.) as I tried yellow and wanted to try DI so he kicked me. Lightninghawk - He hosted a game a while back and kicked me because he lost the book to lb and I tped in with dreads and nabbed it. sandite777 - Kicked me for aiming Kael'thas and Illidan as Burning Legion Hugore Nikkeh(?) Post comments about bad/shit hosts and I'll add them. Edit by Manetho: Special thanks to EmperorFawful for doing such a great work at not only updating the list, but also putting so much effort in making it so convinient to use.
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