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  1. -]Silver_Bullet[-

    Autowin conditions

    The main problem of it is especially for the Alliance's Team, they complement each other in the aspect of offensive and defensive, split that team will prejudicate them in long plays unless they team with someone else. Is true that there are some exceptions like Pink (Thrall's Horde) and Gray (Warsong Clan) and maybe the South Alliance but in the end will mean that the teams since the beginning will split and will force to plan a backstab between them during the game instead of focussing the principal objective of their race.
  2. -]Silver_Bullet[-

    Autowin conditions

    That might be the best, gaining like 80 to 90% of CP seems more logical than destroying every single building from the enemies. Another choice could be to distribute the amount of CP in total if you are playing with a team of, 3 or couple. For example: I remember that the total of CP is between 100 to 110, looking in a simple number could be 100 for now to do the example of math. Now, if you pick to win by CP could be between 80% to 90% depending on if you play alone or with a team. The idea could be if 1 person wants to win alone, must have the 80% of CP in total so it might be 80 CP to win. Meanwhile, if you play with a partner, they must have the 85% of CP so that could be 85 CP in total between both of them. And for the last one, a team of 3, they must have 90% of CP (90 CP in total with the team) I found it more balanced when you compare a game you play alone vs you play with a team, obviously playing with a team will be easier to capture CP faster than a lone person. Another option is to take all the Main Buildings from the enemies like Ogrimmar, Frozen Throne, Capital Palace, Stormgarde and the others, the main problem of it is that they could focus on the main buildings instead of a good fight.
  3. -]Silver_Bullet[-

    Azeroth Wars Ported Into Reforged

    Considering the "Reborn" of WC3 and the new map, with would be great. Also knowing the compromise from the community, I can work again in the Wikia cause last year got really busy for the work, study and the first year of my daughter. Anyway, the proposition of a reforged from a reforged franchise would be a good notice to everybody from the old school.
  4. -]Silver_Bullet[-

    Azeroth Wars Ported Into Reforged

    I think the main problem would be the models of some units, the terrain can be the same until it adopt the changes from the new terrain of Reforged. Meanwhile like Talinn said a good way to start is from an old version like 1.59c without complicated custom units, the game will gain popularity when you create a chance to recreate a different world like Azeroth Wars Legacy Reborn. Somehow I saw that coming.
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