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  1. Yes, Epoch is the DayZ (Arma 2) mod/map with Traders at Bash, Stary, Klen and then even has its own Aircraft trader at North East Airfield, a Bandit trader on the west side of map, and a Hero Trader near to the Airfield trader. So far I believe we still need to add a few things to the server, such as safe-zones and other things, but it's definately getting there.
  2. Yes & No. I mean, the AI are okay as they are at the moment, but... 75% of them are dumb. Mainly the mission ones which cause a problem. Plus half the time, the weapons you want are useless. ): Not Standalone. I doubt the Standalone servers will be any decent until December or next year to be fair. It's a hiking simulator at the moment, other than that - it is kill on sight, 95% of the time.
  3. As above, I'd recommend the following mods; - Building Snapping - AI Missions - Safe Zones Things to change: - Debug Menu (maybe a little more descriptive, and changing what it says) - Difficulty of AI (their weapons/gear mostly) and others possibly.. Not sure what yet. - Custom Diplomunion loading screen. Edit: If possible, what about something similar to the Evac Heli mod? I'm pretty sure there's a mod out there with an AI bus which stops at every major town, which you could get on. Would be rather interesting to see that on the server.
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    Thanks. :) So, what is your favourite then? o:
  5. Hello everyone! I'm known to quite a few on here as Emiri / Kato. Nice to meet you. Currently aged 20, with a full time job. I enjoy the following; - Gaming (video games mostly on the PC :) ) - Anime (all different types) - Movies (random ones with actors/actresses that I like) - Music (Japanese, Techno, Trance, RnB, Classical, and some more) Uhh... I think thats about it. xD
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