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  1. Hey there, looking for an SA fight in Awlr(as teal). You and Crushing (or someone else) up for the job?
  2. I'm just here in BNet waiting for you, incredibly sad that you left. No big deal.
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    2. CNiper


      Hey Nale! I'll be on tonight! I hope to see you! Get me on here or I'll be hanging out in BoTR. I only have today and tomorrow, so I'd like to get my games done!
    3. Nalesean


      I am awake now, so if you have time now lets go.
    4. CNiper


      Yup, I'll be on shortly!
  3. Hosting Roberts rebellion
  4. GG huntress spam wins again. #nightelf freewin
  5. hi mate I am bananabranden the guy you played with as yellow yesterday, I would like to add you on Skype and put you in the Group :)