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  1. The_13th_Legend

    The Goblin Language

    So, for completely unrelated reasons, does anyone speak goblin or is willing to teach me how to? I'll pay a fine price for those lessons. -Corporal Trisian Ronan P.S. Looking for a workshop I can use. Will also pay a fine price.
  2. The_13th_Legend

    D^3 Free Exploration Event

    D^3 Open, free exploration from LVL 3-6 DM'd by 13th
  3. The_13th_Legend

    EU4 Dharma release game night


    I'll go ahead with Malwa or Gurkha
  4. The_13th_Legend

    EU4 Dharma release game night


    Will it be weekly schedule or will it be whenever after the first game? What's banned or allowed, and we are doing more then one game right?
  5. Omg Dayne. I just realized your profile pic is Kaori the annoying girl in one of my top ten anime (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) lmfao. In other words, SORE ARU! SORE ARU! Hope you're having a bearable year in college and work!
    1. Dayne


      SNAFU is in your top ten? tbh I didn't really like it THAT much, but Iroha #1, and sore aru is hilarious
  6. Haha, the post below feels like it was so long ago! I'm in college now, enrolled at MTSU. I come on once a bit to get some kicks and laughs!
    1. Ser_Fergus


  7. Off WC3 until the ACT ends {In like 1 month or near March the 8th or so}