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  1. And suddenly, a Parco appeared, full of hype. Yeah. I realize I lurked for a while. The positive now is that. . . I'll lurk less. Also I'll likely work on some map stuff. Maybe I should say I came back? Nah. Nahhh.
  2. So I have this idea: Since City of Demons is a map that relies heavily on the community, and the fact that I struggle working on both heroes, and terrain, I think I should create a 'Map-Sitting' kind of thing. Basically I come up with a list of 3 things people can work on, like 2 terrains, and a hero. People volunteer, and if I find them trustworthy, I accept them and hand them the most current map so I can work on how the heroes will actually work in a seperate map file. Once this person works on what they've volunteered for they send the map back to me, I quickly check to make sure nothing was broken in the map while it was worked on, ask a few questions on their progress, and hand it to the next person. A requirement though is that they must give an explanation as to what they would bring to this job. Also, you have to post on the blog with your work. Does this sound like me just having other people make the map for me, and lazy? I really want the map to be created, but with my idea that I did it all on my own it probably won't get finished, especially now that I have a job that goes from 5 PM to 1 AM (Minimum wage man. Gotta do what ya gotta do)
  3. Is probably gonna destroy diplo on his deathbed through some elaborate scheme. Or it just breaks like LR
  4. Hey everyone. This is just a little question thread that I want to open up. Honestly I feel like this should be open to you to give your opinion of certain things. The heroes we have so far are these: Druid Inquisitor Hunter Town Hero Warlock The way I have it set up right now, these are their respective spots: Grove next to castle Cathedral of Eternal Hope Hunter's Hall Tavern in City Wizard's Tower in City I have to think though: I have 4 of my 5 heroes in the city, with one all alone. My thought for them is this: Move the Druid to a grove in the forest, basically copy-pasta over to say, the south western side, with the Hunter being on the other side, to get this kind of 'Crap i'm coming buddy!' feeling for them. Also, another problem I have is later on in the game, when there's gonna be more heroes. Imagine I throw in the Cleric, and he comes in the game with the Inquisitor, and maybe a few mages spawn together like Warlock, Archmage, and some other (Or even more terrfying: Everyone spawns as one of the Mechanics Bay Heroes) I have no real clue how that'll work. I don't want to have every hero in the same spot, but at the same time having to create a different place for everyone I might add in would be difficult, and also hinder me. What are your thoughts? I feel I should use the mountains as interiors (Like the Dragon's Cave) a lot more so if you have any ideas be sure to let me know. Now onto the matter of Demons. We have these: Arctic Knight Plague Beast Dream Controller Soul Devourer Summoner Right now i'm at a point where i'm not entirely sure where i'm gonna have every demon. The real demons (Soul Devourer and Arctic Knight) would probably come from the Portal in the swamp (That place I showed recently) and the Plague Beast maybe somewhere else in the swamp having been tainted by the shadow. The Summoner is going in a safe house for sure, but i'm not sure how that's gonna work. I guess I can't really show off that alone or else everyone will know. The Chaotics aren't a worry, but the demons and heroes really are. Feel free to let me know what you feel should happen, as this is a community idea and I think that I should be as open as I can to allow for improvement.
  5. So I worked pretty decent today, and I got the battlefield done, with some added lore! The Temple of Mog'rann. . . Once a supreme symbol of the Demon King's power, it was sieged by the First Alliance of Estan, and the portal procuring demons from the Shadow Realm was destroyed. Time has passed now, and a swamp has taken the area over. One dark night, a group of men went into the swamp, and many in the village of Brigadia have assumed them long dead. It was not so. Repairs have been made, and once more, a portal shall open in this ancient place. We turn back to the tomes of lore, to inform us of what happened in this dark place. When the Demon Portal opened, and Mog'rann's forces poured out, The Estan Alliance struggled to respond. Their final push was Camp Sukramo, where they fought a double assault against Mog'rann, and the Orcs. Warlord Arkthann ruled the Orcs at this time, and it is a shameful subject for their ancestors. Arkthann forced his armies to join with Mog'rann for the offer of eternal life, which he happily took. The battle over Mog'rann's Steps was hard fought, but finally, Estan pulled through. A group of humans pressed through, but at great cost. They left all the Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings outside to die. Though most of the spirits passed on, some tortured the soldiers who remained, and forced them to suffer for eternity for their betrayal, even though it resulted in freedom. Now, these soldiers are forced to never leave their camp. As well, Arkthann's soldiers never died. The bones reassembled soon after the fight, but their souls were bound to the tower. They could never leave until Mog'rann ended their deal.. So I finally made the island! It's really fun looking as well. Here it is without fog (Since the fog's pretty thick in this map, I had to turn it off for such far away shots) The rest of the swamp isn't done, but i've at least got this part. Let me know what you think!
  6. This. I felt completely uninspired to go over there because you didn't even care that we knew what anything was. You didn't even give me the name in the title, because you were so uncaring that you just copy and pasted your description from Hive onto here so you could use as less words as possible.
  7. But it's a more aggressive reality. The real orcs had hardly any worries (Except Ogres or wolves, but not an empire.). It would be likely that with all thr fighting they gain that bloodlust that only comes with mass fighting.
  8. A last good night to everybody: Here's the tree model I plan on generally using for the swamp. I have another model, but i'll worry about that when i'm not busy, which I will be all of tomorrow. Or I guess today since it's 1 in the morning. Anyways, heading to bed. Stay classy diplo!
  9. With Rise of the Horde in hand, here's answers to all these questions. The Shaman's magic wasn't obeying them because they waged war with the Draenai. Shamanism wasn't an option, but instead this more powerful form of casting arrived to save them. Without it, they'd lose, and there'd be no remaining orcs. It was not. For Orgrim and Durotan, every time it's described they fight, there's not a hint of blood's fury. They enjoy fighting, and while fighting a Gronn and 2 ogres before the orcs run into demons, neither Orgrim or Durotan is filled with a bloodlust. In fact, it calls the orcs who fight them 'Brave' instead of 'Blood-thirsty' or 'Crazed' like you might expect if they had blood fury before. Admittedly, Durotan licks a bit of blood off his face like Orgrim did, and he finds it sweet, but that's because the blood thirst is starting, which really gets into swing when the Demon's Blood comes into play. It enhances every single aspect of you. However, what seems to be most exposed is your hatred, fury, and love for battle. At least for orcs. Orcs are in love with battle and honor, and with it enhanced, you get orcs who level down entire cities. Once they saw what it did, hardly anyone wouldn't want that. Again, it makes your emotion swell into hatred and bloodlust so these orcs don't really lose their minds, but instead it's kind of a 'I have the sudden urge to go break something's skull in. I was gonna kill Draenai anyways, let's make it right now' Again, draenai war thing. Losing shamanism does things to people. Makes them vulnerable. Think if you had a direct line to nature and your ancestors, and suddenly it's all gone. Your farming sucks again, you can't hunt easily, and food is more scarce. It's not a happy world without shamanism for the orcs. In the need for more soldiers, Warlocks came around to every clan, and drained life from orc children to make them into soldier's age. It's mentioned multiple times that the Warlocks have demons with them. Sometimes Succubi, Imps, Voidwalkers, and such. They may not know the names, but they know what they do. They certainly had a clue about this magic. It required a price for everything, but it was more powerful. You didn't have to ask and possibly get nothing. You simply stated, and it was there. Not entirely true. The orcs were less tricked, more like they were given a steroid, and their rage was filled. A bloodlust had formed, and immediately after this they run all the way to a Draenai city (I forget which one, because as much as I like holding this small book open, I have a functioning memory) Now this is simply not true. They had tribal meetings, the occasional hunt, and trade. They lived with Draenai in harmony (Though still having little clue about what they were, since they were like Night Elves to orcs: Something that they kinda knew was out there, but not their civilization.) and there were bonfires together. They may not be the most connected, since a fair amount of them had to go through some serious nonsense, but they still were orcs to each other. It was indeed peaceful. Just a bit of counter-lore for you both. Feel free to ask more if you want me to look through.
  10. So while brainstorming last night on some stuff I could add, I kept coming up with things that seemed pretty haunted, such as a battlefield, the original Temple of Mog'rann the Shadow, and a Ghoul's Lair (Along with non-haunted stuff, like a den of bears, and an Ogre's cave) I thought, and thought, the forest works for all this, but the forest seems to be the entire map. How can I spice up terrain? Then it hit me Burn the entire map to the ground! Kidding. Instead, I thought up this overgrown and murky swamp by a lake, sorta 'Lake Calenhad' style kinda lake, if you've played Dragon Age. It could have a temple to Mog'rann, and outside is the battleground where the Heroes, Orcs, and Demons all fought. Though the demons were defeated and banished, there will still be remains of Orcs and the Alliance of Everann, as none wished to stay in the swamp longer than possible. It has a. . . Draining feeling about it. Not deathly, but certainly not the best for those not prepared for such. Here's a VERY rough look at the terrain, with no trees put in, or most of the land masses in the swamp (As I plan for a few things to be hidden around there.). I also haven't actually moved the river to the lake, which I plan to do, to give the city a moat of sorts around the entrance. Also figured I might as well show you guys the rest of the map so you can see what's gonna be where. As you can see, literally just plateau'd the bottom left lake. Also added in a model (soon to be fixed) for the farmstead, and added trees from there to the village. Slowly i'll make a forest, I tell you. Eventually.
  11. Spritewood Lookout, an influential tower on a hill by the main road serves as an eye on the local wilderness. Recently however, the scouts have noticed that the Orc Camp has finished it's mourning of their last chief, and a new one has arisen. Word has been sent to the king, but it is hoped it will mean a chance at peace. When the night when demons attack, who's to say what they're after? An objective next to the village, it has an interior that can be battled over. Whoever controls it gets a massive view. I am thinking of having multiple of these, generally starting in the control of the Heroes, with some possibly starting in control of Demons, or Chaotics depending on their benefits. Even though I haven't got updated terrain from the Camp to this tower, i've got the village mostly done, and planning on adding in more stuff. Anyone got something interesting they might run into in the wilderness? Perhaps a ruin, a cave to a deadly beast, or some other interesting thing that's been poking at the back of your head? Be sure to comment below! I also have to say, while I don't update this a lot, I freaking love looking at this. I love the map, and I can't wait for it to eventually appear. I'm also planning for Blizzard to up the MB limit, so i'll be a bit less restrictive on models, but that doesn't mean i'm striving for the look of LTA. Even though I love Marsh's terrain a ton, it's too much for me to copy, and besides, it's not the theme of the map, nor the focus.
  12. [SIZE=6]Noticed that I left this place, and Gamerisle to die. I don't want that. Also, unlocked the blog for free commenting. Here's a massive update (compiled from multiple brigands posts) [/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Here's a starting look at the Mechanics bay. I feel this will do for now. The sand is where I will place vehicles. The 2 spots with red rock on them are where I know what vehicles are there. The Siege Tank (With the Siege Tank Captain) and the Gyrocopter Pilots. If you have any ideas for more, be sure to let me know. I know I want one as a sort of 'Scavenger' hero to make the vehicle in the top left which will be a creation-station of sorts. [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/bf7c6fe002d2c32b317ab61aea06806e.jpg[/IMG] Now onto Mr. Cyndoubt's Honey Home! Unfortunately it's not done yet, but I'm nearly there. (I've also acquired Hives. Expect them arriving shortly.) [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/a77a19ea9754cc7b6cc7e3c27f26cccf.png[/IMG] I also deleted the Demon Portal. I plan on remaking it, this time instead of with fel rocks and lava, with firey doom. It shall show the true meaning of why all of Estan calls Mog'rann 'The Burning'. Sorry for not updating for a while. I quickly discovered that I had changed my tileset just a minor bit to make the Mechanics bay feel more cohesive, and in doing so I turned the entire city into the Outland Red Rock you see in the middle of the vehicles for the Mechanics bay. I got really discouraged, because this means i'll have to redo that whole area (which isn't difficult, just tedious and inconvenient) and I decided that now is a proper time to fill in the Districts. Here's my work for today: The Marefide District (The Holy/Noble's district) [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/047628a0e080b9654cd21cdc8acae8ba.jpg[/IMG] As you can see on the sides, there's still that red rock I told you about. For now, I have roughly 7 Noble Homes (Counting the one i've already placed), 2 shops, a park, and PROBABLY some sort of guild place in the middle. There's also 3 bridges, 2 connecting to the Ferrumopus District, and 1 connecting to the Mercator District. So far, this actually feels pretty good. I've got outlines so far and now once I get done with them, I just need to fill them in. (Forgot to save the work on that sector. It was in another post) So after finally getting the map back, I've gotten to work once again on the village! Here's a few things done by Kal and I. [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/7d9f493c687a4cefe7de0f5a058e219f.jpg[/IMG] Doctor Maxwell Bites home. @Mbites He's lived here ever since the first Demonic Invasion. His wife died from a lack of help in the village, and as such has elected himself to ensure that never happens again. [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/aa9dfd618722e7ccfe33a427634ece84.jpg[/IMG] Mr. Sindoubt's home. It's shared with Apprentice Blacksmith Nale, and his Butler, Prox. Next to them is Jake Leva, an odd figure in town but hasn't been questioned yet. @Cynicaldoubt@Nalesean @ProxPlayer @Jk-Kilo [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/dc31a4da109c0e7f8528fe1ae3706e68.jpg[/IMG] The Bee Farm that makes Sindoubt's famous honey. [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/33535a56b879ba0325d9ec69fa055e49.jpg[/IMG] An old sanctum that hasn't been touched ever since the First Demonic War, it's said that a ghost, Arlt, who originally summoned the Demons, is still there in his tower and forced to remain eternally. It's used to scare children. Sometimes children have dared each other to spend a night in the Sanctum. None have been known to make it back out. @Arlt [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/8611e58f348c6f2836f50a35bc617d64.jpg[/IMG] Baron Savage's Manor. Sir Mazzel Livingsten stands guard, controlling the guards of the Village. @Mazzel Another show of the village! [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/9ae1eb01772e84d1f656d58a60e66d89.jpg[/IMG] The Church and Tavern Both of these are frequently visited, and often by the same people. The graveyard there is of many of the village families who sacrificed themselves for the Demon War. It is also a place of celebration on Rememberance Day. Brother Valroth speaks to the masses, while Ros the Ram quietly chews on grass outside. Ros was a wizard of the town, before transforming himself permanently into a ram. He's tried speaking, but to no avail. Most now believe that he's just an old sheep who doesn't leave. Many have talked about eating him, but don't want to risk a curse or some odd magic harming them. @Lunelune & @Rosçius [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/07a2aff0ffb0074dcaed398be8dbd434.jpg[/IMG] The little pond of Balnazzar. After his Nathrezim spirit wandered, it accidentally inhabited itself into the body of a fish. He now plans to rule the entire pond, and soon spread his influence to the lake and the ocean and rule the waters. Or, you know, he's just a fish with a funny name. Your choice. At least he's got a good friend named Crawlers. That is, until he's stepped on. @Balnazzar (There was hero voting) After endless waiting, we have it. . . MODELS! I know, this isn't what you were hoping for (As by this time if I were really working around the clock it'd likely be done close around now) but I at least want to keep the hype up for when we do finish it. Anyways, here's an introduction to the crew. [IMG]http://www.brigandshaven.net/attachments/demons-and-heroes-jpg.4013/[/IMG] From Left to Right: The Hunter & The Wolf Companion, The Town Hero, The First Druid, The Inquisitor, The Warlock, The Dream Controller (And his Nightmare Form behind him), The Frostguard, The Summoner (Regular model not provided, as he will be a regular model and a unit), and The Soul Devourer. As you may have noticed, I didn't include the Chaotics, or the Plague Beast. There's a reason for that. The Plague Beast (and his companions) seem to have no model that works. There are single parts, but no groups of models. If anyone has some around, let me know. The Orcs haven't been worked on. Here, however, is the Dragon in his lair. [IMG]http://www.brigandshaven.net/attachments/dragon-jpg.4014/[/IMG] There he is. I'll be working personally on the Orcs, but if anyone has suggestions for the Plague Beast & Plague Pack, let me know. Here's the Orc Camp's WIP. [IMG]http://www.brigandshaven.net/attachments/orc-camp-jpg.4016/[/IMG] The side fences are a bit rough, and the back needs some terrain help, but I really like the banners, and I'm coming up with concepts for extra buildings. Green: A Shaman hut of some sort. Gray: A Beastiary of sorts. I'm thinking Wolves, Bears, or Boars. Teal: Barracks. Units aren't decided, but the building is. Orange: The Great Hall. Gonna have an interior to it, and a building in there will train the elites. There's also going to be a defensive ability called 'Call of the Elders' which brings forth the spirits of the ancient orcs from the tribe to defend the camp. It'll have a long cooldown, but it summons plenty of warriors to defend a decently sized force. It just can't leave far from the camp. I'm thinking of having it be from the Shaman Hut, or the Great Hall. I also need to come up with something prettier to do with the gap. [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/5cb50e54894b061c82b057de816c5113.jpg[/IMG] A teaser at what is to come in the Noble Houses. Also, yes. That is a murloc exhibit. [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/d4050970a977f0bf44151a3a5b6049da.jpg[/IMG] With the fixed tree model, I shall rule! Remaking the Church and Tavern with the walls we know and love. Added a Marketplace (Will screenshot once the village is finished), and now working on an undecided building (I'm pretty sure it's undecided anyways. I could just be wrong, and I probably am.) Also: Now the blog is unlocked, as I hope this will allow more hype and all that. Feel free to ask questions, and anything else, as I will try my best to answer! :D Here are the wall options I have so far. [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/d46670b10e0e1a1fe9daa7363de52119.jpg[/IMG] The Dungeon Wall, which I am currently using for the Mechanics Bay since it looks rather metalish, but can be used for things like Dungeons (As the name obviously implies) The High-Res Walls, which have only recently come out and he hasn't made the actual base-wall, so until he does I can't use it. The Reg. Wall, which I use and I think looks pretty OK in my opinion. The Mine Walls, which I'll use for the mine, and anywhere underground where it fits (Not the Mausoleum) Finally, The Misha Walls, which don't seem that high res, but i'll try them and see if they look good (I'm gonna be hestitant before I use those). Anyways, here's an update! I made the Church in the Village. One building closer to completion... [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/0026b9d80cea3a838571a9141c9d564f.jpg[/IMG] The entire kingdom is suffering from an epidemic of missing roofs. . . Along with that, the undecided building (Or at least the one I forgot about and still haven't checked yet) [IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/f484573b5398fbc335209010f8e9f862.jpg[/IMG] I'll update it more, but that's the WIP. I'm thinking some sort of shop or something. We already have a blacksmith, and the Marketplace is gonna provide misc. things like foods, animal scouts, potions, and probably some finely-tuned references (Suicide Knife anyone? Kidding. . . Probably) so this could be something good. Maybe an Adventuring shop? Maps to hidden treasures, a random magic trinket, or a scroll with something written inside. Who knows?[/SIZE]
  13. Well the way Grom's bloodlust is ended is by putting his soul into a Soul gem. Who's to say you can't provide that to Gray once Pink turns? It allows a chance for Pink to be brought back. It could require Grom dead, or just a certain amount of time focusing on him. Like a Channeling spell.
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