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  1. Clan LHoT Member Krotos, you need to change that xD
    1. Krotos


      My heart belongs to LHoT. Always will.
    2. lunelune2413


    3. lunelune2413
  2. Mazzel is on Diplo :O. The great dictator spreads his influence.
  3. [4857:Branden[BPR\]] and [3422:Thurr] do you know what happened to Perk?
  4. That red bar DJ...So big,
    1. djsailbeat


      go back to brigandshavem where people like you lunelune and everyone want bite of your ass and my like bar is bigger than your dick ;)
    2. VisKnut


      Big Chimpin'
    3. lunelune2413


      There's people on BH that doesn't really like me.
  5. Dat title Enclop. It doesn't seem to be 100% political accurate.
  6. [12163:Parco21] It is down. Just wait a couple of hours. It will come back.
  7. Give picture. Or you Will no longer be the leader of the diplomunion Inqusition.
  8. Your penis is small fagget
  9. dude stop hating on my comments we have freedom of speech.