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  1. They do, they just take their bloody time.
  2. 30 extra gold per minute that could also help NA in killing evil fast.
  3. Nobody is going to point out that it's supposed to be "a" instead of "an"?
  4. @[11952:House Martell Bannerman] Admiral**
  5. Exactly, but there is a way around this, you can limit the amount of upgraded cps, so for example tier 1 cps are the normal ones, tier 2 cps are limited to 6, tier 3 cps are limited to 3, tier 4 cps are limited to 1, obviously numbers can be changed.
  6. RP everywhere
  7. Mountain Giants with medium armor?
  8. Is slav a lazy way of typing slave?
  9. 2 Skulls of Gul'dan spawned when I killed the Archmage for some reason. And SI:7 Agents are opaf 6 only killed Archimonde in few seconds, with replay proof.
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