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  1. the fuck are you you heretic il have your head for this
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      I'll declare extermination of your family WITCH!
    3. ponasozis


      Your words are so heretical that nurgle will feast upon your corpse Tzenteech dance with your mind Khorne Drink your blood And slanessh torture your sould
    4. Meerzan.2.


      Bring it, i shall vanquish every women and child that is related to your miserable cult, God wils it!
  2. Ok, waswondering why there wasn't a ogri melee unit, the buff will be alot more helpfull in the fight against druids :D
  3. Buff pink a bit, those slingers die way to easy also only ogre unit pink can make is magi's no melee ogre's?
  4. Ok, didn't rly time the Cd but that is idd long... so i guess its alright
  5. Staff of elune looks OP, haven't tried it vs real players ofcourse but summoning 2 worgen with each 3.5k hp is strong
  6. Gray: Units tend to get stuck behind the elder rise in thunderbluff, also the Elder rise makes in able to mass children of brutusk(like alpun mentioned) any other building the icon dissapears but in the Elder rise it stays wich makes u able to mass them, also somehow u got 2 kind's of brutusk's 1 with 1k hp but lesser damage and 1 with 420 hp but higher damage ? Btw: You guys did a rly nice job, been playing different nations and i gotta say i really love it, the amount of amazing events is just <3, The 2 starting items u get is sometimes annoying cuz you can't drop them for better items, overall i would say a great map and keep it up :D
  7. Green: When Nek'rosh defeats the chieftain all he gets is the units, same for the giant ''sea creature'' he doesn't get the buildings they remain neutral. EDIT: Nvm just noticed that u gotta destroy menethil harbor to obtain them..
  8. Another purple bug: -Somehow i can't pass stratholme gate when it was open,( i was scourge, gate was open but couldn't go in) after i destroyed gate i could enter(obviously) Edit: Seems to be for every gate in lordaeron, even the quel'thalas gate's(testing in single player) Edit: Red: Can attack gundrak creeps from scholomance with siege(doesn't work always) Darkgreen: If Danath goes to Stromgarde the message about galen joining varian comes up twice
  9. Purple: -When going northrend expedition, the beachhead's summon sergeants not footmen also they instantly turn into zombie's so no use in using the beacheads exept for exp, -Starts with 1 sergeant in lordaeron although u cannot produce sergeants.
  10. Pink: Grom cansummon workers while going invis, wich makes it perfect to go in a base build a building and tp in right away, Gray: Gray start with ALOT of creeps near him
  11. Big Edit: Brown: -Chimeara's start with chain lightning and corrosive breath wich is early extremely strong, make it so they have to make an upgrade for it. -can make unlimited mountain giants, all he has to do is put his ranged ones in melee and he can produce another 6 and so on, also the 3 Protectors i somehow moved south( i had them in my group 1 cuz i thought they could move but they can't or can they ?) Light blue: -Elune can spam mass moonkin guardians(permanent) no idea if this intended -Starts with mounted hypogryphs with multishot, Shouldn't there be an upgrade to let them mount the hypo's -Has 12 Warden's (elite's) wich can raise 12 spirit's of vengeance = 12x12= 144 spirit's xp
  12. Would like to test if still possible Email
  13. Would like to test Genesis in single player email = Coldrhymezz@hotmail.com
  14. Ye i don't know if it had anything to do with ragna but it was around the same time he spawned. also will u look at the Tree regrowth ? Pink's unit got stuck cause i did tree regrowth in the beginning wich made me win easy.
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