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  1. I really agree with the factory thing here. Never really understood why factories are spammable. Why not just make them a single-use upgrade for cities which boosts their income for the rest of the game?
  2. @Hawkr why the fuck do you care about migrants? It's not like they want to stay in shitholes like Serbia.
  3. Catalonians do speak Spanish but on their road signs you'll only find their own language, and they pretty much exclusively use it when around their own people. To name a few. Or at least, that's what I experienced in Mallorca and Barcelona.
  4. Sorry for off topic but. I've read a lot of complains in this thread about the EU's migration policy. Shouldn't the monetary policy (actually, simply the existence of a shared currency) and the continuing process of political integration be the biggest concern for us Europeans? The EU might just use this crisis in Spain to push their own political agenda. We haven't had a crisis in the last few decades in Europa that wasn't used to call for (more) political integration. Meh.
  5. [quote name='Vidovit']1. Constantine The Great - How did you miss this guy @CNiper ; he made Christendom the main religion which shaped the future of our continent the most.[/QUOTE] Lol. Lol. Yes, because christianity is so different from mithraism. Lol.
  6. Leaving behind his wife and his children. "Honor". Right.
  7. Lul the atomic bombs planes cant attack thats the fucking point
  8. Heh. Well, Timmerfrans is a pretty smart guy. But nah, he's disgusting.
  9. Merkabo be like [ATTACH=full]6240[/ATTACH]
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