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  1. Yeah you be yellow and i will be DG.My skype name is virushpn1
  2. What races do you want to use PLZ tell me so i reserve a spot and everything this is how things stand taken races are elves and SW
  3. Dude im not American i dont know when Superbowl is.Sorry if you cant make it.But only if Azothan cant make it than we will not play because you cant have Azothan Azeroth wars without Azothan
  4. No you need a to be called azothan-something not just azothan.And we will see about the color
  5. Azothan is almost at 1k subs and its time to hostt the Azothan AWLR . So the game will be hosted 2.2.2014 at 8pm CET if you are not in this time zone figure it out for your time zone You will need to reserve the color and name down bellow something like this for me color: DG name:AzothanDACaster
  6. No i meant marring azothan How did we get to that
  7. How did we get to this i need anwsers
  8. WTF are you guys talking about
  9. Ok so how about we play this saturday or sunday we talk on skype and play SA me dg you yellow and we have some fun with it
  10. Oh and just to be clear this is because i want to celebrate.Azothan is very close to 1k subs that is 946 so i want to host a game which he will cast on his channel when he reaches 1000 subs so if you want to do this reply or comment
  11. Oh thx so much you are awsome love your videos and hope you can come and play with us if i host it
  12. I didnt want to suprise him i wanted him to come and play and cast it on his channel and we could have some fun
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