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  1. The beginning with Stannis completely killed my mood for the entire episode. I'm still feeling it now and I think I'll feel it for the next 24 hours.
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    https://media.8ch.net/wc3/src/1423027331402.webm That feel when your shot is so good that somebody else makes a .webm out of it
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    y-yes I played it. Every month or so ;_;
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    I'm sorry :( I never realised I should probably start reading threads again
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    Banjoball got released to the public? Fuccck Expect gayball to be released in a month
  6. Emperor_Jackal

    About Abdel

    Did anyone save the Mustafa game? I remember at school showing it to my friend and he started playing it in his IT class and soon enough the entire class was playing it. God bless Rith ;_; Still think you were mad brah
  7. Yes, me and some nigs from 4chin coordinate wc3 vidya EVERY NIGHT okay maybe not every night but at least twice a week. We shit out steam events so every bugger in the group who is online on steam will see it, probably better than just a widget on the website because much less ignorable. That being said though we have over 500 members and we'll very rarely have more than 12 players playing at a given time in a night, so we'll usually decide the map after we make an event to see how many players we have (but then we don't use pubs to fill up the numbers). The Diplo group will probably have a higher activity % though because the group won't be completely filled with Chinese cartoon loving weebs.
  8. tfw you can't stop reading his annoying reddit posts
  9. Really m8? I found the Greyjoy/Bolton scene rather disappointing. Ramsay killing several fully armoured people (don't forget they're the TOUGHEST IRONBORN) without a shirt on and ironborn for some reason running away because they were scared of dogs. You ironborn fucks one axe swing to the head should sort them out. Not to mention Yara just watched Ramsay unlock the cages whilst doing nothing. Bb he doesn't have any armour on you could throw something at him or y'know just attack him. I anticipating this shit since the end of season 3 and that's how they finish it? Vikings does combat so much better why can't they just combine the two shows into one behemoth ;_;
  10. are you sure m8 Feels even darker than they made Harrenhal to me
  11. Dreadford scene bugged me a bit. It was a whole "look at how dark this place and grey this place is guys, that means these people are evil". I can figure it out on my own, writers pls. I have no idea whether it was because I knew what was gonna happen at the end of the episode but it felt rather slow and that I was waiting for the next thing to happen while watching the characters posturing. Maybe the unspoiled feel differently. All in all though I can't ignore that I'm just nitpicking. It was fun. I just wish the quality I watched it in made the dwarf mounts clearer ;_;
  12. what the fuck are you doing on your phone m8
  13. Hey hey hey guys I know Why not combine the Maori flag with the UK flag and just get rid of those shitty ass stars? It looks so similar to Australia's and they are just so boring. If the Maori have respect for their heritage why these shits insist on adopting the social construct, faux ethnicity 'New Zealander' label like they're ashamed of their origins? Not like they were sent into this world by the stork.
  14. >Lithuanians >Relevant pick one
  15. >tfw barely notable might as well kill myself ;_;
  16. >tfw gf is scared of birds of all varieties
  17. Nigger do you have any idea how stupid this looks?: I don't even pay attention to individual boards now and seeing double threads appear really rustles my jimmies.
  18. Fuck man, this is so hard that I'll have to abstain.
  19. I prefer circles but I voted squares by mistake ;_; c-can't this just be a preferences option for the user?
  20. Thank you based Valve for making me regret buying it even more
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