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  1. I don't think you should catter to a minority, specially such an overwelming minority "5 out of 22". And saying theid leave is your opinion one could also make the argument that the other 17 would rather use other platforms to communicate between them especially given how easy is to make a new discord nowdays.
  2. until

    AoM Time fellas GOGOGO.
  3. 1.People, ignorant ashell especially in the south. Most of them know how to write and read and basically thats it. 2.Low salaries on average. 3.SImilar to 1st but people is way too antagonistic with one another. If you don't think like them u are the enemy (politically speakinga nd generally due to catalan conflict) PD: This thread would've been better with 3 best and 3 worst things !
  4. Literally a tank that was never registered to have their front armor pierced in combat during the whole war. Sure you can make the case they could deviate more resources to more medium tanks (they would have lost the war either way). KT inflicted literal fear on the enemy that is well documented and it played a role on its effectiveness. The registered ratios of panzer battalions that used KT was above 1:10. You are making an invalid comparison, first of all toyota and honda are different companies so at least name me different models of the same company if you're gonna make shit comparison make it correctly. Second i ment it was an updated panzer IV like panzer IV was a continuation of panzer II a very light tank compared to IV obviously they kept reinforcing and improving their armor as they updated panzer models and obviously you will need to change chasis and stuff if you wanna add weight to the vehicle, but its essencially on the same family line of all panzerkampfwagens. Ty for calling me idiot and disliking post. Diplo hospitality ftw.
  5. I disagree, they had bad resource distribution but their technology was efficient ashell. Germans needed heavy tanks and king tiger was basically what ur saying an upgraded panzer IV with much more armor i don't see it as an inneficient tank. There was no way Germans could break through more fortified lines without heavy tanks also their enemy kept improving theirs so they had to do the same themselves. And please... there were only 2 prototypes of Maus and they were almost not even produced the Lowe didn't even pass the blueprints so not sure if you got the data correct in ur mind lol. The production of the IV was BY FAR the most extense because as u point out it was the perfect balance between light and heavy tank.
  6. The IS-2 was insane tank but i value more the german counterpart as soviets had all the resources in the world to keep improving their stuff. Germans were GOAT in efficency, hell they still are.
  7. Obviously it has to be the Panzer VI tiger II Ausf. B Aka King tiger. For me the most epic tank. As for pure functionality the Panzer IV is my favourite tank overal. Just imagine being an aussie at tobruk 1942 seeing this guy on the horizon on top of a panzer iv.
  8. ^^ I think the same as guy above Lower the ammount of second chances and make them weaker, maybe ammani trolls in middle islands, a kul tiran nation (would have to be taken from dala), maybe even a pirate based faction etc etc. But all of them should be kinda weak starters like nagas on 1.59 versions or Blood Elves on not too long versions. Factions that require some minutes to build up its economy and overall capability.
  9. Looks a good idea i would just suggest you too make the bases a bit more natural. They all seem way too geometrical.
  10. I will personally expose my opinion on this; I think second chances as you made them are totally off and are fully against the games philosophy. It makes no sense to give second chances to players which are, basically, stronger than their 1st chance. That not only rewards a loswer which is totally ilogical but it also incentivises people to just dismiss their 1st chance to go for the 2nd. C'thun for instance is ridiculously strong and hard to kill if the player is competent, you won't finish your kalimdor rivals and cthuns 2nd chance in time to prepare against whats happening on the rest of azeroth. You will either be ganked for whoever comes to kalimdor or fall drastically behind on the global scale and lose the game becasue you had to kill that annoying player twice with his 2nd chance being stronger than his first one. In resume, i have always been against 2nd chances on AWLR i think it goes against the core game design, if you lose go pirate or be someones puppet thats my opinion. And even if you want 2nd chances so bad then at least make them a weak thing that scales over time into being a powerful faction only after some time has passed. Make 2nd chances able to have a saying on the global scale over time but don't make them that powerfull that they can instantly keep fighting against the guy or guys who he just lost too, thats stupid.
  11. ISH crew getting up with Age of Mythology idk the limit player rn but we could maybe organize big games. Mfw @cell_destroyer el becario hasn't named AoM.
  12. >Banning terms. I thought germans were the only ones to do that type of stuff.
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