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  1. Shitposting reaches peak lvls. Diplo confirmed ded? Will the index of diplo gonna ever work again? Lurking around the forums is too tedious.
  2. [ATTACH=full]8789[/ATTACH] This is enough to me we would have siracussa and all other greek colonies on south italy. Could even add cape of tunis slightly for creeps from an island nation for Malta f example and perhaps expand slightly the map to represent north egypt too and add a ptolemaic kingdom, the map would be more cuadrangular and we'd still have Greece as the main aspect of the map in the sense that pretty much everything would be helenistic orientated.
  3. Welcome to the club Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=XBWLQMDUP0w;m=2;s=50 Hope this speech cheers u up
  4. Inside is right this time, Jenny was gonna get kicked anyways. Should have drafted at least tho.
  5. Reminder alpha just joined the discord again guys.
  6. That is totally incorrect, Dwarves have a much bigger dmg output while they have elites that can eat more dmg too. DG isnt scary at all if you dispell him lol yellow in the other hand can evaporate ur army if they have a favorable engagement.
  7. This doesnt belong here but when are we going to solve the discord memery? I would say Numudan for admin as he's the less volatile from the reliable ppl.
  8. u do realize that ur replying to a banned user?
  9. tfw he uploads it in MMH and not ENT...
  10. so... will we be able to play ish ever again?
  11. tech one of the main fun factor of awlr is precisely this hard challenge of playing an OP solo race which makes u try hard and to choose perfect locations and time to attack/baseaim whoever... If this solo fel horde fun is taken out of awlr i don't see how can it be called LR anymore.
  12. Just make another map of azeroth wars jesus, AWLR is special because of the 3v2 and 1v2 scenarios. If LR gets more than 12 players its gonna be totally ruined and it'l become a different fucking map. Stop this nonsense please, just because they're increasing the player limit doesn't mean that we have to forcely increase its ammount of players, ESPECIALLY on maps like this one in which the fights are statics in terms on who is fighting who. Other maps without static encounters like LOE or Greece SURE i don't see why not increase the limit but not on this map, it would totally kill its essence.
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