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  1. Ser_Fergus


    What are your feelings on political commissars?
  2. Ser_Fergus

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    As commander fergus has been recalled to handle affairs, the war is at a stalemate until domestic issues are resolved!
  3. Ser_Fergus

    D&D Drama Video, Comment Below

    Yeah, or using a confidential mod report to pursue personal issues! Reminder that tag and I didn't get our guarantee and I'm going to keep bringing this to more and more public places until we do. As for the rest of this, yesterday you assured me that the administration had almost no issues (and attacked me for even insinuating there could be!), but I think this whole thing proves otherwise, so I feel fairly vindicated that my statements, although misunderstanding who the attacked party was, were accurate to a degree. There is clearly a deep inability to communicate going on here, and this back and forth argument over the same points proves it. And I'd ask you do the same. Things haven't been hunky-dory up until this sudden breaking moment. There've been huge underlying tensions that are just now breaking free. We should talk about them and try to resolve them, not bury them and go back to pretending everything's okay. This is objectively true, and something I've tried to reinforce to my fellow DMs in D^3, to fairly limited understanding I feel. The reason that people play D&D is because it provides something that people enjoy. In this case, the people who went to join PP went because they enjoy what they make. The DM style of the D^3 dms, remaining and new is very different from the DM style of PP. In turn, there are many diverse DMs in the D^3 project which has both been a strength and a point of tension as we work together to craft something for the players. These players are not getting press-ganged off diplo streets, they're coming because they want to. This is an interesting one, as Templin, which has taken most of my organizational time recently has an administrator who runs several other servers in a roughly similar style. My question here being if we are going to institute a policy like this, it should be written down somewhere. I agree with it, but moderators need to have this known explicitly, given that I can think of a couple other moderators that have positions in gaming servers with similar pulls to diplo. And once again we come to the issue of, things that should be written out come the future. This is something I do disagree with, feeling that secrecy has lead us to this huge discombobulated mess, but if this is something we're pursuing then it should be made explicit. Because of this, I'd say some guidelines for mods would be well timed, we've got a nice three we can bang off right here: Don't be abusive to other users. Don't compete with diplo Don't share content shared in confidence with users other than those it was intended for.
  4. Ser_Fergus


    Welcome, allow me to change your life:
  5. Ser_Fergus

    Ya Yeet

    What a strange time this is. Welcome
  6. Ser_Fergus

    Good HoI 4 tutorials?

    I've played a few single player matches since picking it up in the sale. I've tried italy and czechoslovakia. I got bored of not understanding italy, and got absolutely ruined as czechoslovakia. It was recommended I play nations like that to figure out the war preparations, but the germans just rolled over me even with forts and whatnot so I think it's time to do some reading. Suggestions?
  7. Ser_Fergus

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    OPERATION HELLISH FEAR By analyzing the Psionic Gate we had recovered, we managed to trace where all the processed biological material that these ADVENT blacksites produced had been going to. Enemy opposition would be stiff, but nothing we hadn't faced before. Steak, Burden, Stormy, Pona and Arthos would be heading in on this one. As we did a drop ship flyby, the place looked active, but not particularly fortified. A belief the commander held right up until the point that turrets opened up on the fireteam's insertion point. Lovely. Stormy apparently forgot how computers work. Thankfully, Arthos' attempt to gain control of the alien defense network was significantly more successful. The opposition nonetheless seemed fairly insubstantial. The elders seemed to have realized the depth of their mistake, scrambling the chosen to try and counter our advance into the Forge facility. The firefight at the perimeter was progressing smoothly however. They utilized their usual bag of tricks, but none of it did more than scratch our new power armour. As the team pressed on, opening unconventional routes through the ADVENT base Unfortunately, the team found themselves looking at a chokepoint, with the chosen covering it with his sniper. This wouldn't be pretty. Instead of shooting us, though, he opted to summon more allies? Which I suppose isn't the worst plan, but... They needed to make it through our gun line, which they would not survive. Stormy marked them with his holo-targetting, and the rest came quickly. With the chosen tranquilizing him as a reaction. As the firefight continued, we could hear a sectopod coming to join the fray. Things were soon to get worse. Immediately, it turned the weight of the firefight against the diplo team. Yet just as it seemed we'd have to retreat, the Chosen grappled to our side of the river to try and flashbang our troops... Bringing him within convenient shotgun range. Burden was happy to oblige him. While arthos and the rest of the team made judicious use of explosives to finish off the sectopod. This did unfortunately, draw the attention of the rest of the garrison. Leading to steak beginning operation 'double down'. Stormy was knocked off his feet by the psychic assault however. Which made little difference as the rest of the team finished it off. Seeing active hostiles inside of the building, the fireteam just began riddling the place with munitions. Somehow, we managed not to break their precious test tubes. ADVENT had begun airdropping reinforcements, so the team made doublequick time inside, fighting all the while. Pona rushed through the facility, gunning troops down as he ran, with steak hot on his heels. As they entered the final chamber, ADVENT had decided to place their best troops inside the highly fragile avatar chamber. Brilliant. The other half of the team made ingress through a large hole that the firefight had opened up. Leading to a case of 'sudden xenocide' However, the aliens did manage to give our boys a good knock. But burden managed to grab the alien, while steak covered him. As ADVENT interceptors soared in, the team decided it was time to leave. And so they did. Whatever's in here was worth quite a lot to the aliens. Back on the Avenger, I sent krotos to PTSD school.
  8. Ser_Fergus

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    With the commander not in a drug addled state, perhaps the quality of AARs would improve once again. Who knows? Certainly not the commander. It took exactly ten minutes for that illusion to fall apart. DiploCom's flagship, known by many names, found its skyworthiness being aggressively renegotiated by a squadron of alien interceptors. The mission to get our ship back in the sky was going to be a dangerous one. The team would have to move far into enemy forces, destroy their anti air capabilities, and then try and make it back before we were forced to retreat. Therefore the commander made the choice to send non diploers and eastern europeans into the fray. In a stroke of luck, the beacon was relatively close to the ship! Damned aliens can't plan a battle worth shite. Those not capable of steal established a defensive line, as more diploers poured off the ship to aid in its defense. As was expected, more aliens made themselves known. In what was maybe the most anticlimactic mission yet, a stealthy car detonation destroyed the anti air device. The aliens pressed up, but they failed to notice the steal operatives less than 20m from them. The team made their way back to the ship with ease. Beautifully executed. The operation, despite its ominous name had turned out to be a quick and brutal success. Gawain and Leader returned from the field, bringing important information. Like, I can't stress how important. In the nick of time, too! Powered armour was going to be the game changer in that operation. Our troops suited up, and prepared to insert. Gavin, Leader, Nodle, Ordo, Spank and Pona would head in on this one. The place was ugly. Poisonous gases drifted through the streets, as our troops applied rebreathers. Visibility was severely curtailed, leaving us failing in the smoke. Which actually played to our advantage, as pona managed to gain control of a sectopod. Heavy armour would be very helpful here. Yet all of the sudden, the smoke sank back. We found ourselves in the middle of an enormous battle, with minimal cover. Thankfully the lost managed to tie up the majority of our opponents, who were in turn surrounding the personnel we needed to extract. Diplocom forces immediately stormed the left flank, while the hacked sectopod engaged the right. It was nice to have this kind of destructive force on our side for once. The team then moved in behind it to follow in its wake. However, the aliens had lain a trap! Which bugged out, and left spank still alive and able to be hit by a lost on their turn. Fate is certainly with us today. As the diplocom team made it to the first set of resistance operatives, they joined us, adding the weight of their fire to ours. With that out of the way, nodle and pona pressed on to the extraction zone to clear the LZ. With it clear, the team made a clean extraction. More technology was stolen from ADVENT. And we gathered a bundle of new recruits! Phalanx had returned from his time in the nepalese monastery, and man was this the weirdest spirit finding journey I have ever seen. Apparently denmark's not a real country under the aliens, and steak joined the war! Apparently I couldn't change the gender of this one, so I had to scrape the barrel for memories of diplo women. Ah yes, the autism alliance. And we'll leave it here for right now!
  9. Ser_Fergus

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    Diplo autoposted that first one, but at least it didn't delete it: Part 2 of Episode 8! It was going to be a crack team that went in. Our best and brightest. We had the experience of the Assassins stronghold, and knew roughly what to expect. Defenses seemed initially lighter than what the assassin had in store for us. Spank introduced our gatecrashers. While the rest of our team made themselves known. Yet even more aliens appeared. Each firefight leading into the next. The team wasn't here to fry small fish, though. Brutal aggression was the name of the game. The team pressed on, with the sounds of skittering already informing them of what the next room would contain. As spank stormed the room, they appeared to be somewhat closer to the door than perhaps we had originally expected. Arthos however, subscribed to the Aliens style of creepy crawly disposal. In the distance, disco inferno was playing. Nobody knows why the Warlock was listening to bad 70s pop, but who can truly understand the aliens thought process. Gunfire made short work of those who were left. And with that, the portal was open. While the rest of the team looked on with concern and apprehension, burden simply took a drag and started walking forward. A familiar looking sarcophagus hung in the center of the room. As heavy ADVENT units began to be teleported in. The brief calm was broken as the firefight erupted, shattering the delicate glasswork of the citadel. A brief stop to cure some poison, and the team pressed on to the sarcophagus. The warlock finally deigned to greet us. God made man, and God made aliens, but Smith and Wesson made them equal. Burden channeled his inner weeb, cutting the warlock down before he could finish whatever incantation he was attempting to perform. While the rest of the team set to work on the sarcophagus. More ADVENT forces came to try and preserve their champion, to little avail. Round after round pounded the sarcophagus. As yet more aliens poured out of the gap. The danger of being overwhelmed was rapidly increasing. Half of the team set about keeping the enemy busy. And busy they kept them As wave after wave of aliens were cut down. Burden finally broke the sarcophagus open. The warlock reemerged, having been brought down to mortality at last. Meanwhile, Arthos found himself in cqc with an 11 foot robot sarcophagus. Fun. However, the situation was rapidly stabilized once again, via application of buckshot. A beautiful op, gentlemen.
  10. Ser_Fergus

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    OPERATION DEFIANT ROSE The mission? Gather intel on the location DiploCom science operatives had managed to pull out of the codex brain. The Enemy Presence: Intel said this place was either a citadel, or it was deserted. I was going to have my intelligence operative shot. The site itself was quite eery, being filled with downed german fighter aircraft from the first war against the aliens. Company was immediate and not particularly friendly, and it looked likely that this place was going to fall under the 'citadel' category. Nonetheless, the team pressed on. Whatever was here was worth seventeen million layers of encryption, and if ADVENT wanted it protected so badly, we were going to have to break it. The enemies seemed to have a strong psychic presence. Concerning, but a problem for the future. And of course, what good is a strong psychic presence without the biggest of them all. The firefight was slow going, with Diplocom operatives finding themselves trapped between the rubble and rapidly approaching Chryssalids. Very rapidly approaching. Nonetheless, disciplined gunplay stacked the enemy high. The warlock harassed the team with psychic suicide bombers, but Ordo and Gavin kept them at bay. Krotos discovered that there were chrysallids hiding underground. Apparently he still holds a grudge over this. Don't mention it in the barracks. They were cleared out nonetheless. Despite being assigned to 'skull fuck the spiky aliens in melee', my brother perplexes me with his continued survival. I now understand how the emperor felt with the Ultramarines. Good lord though, there were a lot of these chrysallids. Whatever was here must be quite valuable for the aliens. Ordo, reminding the aliens which direction space is. So this is what they were so determined to defend. It produces large marbles, apparently? God, aliens can be so stupid. Oh and apparently it's also a psychic god. Explosives! Burden provides more explosives! And shotgun shells! Apparently that did not kill it. And then, things got messy. With the chosen of course, providing more help. Lovely. Of course, when conventional armaments fail, there's always the human fallback. Sidenote: The number of chrysallids is ridiculous. With the bulk of the alien force defeated, the surviving team members pushed on. While our skirmisher ally fell back. We were greeted by an alien throwing a tantrum that we broke his special marble. He was also apparently pretty good at killing us. But not at surviving close range buckshot. We managed to pull Krotos out before he bled to death, so overall this was a fairly successful mission. Return, conquering heroes. Solid progress, to boot! Pona managed to track the Warlock from his battered retreat from the Psionic Gate. He was apparently from Quebec or Newfoundland. This did not surprise Commander Fergus even a tiny amount. After a quick Guerilla op, we would strike. It was a quick in and out, assassinate a field commander and get out. The team spread out to try and locate him. The city block had been the site of a firefight some weeks before, and still showed the signs of the damage. We were spotted before the enemy commander could be located. Luckily, the enemy commander took command of the situation. For the 12 and a half seconds it took our templar operative to cover the ground towards him. And to be lined up in Phal's sights. Even as he fell, more ADVENT troops poured onto the scene. We'd have to clear them out to make room for corpse recovery. As ADVENT sent some kind of freakish Viper variant at us to head up the assault. He and Phal got cozy. Meanwhile, stormy was beaten up by the police. Typical. The templar rushed to phal's aid. While pona worked on the rest of the conventional troops. I sent gavin and leader to school. With that out of the way, the time was upon us.
  11. Ser_Fergus

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    So apparently diplo decided to eat my entire post. I'm going to get a beer and try and rehammer this episode out. Somebody pray for the soul of the quality of my prose.
  12. Ser_Fergus

    Auckland Campus Security got some new weapons Part II

    Aren't you in new zealand, what do you need to shoot? Roaming orcs?
  13. Ser_Fergus

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    While stormy and Krotos engaged with the primary objective, the Templar's had a promising lead for us. Given that diplo's relation with science has always been shaky, we needed all the help we could get. The objective was simple. An ADVENT scientist had gone rogue, and kill teams were searching the subway for her. The Diplocom team would insert, smash any ADVENT troops they encountered, before falling back. The team made good headway without attracting any attention, but found a squad of ADVENT troops between them and her hiding spot. And as soon as the team opened fire, all of the ADVENT forces nearby made rapid headway towards them. With a chosen leading them, to boot! The team pushed through, fighting an ugly urban melee to make their way to her hiding spot. Yet more and more continued to pour in through the northern subway. With more and more reinforcements arriving. Yet the aliens reliance on psychic powers meant that the team was able to drive them back with a close range high explosive counterattack. As if on queue, Firebrand blew through the roof, to extract the fireteams. Although Spanks encounter with psychic powers had left him mentally unsound. For the rest of the teams, though, the war continued. It was a deep cover hacking mission, with a middling priority. Spank was back in the fight, whether he was ready or not. Luckily, intel was perfect for this mission. DiploCom operatives had reconnoitered every single aspect of the location, the patrols and the objective. This lead to a brutal collection of opening moves by XCOM. A salvo to remind the aliens that they were certainly on the backfoot at the moment. The aliens that survived the initial barrage attempted to fight back, but were clearly on the back foot. Although we had tried to avoid provoking it, the berserker queen made one more appearance. She was badly wounded though, and this was our chance to finish her off, for good. The team opened up, badly wounding her as she closed. As she ran towards burden, he drew his sword and brought it down in a mighty overhead swing. Her momentum carried the body beyond burden, as she fell to the ground, quite dead. The objective was nearby, and easily achieved after that. After that though, Gavin acquired something that I had known since we were kids. During that mission, Stormy had returned to base with the intel we needed. It was time to pay this bitch back for thurr and bors. OPERATION: IRON KNIFE An insertion into the higher levels of the chosen's stronghold. We'd be fighting our way through the stronghold before finally confronting the assassin herself. It'd be a dangerous assignment, but one of the rare cases where we might be able to strike a truly crippling blow to the Elders. Commander Fergus especially seemed to have an unhealthy level of satisfaction as the dropship pulled away. And in the background, he had arthos and ordo work on a similar operation plan for the warlock. Although not as much of a headache as the assassin, he was high on Commander Fergus' hit list. The team would be assembled from the best troops with the most antagonism towards the assassin. Phal, Spank Stormy and Burden had all been early squadmates of Bors', and had a personal stake in her death. Pona and Dragunova had nearly met their ends in an ambush by the chosen. The gunship blew a hole in the side of her tower, before firing the team in. The team advanced up to a hangar, the first step on the way towards her inner sanctum, and immediately the scale of this engagement was obvious. ...But their spacing was terrible. A grenade cleared that right up. Or three. When facing a big problem, reduce its size via explosives. The fighting was brutal, with the squad giving one of the best opening barrages in DiploCom history. But still the enemy fought back, bolstered by numbers that befit such a stronghold. However, the team had come too far to be driven back now. The battle turned into more or less an advancing firefight, without a second for the team to catch their breath. Swarms of bloody nids seemed to be kept by the chosen like lapdogs. Even as the team defeated the conventional foes, a new challenge presented itself. Although even as that battle raged on, recce elements spotted the teleporter. Which was one hell of an impetus to wrap that battle up as soon as possible. With everything on the floor killed or disabled, the team moved into the portal. A purple glow enveloped the team, and they found themselves standing in a strange sanctum. That's one hell of an architectural decision. Thank goodness for all of these chest high walls around. Kind of you to join us, master skywalker. Of course, we couldn't have our little rendezvous without friends. The chosen attempted to turn invisible and sneak up on the squad. This did not amuse them. As the entire team turned their weapons towards her, the assassin was eviscerated. Yet she returned to her coffin. It was clear what needed to be done. Yet as soon as she did so, more aliens appeared out of the portal. Stormy soon found himself fighting a berserker in close combat, a practice described by 9/10 chiropractors as 'bad for your back' The sarcophagus also proved to be quite durable. It was rapidly looking like this mission wasn't going to be as easy as the chosen falling had made it seem. The assassin emerged again, and was once more cut down in a hail of accurate rifle fire. With a moment to aim their weapons, the strike team annihilated the sarcophagus in a barrage of anti materiel munitions. Forced out of her sarcophagus, the chosen called on the last of her reinforcements as she prepared to make her stand. Burden strode forward, ignoring the barrage of fire that was directed at stopping him. He racked his shotgun, and blasted her off her feet. The assassin dragged herself to her feet. She staggered, swaying against the glow of the artifact behind her. She drew her blade in a salute to the fireteam, before finishing herself off. Although everyone in the team had been wounded, this would be a huge boost for morale. Something resistance ops was quick to capitalize on And we picked up some snazzy tools for our trouble. What the reapers had been unable to do in 20 years of secret war, Commander Fergus had accomplished in 3 months. The resolve, dedication and wrath of DiploCom could no longer be doubted. Progress continued in the meantime. Lots of secret operations were conducted. Pona and our reaper would find the warlock, and the next step in my revenge would be conducted. However, the commander's personal crusade would have to wait. The blacksite had become an absolute strongpoint for ADVENT, who believed it to not have been located by the resistance, despite having existed for so long. Although some had questioned the commander's decision to let it exist for this long, it was clear that ADVENT had been lulled into putting all of their eggs in one blacksite, so to say. The team would have to fight through a not insignificant garrison, of course, but local resistance ops were on site to provide support. However, the team found a new giant alien to contend with, and a trap waiting for them. What a wonderful day. The aliens were no match for the awesome power of the high ground, however. Leaving the team free to stack up on the door. The facility itself was empty, although the garrison from the far side was still there. Leader finally got a chance to try out his new tricks. Charges were planted, and it looked like another clean getaway for diplocom. The team was picked up from the roof of the facility, to boot, so extraction was extremely close. The team pulled away, and watched months of ADVENT research go up in smoke.
  14. Ser_Fergus

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    The coming mission was a suicide mission. The men I sent into this battle had to be good, yet easily bullied into near death situations. There were only two men I trusted with those specific responsibilities The team would include 2 of our attaches, backpack girl, Gavin and BadGav under the capable leadership of Sergeant Nodle. The team hit the ground, and entered concealment immediately. The objective was an assassination, so after executing the target, the team would have to hold position until the Skyranger could come around to collect the body. Our rookies found a fairly heavily defended checkpoint, with few options to get through. Using a grappling hook, our Skirmisher attache drew the target out of position, before plunging his knives into the target. Despite our hopes that this would be quiet, and we wouldn't have to go hot until the skyranger arrived, ADVENT units noticed immediately. The new blood handled themselves admirably, laying down a withering barrage of fire. However, the counterattack was brutal. More ADVENT units pressed through DiploCom's suppressing fire, even destroying leader's cover. These were seasoned ADVENT troops, and our rookies found themselves hard pressed. Commander Fergus decided for a change in tactics, and ordered judicious usage of explosive to clear out the clumped aliens. After the explosion, it was followed up with a brutal barrage of assault rifle fire, mowing down one of the elite ADVENT troopers that were trying to push through the gap in our defenses. To add more grease onto this oil-fire-of-awful, the huge, mutated berserker the aliens used to crush our elite strike team made its appearance. Sergeant Nodle reacted quickly. His more seasoned experience meant that he knew this thing was particularly vulnerable to acidic weaponry. He slid the grenade into his launcher, and lined up a shot. As the creature barreled towards the rookies, our Psionic operative drew her blades, and charged the abomination. Shockingly enough, she managed to pierce its thick hide. The creature looked at her with a visage of pure rage. The berserker grapped her, and slammed her body into the ground. Her armour prevented the bulk of the blow, but she was stunned by the impact. Nodle dived out of the way as the creature ran past. In the distance, backpack girl's sniping position was under assault by more ADVENT mechanized units. With leader remarkably finishing the last one off. As more aliens arrived, the Berserker made its retreat through a psionic portal. The reinforcements meant that although the worst was over, the strike team was still in for a fight. Gawain charged the creatures, cutting a sectoid in half, turning the fight into a brutal melee Troops moved to flank the other alien section, narrowly avoiding concealed overwatch shots. Gawain moved in on the last alien, finishing it off. Wounds sustained, but the team returned without a single death. Good work, rookies. Leader, having been paired with gavin, seems to have learned a few of the same close quarters tricks. Our first experiments with exoskeletons were a resounding success, allowing arthos to carry extremely heavy munitions onto the battlefield. While the rookies fought their own fight, the more veteran troops deployed on a highly deadly supply run. This would be our chance to give ADVENT forces in the area a hefty knock, and so we went in guns blazing. Lost activity would be a major factor in this mission, and possibly as much of a threat as ADVENT. Fighting was brutal and close quarters. But the team pushed on. The rapid fire of assault rifles could be heard from miles away. Spank took an oversight position, and rained hell down upon the ADVENT forces. Thanks to our tactical positioning, the Lost mostly took their wrath out on the ADVENT forces first. With Diplo forces laying down the law. But ADVENT forces just kept coming! And ADVENT's high use of explosives called yet more lost to the battlefield. Phal managed to clear a large number out by bursting a flame troopers tank, but this called even more lost to the field. The team was constantly running low on ammunition, the lost were so pervasive. As even more ADVENT forces joined the battle, diplo found itself quickly backed into a corner, desperately trying to defend the supplies, lick its wounds and kill all ADVENT forces. As further away in the city, more and more lost entered the fray. In a brutal twist, the aliens outflanked diplo with a squad! Diplo forces found themselves badly out of position. Walrus took an overwatch shot, but it was not enough to stop them. Pona, who had gone off on an assignment by himself, to secure the crates deeper in the city, found himself in a spot of trouble. In a burst of a green light, the top half of Walrus' body ceased to exist. His valiant stand had held the aliens back for a few precious minutes, but alas he could not hold them forever. He will be remembered And they pressed even further, knocking phal off of his feet! Things looked grim, as the team made a fighting retreat. They might have to fall back, in the face of annihilation. Yet the team fought with a grit and determination that would have given the spartan's pause. The aliens continued to push on, but were unable to finish the team off. Battered and out of ammo, pona made a dash back to xcom lines to distribute much needed medical supplies, and get phal on his feet. Phal and Spank then moved up, and took out the last two aliens. Although they had been outnumbered nearly 10-1, the team returned successful. The loss of walrus was tragic, and the loss of the one turncoat ADVENT trooper was mildly inconvenient, the supplies gained would be invaluable to completing the shadow chamber. Stormy's confidence grew. Gavin and Leader returned from their assignment, and had become quite adept at working side by side. The council had thoughts for us. They were still paying for things though, so I guess it wasn't all bad. Pona had been on an assignment with our psionic friend, and things had apparently gone poorly. (Commander's note: Do not send the chinese girl with pona. It will end in disaster) The first thing the two did upon discovering the ambush was to jump underneath the streets. And pop out on the other side. Omae wo mo whatever the fuck. Did I mention I love the psychic barrier? The team took yet another detour, up through an abandoned apartment complex. They had a few friends over, but other than that, progress was quick and efficient. ADVENT had a flame team guarding the landing zone, but this was of little concern to the team, if they could make it past them. Easily done. To end the first half of this episode off, Stormy would take Krotos to recce the chosen's stronghold, before allowing a full strike team to be ordered.
  15. Ser_Fergus

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    Coming soon! Had to take some time away from video games because my partner was in and out of the hospital a lot, but I've got several write-ups worth of content done, and have some time to play again!