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  1. If it is him he was only at my highschool for two years before he moved or at least I'm assuming he moved because I never saw him again.
  2. I play the occasional game of Greece, I found this forum through the map. I was looking through the gallery thread, War4Life looks very like somebody I went to highschool with.
  3. I am pretty sure I went to highschool with one of the people that browses (or used to?) browse this forum
  4. Darkly that was posted on Reddit earlier today...
  5. I feel like this change harms smaller/less fertile nations. Now the game is so much more dependent upon farmland and city sizes. Certainly you would have cases where agoras simply add to a snowball effect and reinforce the strongest players position, but you also have cases where the strongest (by strongest I mean the player with the most cities) is undone by significantly smaller nations because they chose to invest economically initially instead of militarily, giving them a greater income. I guess what I am saying is that by limiting the agoras to 12, you are eliminating the amount of investment one needs to make economically before they can wholeheartedly commit to their military. Once you build 12 agoras, that's it - you don't have to worry about that anymore, you have achieved the maximum possible income from them and will in no way be behind other players. Whereas with 30 agoras it is much more difficult to achieve that maximization.
  6. Congratulation! I can't see myself wanting any children but I'm still quite young, maybe one day my opinion will change.
  7. If this counts as a necro, I apologize. Where do you draw the connection that the unfortunate are automatically apathetic or lazy? Have you considered that they may in fact just be unfortunate? Perhaps it is easier to justify abandoning moral obligations by labeling them that way. I also don't understand why you seem to believe that fulfilling one's dreams and helping the less fortunate are two mutually exclusive things. I suppose if I were to suddenly become the P.M of Canada, I'd focus on repairing our tarnished reputation courtesy of Mr. Harper.
  8. Quite simply, the moon is not some artificially constructed structure built by aliens used to surveil us. Its widely acknowledged that the moon was a result of an object impacting the Earth. This also helps to account for the irregularities. I also don't know what to tell people that believe there is an alien race monitoring us - it is ludicrous and demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of space. Surely extraterrestrials exist given the size of the universe - but it is for this same reason that there is absolutely no reason to believe they are in any way in contact with us. Though I suppose it is only natural to allow our imagination and need for escape from our mundane lives that drives us to concoct such "theories".
  9. Why'd you limit Agoras to 12?
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