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  1. ponasozis

    Abdel's World

    IMAGINE MY SHOOK Its not like russia and syria and even some french investigations had revealed white helmets as supporting terrorists quite allot of times
  2. ponasozis

    Japan's Pyramids of the future?

    European longswords and especially zweihanders were far sharper then katanas Katanas being sharpest blades is pretty much weeb invented fandom Japan couldn t produce sharpest blades even if they wanted to because their steel is not as pure as swedish steel for example
  3. ponasozis

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    team lithuanian walrus and lithuanian furniture salesman gonna send these alien bastards back to the hole they crawled out from and then make them pay for it
  4. ponasozis

    Japan's Pyramids of the future?

    I did In the actual structure people will be no doubt equal But everyone living outside the structure will be second class compared to those who live inside the pyramid You can expect the elites to move into the pyramid and make it so people who live inside the pyramid have certain perks and bonuses that others simply won t have
  5. ponasozis

    Japan's Pyramids of the future?

    thats one way to promote elitist culture within a city
  6. ponasozis

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    This lack of russian suka blyat is disturbing i volunteer for the effort
  7. Why is this news worthy Russia has been flying its jets over crimea since take over
  8. well yes russia and iran gained pretty much almost permanent influence in syria 50 years from now on people in syria will still remember russia and iran as their saviors from terrorists but there is also the oil thats also good
  9. meh game is pretty crap atm with current patches
  10. usa din t even do jack shit in syria except occupy some oil fields
  11. ponasozis

    MakeMeHost posts its epitaph

    F to pay respects to the fallen bots
  12. >german troops Kek Their military is just a bunch of wanabee nazis and transgender girls
  13. Looks like brits as always don t even know the geography so they are just shouting at russia just for the sake of shouting Black sea does not belong to russia but sea of azov entrance does belong to russia as kerch strait is now firmly on both sides surounded by russian teritory and to even pass that strait you have to go trough newly build russian bridge So yeah the 3 ukrainian military vessels carrying explosives and weapons entered sea of azov trough kerch strait without any request to enter it So brits can just keep shouting as much as they want cause nobody gives a damm what are they shouting at these days