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  1. WoAMapMaker

    Remove obelisks

    As the title says, I have played a few games recently, hadn't played since before 2.00... Terrible addition to the game. Reason being that they were added to stop those 4 hour games that never ended, forcing the other team to do something, however this is just pointless, not only do you need gigantic effort in order to go from Kalimdor to Eastern kingdom or vice versa, but the timer is also really small, this should be ONLY for the situations in which a team simply decides to not do anything and sit in a continent, this is ridiculous. I have played around 8 games and all ended with an obelisk which was impossible to destroy in time, in addition to that the latest game I played I was druid and before I even got Cenarius out of Felwood someone triggered the obelisk and I won in about 15 seconds since the obelisk message appeared, might have been a bug but still ruined the entire game. This mechanic needs to go, terrible game design, remove it and then wait for reforged and allow control groups to be of more than 12 units and for ships to carry more than 12 units and the game's late game stalling will be fixed.
  2. WoAMapMaker

    Gun Ownership Poll

    I'd like to have one, you never know what could happen, obviously gotta be extra careful with it, but yeah.
  3. WoAMapMaker

    Azeroth Wars Ported Into Reforged

    I'm gonna port my maps into reforged most likely, unless they take an insane amount of work to change the custom models, if so I'd have to reconsider and maybe port just 1
  4. WoAMapMaker


    Btw only real wc3 fans noticed that the initial cinematic was censored at the end, the human hand was attached to the body, unlike in the original.
  5. WoAMapMaker


    Well obviously hyped for this, want to see what the world editor upgrades will be though, scared cause they still haven't addressed the doodad limit and other stuff that base world editor has, it still isn't near as close as what JNGP offered.
  6. WoAMapMaker

    The End of the Bot era

    fuck off faggot
  7. WoAMapMaker

    The End of the Bot era

    Pro-bot people are just the owners of the bots (and the mafia surrounding those communities) and dumbasses who believe whatever they read on makemehost or entgaming.
  8. WoAMapMaker

    New forum design!

    He's proud of his grades
  9. WoAMapMaker

    New forum design!

    new forum design!
  10. where are you?
  11. Clan THW is the best Diplo clan amirite? ;)
  12. i really have too much free time in my hands
    1. Dayne


      Use said free time to wash said hands.