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  1. WoAMapMaker

    D&D Drama Video, Comment Below

    Jesus just saw this thread
  2. So I found out that my branch has been hosted more than Azeroth Wars and Gaias in the past 5 months (6500 times hosted on battle.net in the past 5 months) quite surprised by it, so I decided to revisit the map and do a big update, here it is: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/289394/ New Multiboard, Custom Soundtrack, New tree models, hundreds of balance changes, 3 new units in Arnor/Angmar, new tiles, and more.
  3. WoAMapMaker

    Audiobook suggestions

    Books, especially the ones that are worth reading as an adult, require concentration to understand, unlike "talk radio" and music, in fact it's more than likely that you will miss what's going on on more "hard to read" books if you're doing something else, so you will either cause an accident/be caught in an accident or you will simply miss the point of the book.
  4. WoAMapMaker

    Audiobook suggestions

    Stop being lazy, buy a kindle and read instead. @CNiper Listening to audiobooks while driving is just as irresponsible as talking on a cellphone while driving, except that politicians are ignorant so that's why it's legal (or barely, depending on where you live).
  5. WoAMapMaker

    Mob Psycho 100 II

    What. An. Amazing. Start. I have not been this impressed by the start of an anime since a few years ago now, seeing all the low effort productions in modern anime and then seeing this... I fucking love this shit and I'm glad I purchased all of the first season on bluray. Seriously, even if you haven't seen the first season, finish it, it's 11 episodes, literally nothing, at the end of the first episode of the second season you will already be hoping for more.
  6. WoAMapMaker

    Japan's Pyramids of the future?

    I had an argument with a friend whos an Itamae, he started talking about how Japan had the sharpest swords ever, until I mentioned how Arabs had Damascus steel a millennium before Japan produced their first Katana, and in addition to that, Damascus steel blades were much sharper. He however, didn't admit that he was wrong, and whatever. Now Japan comes and steals the pyramid design really making me think, what next, are they also going to steal hummus?! Shaking my head Japan.
  7. WoAMapMaker

    Gun Ownership Poll

    It's harder to get a gun here, not impossible but legally owning a gun requires more stuff. There's also someone in my house who already owns a gun so no need for me right now to have one too/too busy to get it.
  8. WoAMapMaker

    Azeroth Wars LR 2.06

    What is the garbage damage changes, disable shitty obelisks.
  9. WoAMapMaker

    Overhaul of Greece in the works

    A 24 player version that had most of the world would be badass tho
  10. WoAMapMaker

    Remove obelisks

    As the title says, I have played a few games recently, hadn't played since before 2.00... Terrible addition to the game. Reason being that they were added to stop those 4 hour games that never ended, forcing the other team to do something, however this is just pointless, not only do you need gigantic effort in order to go from Kalimdor to Eastern kingdom or vice versa, but the timer is also really small, this should be ONLY for the situations in which a team simply decides to not do anything and sit in a continent, this is ridiculous. I have played around 8 games and all ended with an obelisk which was impossible to destroy in time, in addition to that the latest game I played I was druid and before I even got Cenarius out of Felwood someone triggered the obelisk and I won in about 15 seconds since the obelisk message appeared, might have been a bug but still ruined the entire game. This mechanic needs to go, terrible game design, remove it and then wait for reforged and allow control groups to be of more than 12 units and for ships to carry more than 12 units and the game's late game stalling will be fixed.
  11. WoAMapMaker

    Gun Ownership Poll

    I'd like to have one, you never know what could happen, obviously gotta be extra careful with it, but yeah.
  12. WoAMapMaker

    Azeroth Wars Ported Into Reforged

    I'm gonna port my maps into reforged most likely, unless they take an insane amount of work to change the custom models, if so I'd have to reconsider and maybe port just 1
  13. WoAMapMaker


    Btw only real wc3 fans noticed that the initial cinematic was censored at the end, the human hand was attached to the body, unlike in the original.
  14. WoAMapMaker


    Well obviously hyped for this, want to see what the world editor upgrades will be though, scared cause they still haven't addressed the doodad limit and other stuff that base world editor has, it still isn't near as close as what JNGP offered.
  15. WoAMapMaker

    The End of the Bot era

    fuck off faggot