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  1. nodle

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    give it to @SteakOnSpear He died in the line of duty like 8 times in the former Diplocom Operation.
  2. nodle

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    I'm ready to lead the newbs
  3. nodle

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    Burden looks like hes seen some things before the alien invasion. Also RIP Bors and Thurr, although I saw thurr dying a mile away.
  4. nodle

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    Burden and me gonna smoke some phat bowls and kill xenos, dats what we do
  5. nodle

    DiploCom Project: Season 2

    Only good xeno, Is a DEAD ONE
  6. My sister is someone who preaches social justice, I remember on a hike she smiled while preaching it until I disagreed with her. She was genuinely shocked I disagreed with her probably because university campuses don't encourage debate anymore. As long as you score high in what "they" say you'll succeed and that's where a major problem lies. The fear of failure. As for the future, what I fear is academic education is slowly becoming more accessible to all and the inherit ideology they peddle forward. Seriously when the prime minister gets cheered on for saying "peoplekind" as a way of correcting mankind as a overly masculine word is ludicrous. Mankind is a abbreviation for humankind the fucking sell out.
  7. Honestly, this was a wild ride of reading feanor, good work bringing it forward. I really loved the objectiveness of their ludicrous papers and it really does show the politicizing of the left on University Campuses. I actually went back to University this semester and I was shocked to find that there are courses literally called, "Social Justices." If we're teaching people biased assumptions of justice in society and to act as judge, jury and executioner then Western Universities need a amputation of some sort. Instead of objectivity I would support further student debates in all these fields of study. People learn from experience and I believe that the experiences of debate truly help people come to terms with their own understandings. I often find people in class spouting modern progressive nonsense but I don't have the comfort of being able to dispute them in a lecture based setting.
  8. nodle

    The Diplocom Project 2

    Veteran. I think...
  9. nodle

    The Diplocom Project 2

    "Wow, nodle, your so bad, get better." W/e Both games I've done the playthrough as my first time. I don't have the time to practice and play multiple runs. Also the difficultly wasn't rookie for this playthrough so it has been harder.
  10. nodle

    The Diplocom Project 2

    Too late =c
  11. nodle

    The Diplocom Project 2

    Introducing rookies @Hawkr @Dayne @VanDenDale @Spam @LizardKnight A Rookie squad is all we have! Brave souls are sent off! Excellent initiation! OH GOD THE HUMANITYYY EAT A FACE FULL OF LEAD!!! Lizard knight is fucked up! Dayne gets cucked. Things really don't look good for Van. So he peaces the fuck out. REEEEEEEEEE At least precious Van lived.
  12. nodle

    The Diplocom Project 2

    ASSAULT OF ADVENT BLACKSITE 2.0 BEGINS!!!! FOR HUMANIITY!!!! CHAAARGE Also introducing @Krackles Pona/Feanor lead the ragtag team to glory. We the first missions information of a turret system, the team takes a off route, however we are soon discovered by the XENO SCUM!!! SCUM EVERYWHERE!!! Krotos's trusty pistol. I don't even... Damn Krotos. OH GOD ALEX JONES WAS RIGHT, THEY'RE SPLICING HUMANS WITH FISH N' STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!! Krotos upon witnessing the horrendous scene cries out in abject fury and proceeds to blast the heads off the Xeno SCUM!! Reinforcements! Good we could USE MORE BLOOD!!! Gawain ofcourse, was fucking knocked unconscious the first encounter, SO WE HAD TO CARRY HIM ALL THE WAY!!!! SAFELY HOME!!!! MISSION SUCCESS!!!!!! GLORY!!! AHHHH!! BRAVE HUMANS!!!
  13. nodle

    IamtheWalrus' HoI4 Session

    11am EST time?
  14. nodle

    The Diplocom Project 2

    Introducing newbie @Gawain @Feanor leads @Krotos @Arthos @Ordo @Gawain A stealthy start. AW CRAP SPOTTED! GRENADE~!!!!! Krotos takes advantage up high. Ordo gets knocked unconscious!! The horror! Krotos continues to lay down the snipes. Feanor gets real nice and real close. Krotos picks up disabled Ordo. and rushes to the Extraction point. MISSION SUCCESS!!! WOOOOO At no cost.