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  1. SteakOnSpear

    Picture of You

    Ah yeah, i dont think i ever ventured out of the LR section by then.
  2. SteakOnSpear

    Picture of You

    Almost 5000 posts, how can i not remember who this is?
  3. This really makes you think doesn't it? How many dick pics are sent Hillary's way daily?
  4. Kinda pointless not posting the pictures Bors?
  5. You're not doing anything wrong if you're acting in your national self best interest.
  6. If you are true muslim, they are moral and good.
  7. SteakOnSpear

    Russia unrivaled in nuclear power plant exports

    Also unrivaled in nuclear plant accidents.
  8. They wrote that with feathers, it's an awful appeal to authority argument. It wouldn't work in america, but it works fine in Denmark. I've never heard anyone make a big deal out of it here ever.
  9. Barbarians and their republics. Maybe it makes sense as an intermediate between a dictator and a full democracy. But come on it's time to reform.
  10. Well the cop can't know for a fact , which is why they just searching them, then they'll know for a fact if they find anything or if not. It doesn't hurt anyone.
  11. I can't really think of any good reason, why cops shouldn't be allowed to search people.
  12. awlr died when Rhemar stopped editing as far as i'm concerned. Are you working on the map now Dave?
  13. I wouldn't love my child as much if it was some kind of freak that couldn't live a normal life. I believe in the mercy of ending their life then. Any science that can prevent such incidents, well what kind of fundamentalist idiot would argue against that?