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  1. Talinn

    Overhaul of Greece in the works

    Eagle make sparta that Marroon color. This color is more in line with 300.
  2. Talinn

    Overhaul of Greece in the works

    I think adding Anatolia wouldn't be so bad as long as it was resource-poor in the heartland. Would probably need another player up on the north coast by the Black Sea. Italy is fine Egypt is fine. Don't go up and expand north into the Balkans tho I think this would be a mistake. (Checking in here with my <10 games of Greece) Wouldn't go further east than Turkey tho, otherwise why not all go the way to India?
  3. Talinn

    Overhaul of Greece in the works

    @EagleMan Would be cool if you could add Cyprus in some fashion. Seeing as some important battles were fought there back in the old days.
  4. Talinn

    Remove obelisks

    Wasn't a big fan of Obelisks when they were introduced, but they're not game breaking. Mainly they disrupt immersion. Obelisks are ghastly eeire structures as depicted in Warcraft lore, they don't really fit the human, elven, or even 2/3 of the orc races. Moreover they just fall from the sky with no direction from you, all other structures are either pre-existing or are built by you, which enhances immersion. Also 3, 3.5, 4 hr games were really uncommon. I don't think I've ever even had a 4 hour game despite playing this game very frequently in the past. If you're agitated that another player is sniping your cp and refuses to leave, why have a stick up your ass and say "rawr rawr I must kill them". You can usually determine at what point they don't actually pose a threat to you.
  5. Talinn

    Is Jump Roping safe?

    So I bought a jump rope today cus I want to excercise more, so I had this conversation: Silly Krotos.
  6. Yep, definately. Think they were planning on going to Finland but it'd be nice to do a diplo meetup with you and Krotos
  7. Talinn

    Azeroth Wars LR 2.06

    Have it be somebody else, we need to complete the alphabet: A-Augur, Avrion B-Bhaal_Spawn C- Crusader973 D- Djisa, Dave_Rolf, E- EagleMan F- ?? G- ?? H- Hannibal I - ?? J- Joffrey K- Kal'dorei L-- Lordsebas M- ?? N- Nalesean (for one day) O- Ohmygodrapefrom thesky (Thurr) P - ?? Q- ?? R - Railen; Rhemar, S- SteakonSpear, Supgoat T- Talinn U - ?? V - Volrath W - X Y Z As you can see we already have at least two R's. Richarddik is a poor choice.
  8. Talinn

    WGL Winter 2018

    Some sc2 matches are fun to watch too. especially serral vs. scarlett. Watch the minimap at 2x speed with muted video.
  9. I may fly to Europe in June with my sister. But I'd pay for 2 rounds of carbon offsets for the trip. It's expensive. Since I am a damn hippy I am pretty autistic about even going to the grocery store to grab food. But I really want to see Europe.
  10. Talinn

    WGL Winter 2018

    I still enjoy watching Grubby's crazy fan requests.
  11. Talinn

    WGL Winter 2018

    Dang Thurr, you've piqued my interest.
  12. Talinn

    The Random Picture

    "every day is a good day"
  13. Talinn

    Bors in Queenstown

    If you have a beard it cannot be weird.